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Hair loss

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Just wondering. I have had one chemotherapy so far with carbo/taxol.

I wore the cold cap but hair is falling out so not sure if it’ll work. However are you meant to co tinge with the cold cap regardless in the hope that the regrow that will be better once chemotherapy has stopped??

Thank you xxx

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Continue with 🤣

Hi Definitely try to continue with it if you can.

I lost about 50% of mine,it came out quite quickly at the start then slowed down a bit.I still had enough hair to wear an alice band to cover the areas of hair loss.

As you said it can help the hair re grow faster after chemo as the follicles have been protected,

I have found mine has grown back quickly.

Try not to wash it too much, only when it needs it and use a soft brush.

Good luck!

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Helvelyn in reply to Lovedogs41

Thank you. X

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Iside in reply to Lovedogs41

Have had 2 complete hair losses over 3 years, as I am older haven’t bothered with cold cap, takes too long. Have found trying different hats and scarves fulfilling, I do have a decent wig, provided by NHS but find I prefer experimenting. Asian ladies have been very helpful telling me how they vary their scarves & styles. Do hope you find a look which pleases you, Cheers Iside x

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Helvelyn in reply to Iside

Thank you Isidore. I have brought some hats just in case. How are you doing? x

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Iside in reply to Helvelyn

I now have an acceptable soft Afro according to one of my nurses. It is easy to care for. Taking Letrozole & waiting for an Onco chat. Look forward a week at a time, that’s enough!!! Good luck to all my fellow OC patients. Iside X

I wasn't offered a cold cap and lost all mine. I am 5 weeks post chemo and amazed at the speed at which my hair is growing. Hope it's even quicker for you with cold cap. x

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Helvelyn in reply to Morini

Thank you. It’s amazing how quickly it seems to grow backx

Hi.I managed 4 sessions with cold cap. My hair got thinner and I lost patches of hair on top where the cold cap must not have sat properly. As it got thinner it more painful to use the gap so i gave up. Eventually I got my daughter to cut all my hair off cos it was so patchy. It grew back in patches at first, darker and curly- original hair was auburn and straight! However, after about 14 months my hair was thicker than ever! New hair growth is my original colour and not as curly. Everyone comments on how much hair I now have. It has added to my overall sense of wellness. Everyone says how well I look. So I would say persevere as long as you can! Good luck x

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Helvelyn in reply to Kaitlinsmum

Thank you. It would be great if mine grew back with some colour in it and wouldn’t have to think about dyeing it 😊

Hi I lost all my hair on carbo/taxol so didn't bother with cold cap as it was extra 3 hours on top of already being there 10 hours, I was told it wouldn't save my hair with this mixture so that's why I didn't bother so good luck if you can defy the hair loss :) and hope all goes well

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Helvelyn in reply to Melnie

Yes that’s the main disadvantage with the cold cap is the extra time you have to wait.

I couldn't face cold cap but I was lucky in that although my hair thinned I didn't lise it all, now it's all back! So everyone is different. Goid luck whatever you decide.

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Helvelyn in reply to Casamimosa

That’s really good that you didn’t loose it all x

I lost around a third of my hair using the cold cap, it was a bit of a shock to have lots of hair coming out in the shower but it wasn't as much as it seemed to be. It was definitely worth it for me. With a short hairstyle and careful combing you couldn't see any baldy bits. The regrowth was great, I had new curly corkscrews in amongst the other hair, I loved it and had loads of compliments.

Just make sure they fit the cap really tightly and there are no air pockets under it.

I have curly hair but would love it to come back straight!!

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Sashay2020 in reply to Helvelyn

Ha. I wanted my very curly hair to come back the same, but it is straighter now. Same thing happened to my older brother following his chemo. Hope you get the hair you like. 🙂Sashay

Yeah it will be interesting to see how it comes back 😊

My mom used the cold cap and she did loose about 65% of her hair. But kept the rest.

Wishing you the best!

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Helvelyn in reply to Lind58

Thank you. Think I will definitely persevere xx

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Lind58 in reply to Helvelyn

Don’t put any heat on it and keep washing very limited if possible.

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Helvelyn in reply to Lind58

Thank you. I try not to touch it much x

I had the chemo combo that your on , and had a lot of hair hadmy first chemo but was warned ld lose all my hair within 7 to 10 days l really thought lve got too much for that to happen but it did l lost every hair on my body. But l embraced wearing a wig that l actually loved l got different styles so easy to get ready.But within 3 months of finishing the chemo l had a really lovely funky short thick head of white hair it was lovely so dont worry it will soon all be back its very quick. I unfortunately have messed about with it since by colouring it why l don't know but lve still got a decent head of hair thank goodness so try not too worry the benefits of your chemo outweigh the loss of your hair for a few months. Just wish l could show you the my before and after you'll be fine honestly. Sending love & hugs SheilaFxxx

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Helvelyn in reply to Realistic

Thank you realistic. Glad that hair grows back quickly. Just want to finish this chemotherapy. Only had second but fed up with it already.How are you xxx

Yes it is hard going l used to have 9 hour sessions and was totally exhausted at the end of it all. But please God 2 years on its working for me. Have trouble with my bowels being stubborn. But all in all lm doing well, to the extent lve just walked 152.1 🚶‍♀️ miles for breast cancer research and raised nearly £1,000 so really chuffed. And l didnt think 2 years ago ld be able . So stick with it , not easy but hopefully worth it. And get yourself a nice lightweight wig no one will know the difference or nice headband which l couldnt wear, because l also have a managed Brain tumor so my head under the hair pretty scarred unfortunately with a control in my head so wearing headband wasnt an option for me. Love & hugs for a speedy recovery Sheila

I tried 3 sessions with cold cap but lost my hair, eyelashes, etc. Wore wigs and hair grew back after treatments stopped. I discontinued cold cap after 3rd try. May work for some people though so always worth a try.

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