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Started fourth line chemotherapy on the eleventh of October , Carboplatin and Caeleyx ,not as harsh as Taxol but I'm not picking up very well ,still feel exhausted and weak , frequent diarrhoea so reluctant to go out,I'm very tearful and I've gone back to feeling angry, I don't like myself at the moment , I really feel like giving up but my husband would be heartbroken if I stopped treatment,he said he wants me as long as possible,sorry for the long miserable post,


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Hi Cheryl, I have been wondering how you’ve been getting on. I’m so sorry you’re going through such a horrible, horrible time, it’s really tough going through any chemo and you must feel exhausted and frustrated to say the least. However, your husband is right, keep on with the treatment as this time you may well get a long remission and be able to do things you enjoy with your family. You are a lovely lady and somehow you will get through this again.

Lots of love and big gentle hugs. You will smile and be happy again Cheryl, never give in to this vile disease.

Denise xxxxx

Hi Cheryl, I too have been wondering how you were doing with your struggles. Do you take any medicine for depression? Maybe you take something, but this disease is hard on us mentally. Sorry that you are feeling down and just know that we will always listen to the up and down moods that we struggle with. Hang in there. I know my husband would be the same way. My husband recently found out that he has pancreatic cancer and it spread to his lungs, so now I am trying to keep his spirits up. It sure isn’t easy, as I don’t feel that great myself. Take care, Donna U.S. Sending a big hug from across the pond

Oh Donna thank you for taking the time to reply when you have so much to contend with ,so sorry to hear about your husband ,what a struggle it must be for you both,sending you good wishes.I don't take anti- depressants but I'm thinking I might need something to help me through this . Sending love from Lincolnshire England.

Cheryl xx

Donna, I just wanted to send some love your way. That’s a pretty overwhelming situation you’re in. I hope you have support from friends and family. Xx

Thankyou for your kind message. We have three sons and two of them don’t live far away. They have helped us and we are grateful for their caring and thoughtfulness. Sending a hug Delia, Donna. 😊 Their wives are wonderful too, almost like daughters!

So sorry about your husband. What a lot you have to contend with. Sending love, hugs and payers from UK x

Thankyou for your thoughtfulness, Donna 😊

Hi Donna.I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's illness. It must be such a struggle for you both. You will be in my prayers and I sincerely hope that with all the support you have that you will be able to cope.

Hugs and much love.Ann.

Hi Ann, thankyou for your kind message. I believe in the power of prayer and my faith is what gets me through these rough patches. 🙏😊

So sorry you are feeling so rough. There is just nothing fair about this crappy disease. Sending hugs.


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Thank you Jenny ,you are so right ,it's taken everything I used to enjoy .Cheryl.x

I know how you feel. I feel sad that my family have to see me so tearful and want to give up because I feel I am not living. My last two treatments had to be stopped because of the side effects were horrendous Treatments are horrible but you will come out the other end. Don’t be so hard on yourself. If need be ask for anti depressant. Wishing you the best . Mad molly

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I understand how you feel , I tend to hide it from family ,my husband bears the brunt of it , I think I am getting closer to speaking to a GP about how I feel ,even when I've felt well enough to do something I don't really feel it ,it's like I'm just going through the motions, smiling when I should , laughing when I should .Cheryl x

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We are inclined to react to how people expect us to be. Not anymore when people ask how are you they get you he truth it maybe not too bad or I will say I feel like shit

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I tend to be honest about physical symptoms but not how I feel emotionally , don't like to upset them ,they know I usually cope with the physical ,like you I say " shit" Cheryl x

I so understand this. I put on a brave face to the world, like you say smiling and laughing in the right places. It is so b....y hard. My GP has talked about giving me antidepressants, and I am considering it. Perhaps you should . Love x

Cheryl, you have been in my thoughts and I have hoped that you were faring better. I am so sorry to hear that you continue to battle diarrhea and that you feel so drained. I hope your doctor can find a way to relieve your symptoms and perk up your energy levels. Prayers and best wishes. Sashay

Thank you Sashay, if I'm no better tomorrow I'm going to have to do something about it ,I'm thinking I may need anti- depressants or something to help my mood .Cheryl xx

Please try Kefir yogurt drink. Chemo kills all your good bacteria and you need some mthing to replenish it. My mom tried Kefir and it worked.

