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Mom recurrence after 4 years remission

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Still i am in stress… my mom had OC 2017, that 4 years silent, and may 2021 it was back.

throughout the abdomen and lymph nodes of the abdomen, around the liver, she was treated with the same platinum chemo.

Do anyone have in first recurrence have same chemo as in first time?

I think it worked very good as her ca 125 was 230 and now after 7 chemo it was 22.5, CT shows all clean, except lymph in 1 place still bigger size. :(

On right side she has hydronephrosis of the kidney stage 2, do anyone have hydronephrosis? Do you make operation? Probably it starts from recurrence…

Now we dont know what to wait… make ca125 and wait when it goes up and make scan… there is only one hope that this lymph is not with cancer but died cancer 😇

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Hello, if her ca125 is 22 I would be tempted to leave it be. The lymph node could be active but more likely not and you’d probably need a biopsy to know which is invasive. If she feels well I would suggest just enjoying this time with her xx

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Inguc_is in reply to Lyndy

Thank you! Yes she is ok, but i am still afraid that it will come back faster as we anyone think :( i am not ready for this

Hi - my mum had Carbo/Taxol for her first chemo. She has a recurrence quite quickly and had Caelyx as second line. I think it was too soon to have the Carbo/Taxol again. Caelyx kept her steady for around 18 months then the beast woke up. Then she was able to have Carbo/Taxol again. She has been in remission since June 2017 and I have just posted about her latest scan - NED. So pleased. Sending virtual hugs and positive vibes. Jane xx

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Inguc_is in reply to JanePW1965

That a great news! Congr 😇

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Jenjill47 in reply to JanePW1965

Wow Jane - that is fantastic! 🦋🐨🦋

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Jacky5 in reply to JanePW1965

Thats so encouraging...thank you and all the best to you and Mum. X

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Realistic in reply to JanePW1965

Fantastic love to hear good news, long may her recovery continue we all need this. Sending hugs too you both xxx

Fantastic, Jane. So glad you posted. Gives us all hope. Good wishes to your mum and you.

So sorry to hear of your mum's recurrence mine came back in 2020 after 18 years and its been hard to accept whats happened. It returned in lymph nodes and bone mets by sternum with spots on outside of liver. I had carbo and taxol the same as first time. The bone mets cleared and lymph nodes shrunk spot on liver disappeared but there was still low activity in my chest nodes. Went on rucarapib in December last year but was taken off beginning of June as it wasnt working. I had a rest for a while but nodes were getting more active so am on my fourth cycle out of six with carboplatin only. A scan was done after my third to see if it was working and my oncologist rang me at home as she was so pleased with the significant improvement to tell me. So for me at the moment the same chemo seems to be doing its job so hopefully it will do same for your mum. X

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Thank You! whish u the best! yes for mom it also did job, just this lymph nodes is still larger as normal in one place in all other places they are now OK

I had hydronephrosis at diagnosis. It resolved after surgery.

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