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Has anyone read this

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My friend sent it to me. Hope the link works. A vaccine for OC maybe!

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Thank you for this. It’s very interesting 🤞🤞🤞🤞

Thank you for posting the link, wouldn't it be absolutely brilliant if the vaccine been trialed really worked for OC & other cancers. It gives everyone who is fighting cancer a glimmer of hope. Hope you are doing OK yourself X

Thank you for posting this information. It would certainly give people some hope, particularly if all else had failed. Something to keep our eye on, fingers crossed for those that are on the trial.

Ir sounds so good, do anyone know where i can find trials, and i we are from Latvia , can mom go for this trials?

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Neona in reply to Inguc_is

Start by asking her oncologist. If that fails you could book a private consultation with an oncologist at a major cancer centre- I did this and it led to me getting on a trial. I will send you a private message.

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Trickysite in reply to Neona

Please send me a. Private message with details, too.thank you.

It would be amazing. Everything crossed for trials and if successful NICE approve quickly.

I recently read that there were trials for a vaccine going on in Australia. They mentioned several cancers that it would be effective for including ovarian.

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bamboo89 in reply to NYClady

I read about that one as well - its some kind of genetics research lab in Australia, isn't it. I think that one might use mRNA technology, but I'm unsure whether that's the one that requires a small sample of a tumour to create a tailored one for each individual. Lots of hope for cancer treatments in the future...


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NYClady in reply to bamboo89

You seem know a lot more about it than I do. It’s encouraging to read that work is being done to begin to end this disease.

Wow thank you for posting this. It is very interesting and is run by the same consultant who is running the trial that I am on.

Many thanks for posting this, otherwise I would have been totally unaware. Truly hope this trial is successful 😊. Cheers, Ruth

Thank you for posting this! That's really good to hear xx

Wow! “I want what she’s having!” As the lady in the old. Billy Crystal film says in the cafe scene.....

It will be astoundingly amazing if this works x

Hi there,Thank you so much for sharing, always good to know that great things are happening to help sort this disease!

Kindest regards


Paradoxically, Covid and the worldwide efforts to produce vaccines for it has sped up production of new vaccines for cancer... Oxford has used the technology employed to make the AZ Covid vaccine, replacing critical parts to target cancer instead. I believe mRNA technology, since Covid, has also come on in leaps and bounds and we may yet see vaccines made that way too for cancer. Great hopes for future cancer sufferers...

From what I can research on line, this particular vaccine seems to be currently named as OVM-200, but they have other cancer vaccines on the go as well, some of which are used in combination with immunotherapy drugs, but this OVM one is brilliant news for people like us. Fingers crossed🤞


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Lizzieanne in reply to bamboo89

That's great information. Thank you

Wouldn't that be amazing!!

Thank you so much for sharing this news. It's great to hear that there might be something more in the pipeline for us ladies with OC - especially the rarer types.

Thank you for posting ! If it works it would be a great break through. Sort of funny that the dreaded Covid may have opened up a gateway to cures for things including cancers . Good to know that it is already being tested in humans .God bless all those researchers who are on this , hope they are successful!! As my husband said "it's good to know that least they are working on it ".

Gillian ,Mookie Fox 1234

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