Just to add my voice to the support you have already seen. Can you talk to your CNS? It seems to me that they could lower the dose or spread treatment out a bit more so that you get a chance to recover? Personally, although I don’t want to lose anyone, I do think that all of us have the right to say ‘no more’ when the time is right for us. I hope this is just a blip because you are having an awful time just now but support is there whatever you decide xx

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Thank you for replying Lyndy ,my treatment is every four weeks , I thought that would give me some time to do enjoyable things, my husband thinks it a time of adjustment ,that I'll find it easier when I get used to it again , perhaps he's right ,but I will give my CNS a call .Cheryl x

I dont think this virus helps us. We have to be so careful because our immunity is low and it maybe stops us from living a more normal way and planning on good days. I am back on just carbo getting very loose bowels and have to wear a pad which I hate, it lasts for about a week to ten days. I dont feel its working am waiting to get Pet scan as just had third treatment to see if working if not another rethink from team. I just want to plan something nice but trying to fit it in with appointments and feeling ok is hard. Know what you mean about our hubbys so hard for them and you feel you don't want to put any more worry on them by saying how we truly feel. Sending positive love to you x

Hope you feel better soon and able to ditch the pads . True what you say about Covid ,I'm more anxious than I used to be ,and it is hard fitting anything nice in .I really hope carbo is working for you , wishing you well .Cheryl x

I have decided to say "bugger covid", certainly where my little grandchildren are concerned. I hated isolation and am not going to miss out on seeing them any more. I am very wary in public spaces and not at all comfortable indoors except where my family is concerned. I have decided if I catch covid from them then so be it. You have got to have some normality with this wretched disease. Love x

Hi Cheryl

I’m very sorry to hear how difficult things have been for you recently. I can see you’ve had some really supportive replies from the forum community. I just wanted to ask whether you’ve been able to discuss these challenging side effects with a member of your clinical team? Please consider letting them know that you have been suffering with exhaustion and diarrhoea; there are many different ways they may be able to help you through this. As Pianoplayer731021 suggests above, I wonder if a conversation with your GP about how you are feeling may also be beneficial.

We’re here to support you. If you would ever like to talk anything through with a member of our support team, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 008 7054, message us directly through the forum or email us at Even if you don't have a specific question, we're happy to chat through anything that's on your mind.

Best wishes


Ovacome support

Thank you , I see my oncologist on the 4th November ,so I can discuss it with him then , I am thinking I may need to speak to my GP , thank you for the support ,I really appreciate it.Cheryl x

Hi Cheryl. I’m so sorry you’re struggling but you have every reason to feel down. I’m wondering if your consultant has considered lowering the dose of the chemo? Mine did when I was on that regime. Have you tried palliative care? Or counseling? Anyway feel free to express your feelings here as often as you need to. Sending hugs and love.

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I see my oncologist 4th November ,so I will speak to him then , I did have counciling but have to say it wasn't very good ,I discovered on the last one that the councilor was a trainee ,it showed, everyone has to train but I felt I deserved better.Cheryl x

So sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time, and I do hope you get some helpful advice from your CNS or Doctor. I would definitely ask from some anti-depressants. When I was first diagnosed my GP told me just ask for some if I needed them (luckily I didn't) and said she could prescribe some mild ones that would help. Do ask - there is no harm in trying them and they may make a lot of difference. And thanks for all of your posts - you are always one of the first to respond when one of us has a query or a bit of a wobble!xx

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Thank you for the reply, I haven't spoken to Dr or CNS yet but I will do, I think I've reached the point of needing some help ,I've been reluctant because my GP practice haven't been at all supportive ,it's a practice where you never see the same Dr twice ,in fact I've had no contact from a GP since I was diagnosed ,so that makes it harder .Cheryl x

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I am so sorry to hear that you haven't had the support from the doctor you need. My GP was so amazing that even the nurses at the MacMillan centre expressed surprise when I told them, so I think my experience was very unusual and yours is the norm, unfortunately. I hope you find a supportive GP soon, and get the help you need. I am sure it will make such a difference to you. Lesley. xx

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Thank you Lesley ,a supportive GP would help , so pleased you have one .Cheryl x

Hi fendweller

I’m so so sorry to hear your feeling like this. I’m sending you lots of love, hugs and prayers your way. Sheenagh xx

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Thank you Sheenagh for your kind words .Cheryl x

Sending love & hugs. You’re understandably struggling. It’s tough but you’re tougher. One day at a time. I started Fluoxetine ( otherwise known as Prozac) in July 2019. To begin with I felt very flat with it, then suddenly I started to feel more like myself. I’m still on them. They’ve also helped tone down the hot flushes I was experiencing. What I’m trying to say is please don’t be afraid of anti depressants.

Best to talk through everything with a professional to make sure they advise you on what’s best for you.

Please be kind to yourself, you’ve gone through/you’re still going through, a lot.


Thank you so much , I will speak to my oncologist next week ,but I think I'm going to need some help . Cheryl x

Hello beautiful lady. Is Prozac helping to sleep? I started Niraparib after first line treatment last week and its affecting my sleep and mood even if taking it in the morning. I think I need antidepressants because started to feel deprest ))

I experienced the same thing when I started Naraparib this last July/Aug. I would average about 3-4 hrs sleep a day (that included naps mid-day).However, I have been experiencing an almost uncontrollable mood shift… depression/anxiety kind of thing. Some days I can’t seem to get it under control, one minute I am good, want to choke someone the next minute, in tears the next minute … and then laugh about something….. the lack of sleep certainly contributed to the mood swings (for me anyways - I tend to be a growly bear if I am hungry or sleep deprived).

I started taking my Naraparib about 1-2 hours before I go to bed now, and my sleep has improved greatly! I am now sleeping a solid 6-7 hours straight the last few weeks.

Maybe something to try??

Sending positive vibes and virtual hugs!!


Hi I was taking Niraparib 1-2 hr before bed time and couldn't sleep (( now i switched to taking it in the morning and it seem to be better regarding sleeps. Also I can drink wine spritzer occasionally when i feel like i need it, if tablets taking in the morning. )) my team nurse said "absolutely" to mild alcohol. Never been a drinker but started to crave it sometimes now when dawn ))

Hopefully you will find that your sleep will improve over time like mine. 🥰

Sorry to say sleep is an issue with me too. A common side effect of Niraparib is insomnia. I’ve been taking this PARP since July 2020 & Fluoxetine since July 2019. Every now & again I have the odd week when I don’t get off to sleep until 4am-6am. I’ve been told Nytol ( not herbal type) works but haven’t tried it properly. When I was given IV Piriton before Taxol, I’d fall asleep within minutes so thinking I should try these to help my insomnia at times.

Prozac has really helped my mood swings. There are still times I don’t feel tip top but they are certainly not as frequent.

It’s all trial & error really.

Advice from professionals is wise as they have the knowledge of what maybe best for you.

I hope you find something to help you through this very tough time xx

You are such a beautiful lady )) Nutol I tried before this diagnose in the past and it does knock you out very fast but next morning I always felt groggy and sedated, so didn't like that/. Booked GP phone appointment next week to ask for Prozac or else. How is Prozac for you in terms of side effects? Or it doesn't really matter after other side effects ? )))

Hope you get something to help when you see your GP. Apart from the first few weeks on Prozac ( when I felt very flat) I don’t appear to have many side effects - I think they all come from the niraparib. What dose are you on? Started on 300mg & was very poorly & sick with that. Was reduced to 200mg which my body wasn’t keen on either. Been on 100mg since September 2020.

Hope this helps xx

Yes same famous Niraparib )) They gave me 300 because my body mass is more than 75kg. Started 10 days ago and first 3 days was awful. I've started to think that its gona be worse than chemo. I was not feeling sick or nauseous but very unwell like with seasonal flue or virus/ And phycological felt very weird , not nice )) But then on four's day it ease somehow. Now not bad but body felt like i had a great fall or been in the mild car crash . When i walk my right heap hurting. Yesterday I went for 2 hr walk and may be i over done it because was limping later on and woke up today with nagging pain in my heaps and sides. I actually cheated one day, I took 2 pills instead of 3, and felt much much better that day. So hopefully I they will put me on 2 soon. She mention on the phone a week break to settlle this....

Hi Cheryl, I’m so sorry your having such a horrible time ,the treatment can be so hard .My oncologist had to reduce my dose as I ended up in a@ e . as I was just wiped out .

I was offered antidepressants, but didn’t need them ,but I would have definitely taken them if I hadn’t been able to cope .

You could give them a try .

They have counsellors at the Maggies centres.

Sending love

Sheila x

Thank you Sheila , I've never felt the need for anti-depressants but I'm thinking I may now ,but I'm going to talk to my oncologist next week about dose etc , I've only had one cycle out of six , thought I'd do better on this than taxol ,thank you for your kind words .Cheryl x

Hi Cheryl,I am so sorry to hear that you’re having such a difficult time. It is so hard putting on a brave face for our loved ones isn’t it. My girls have subsequently told me they knew I wasn’t being entirely honest with them, but the distance between us geographically made it easier to put on a show and like you, my poor husband bore the brunt.

I think seeing your GP would be a good idea in the first instance. Not long before you see the oncologist and hopefully together the medics can help you.

I’m sending you my best wishes from Kent, I’m over in the UK for the winter .

Please keep us posted

Joy ❤️❤️

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Thank you Joy ,I'm going to take the advice and speak to a GP , I think I need some help to get over this hump . I hope you enjoy the UK and the winter is mild for you .Cheryl

Im so sorry you're going through this and really feel for you.Your reaction is completely understandable. A recurrence, exhaustion and then the diarrhoea too are bound to have a big effect on you.

As others have suggested could adjusting the chemo dose help?

Do you think you could be dehydrated?

Are you managing to sleep?

Your anger is natural. Might keeping a diary help?

To my eternal shame, when I was angry, I found myself taking it out on my poor husband.

I tried writing my feelings down instead and that did help me.

Ill be thinking about you and hope your GP and CNS can help.

All the best for you appointment on the 4th.

Liz x

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Thank you Liz , good advice ,I used to do a diary but stopped when I felt good ,I will start it again ,it did help .Cheryl x

So sorry your feeling so bad, you've had some great support and advice messages, hope they have helped but don't wait till the 4th to speak to someone, whenever I felt really bad I called my cancer nurses, I was fortunate in that they were very supportive I hope yours are too. Its hard when you feel rough to be positive and sometimes you just have to give in to it for a while and wallow then get those big girls knickers back on and battle on. Be kind to yourself, take care and a big hugs xxx

I've certainly been wallowing , trouble is I can't seem to drag myself out of it , I will take your advice and call my CNS .Cheryl x

Hi Cheryl. You had so many supportive replies the other day I had no more to add. I am however wondering how you are today. I hope your symptoms are levelling out. My darkest hours are when I feel overwhelmed and not in charge of what’s happening to me and Chemo does make you feel like that. My GP put me on Fluoxetine. I really didn’t want to go there, but I have to say I feel much more able to control my dark and lonely moments. Be kind to yourself. X

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Thank you , everyone has been so kind , I think an anti- depressant might help , like you say ,I don't feel in control ,going to speak to my oncologist next week and then GP .Cheryl x

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There we go, you’re taking control again. It’s a plan! Lots of love to you. Stay strong 💪🏻 Maria.

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Oh I am aren't I 😀

Hello Cheryl, I am so sad to read your post. I completed 4th line chemotherapy on the 1st of July which was for 18 gruelling weeks. My last two blood tests show my CA125 has risen to over 1500. I speak to my lovely consultant today and have no doubt at all that I will be starting 5th line early in November.Yes it is so tough but what else can we do, we have to keep surging forward and hoping that we can get a better quality of life than we would if we didn't have all of the amazing treatments available to try.

The power of the mind is a force to be reckoned with, stay thinking positive, keep on kicking its backside and live your life. I am resigned to the fact that I will always have to have "top up chemotherapy " but I won't ever give up fighting for the life that all of us ladies have the right to.

Love and sincere best wishes to you.

June xx

June you are amazing , I really hope you have good results ,you are truly amazing and brave.I won't get a scan until I'm half way through , I am the sort of person who would rather know than be wondering what's happening, I think that's part of my problem ,my mind goes into overdrive. Wishing you well .

Cheryl x

I completely agree Cheryl, often I find that the waiting and the worrying are far worse than the treatment. Stay strong and stay focused my lovely, you can do this and so can I. Xxx

You stay strong too , sending love .x

Hi Cheryl, my heart was breaking when I read your post & I just wished I was beside you to give you a big hug but unfortunately I am not 💔. We all try to be warriors & hide our true feelings from our families so as not to upset them but all this is hard & sometimes unreal. I often think to myself that the medical staff are talking about someone else..... not me but then reality kicks in. Is there a cancer support group around where you live where you can sit & chat with other women who are going through what you are. It would probably do you the world of good to be able to talk to them about how you feel & say things you wouldn't to your family. Even though all our families are very supportive we sometimes still feel isolated as they don't really know ( & hopefully never will know) what we are going through. Maybe you could also go to a counsellor , your hospital probably have one. I will be thinking of you & hoping you will find the strength again to carry on. Please let us know how your doing & I am sending you a big virtual hug Xx

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Thank you so much for your kind words, I did try counciling once but it was a bit rubbish , I found out on the last session the councilor was a trainee.I belong to the Lincolnshire cancer support group but they don't seem to do any get togethers ,I joined their book club but it's on line . When I go for my next chemotherapy I'll be able to talk to the Macmillan lady ,so I'm sure she will have some suggestions ,I'm also going to be honest with my oncologist ,and probably speak to my GP ,so I have a plan.Cheryl x

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Tulips66 in reply to fendweller

You sound like you are calmer & more positive already. Its a pity your cancer group don't do get togethers but maybe it's due to covid. There is no local group where I live in Ireland, only about 25 kms away. Now that restrictions have eased I would love to get together with others who are not necessarily fighting OC but other cancers too as we would all understand what each other is going through. Anyway hopefully you will get sorted soon & feeling better mentally. Take care & all the best Xx💐

Hello Cheryl, I too just completed my 4th line. It was a very long summer. The emotional & physical fatigue takes a toll after so many chemos. I am here in the States and I reached out to the palliative care nurse to augment my onc dr who just treats, no time to sort things out. She is such a problem solver and understands these "waves" and decisions. I take an antidepressant and and she increased my steroids. I am now at the crossroad to continue -since it is holding it back a bit, take a break or stop treatment. My body is strong and has carried me such a long way and I agree with June above - the power of the mind is a force. But right now I am tired.I would encourage you to talk about it with a trusted advisor and find a "middle peaceful place" when you feel better to process. You will know what is right for you.

stay beautiful,


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After your reply and all the others I've received I feel a little more positive than yesterday , I've realised that I need to reach out and be honest now rather than try to battle on with just my poor long suffering husband for support ,though he has been amazing it starting to take it's toll on him .Thank you .Cheryl x

First of all never give up the you I completed 4th chemo of carbo and caelyx I had a two week rest after the 2nd chemo as had side effects which impacted me, the 4th one thru a spanner in the works had ulcers, neuropathy in hands and feet, all stats dropped, had stomach issue, high temp spikes occasionally, pain in abdomen, nausea, felt like crap, but spoke to chemo team first bag of meds dealt with ulcers and ended with me getting morphine as pain was consistent over 5 days ...the pain started to demise, I couldn't undergo chemo 5 but at my appt with the oncologist 2 options presented i could go on the maintence med which would be parp or have carboplatin but a higher dosage, together with the oncologist made a decision to have the latter, it's easy to see the dark clouds but woukd say to you turn around and look at the journey you have undertaken in battling this disease, am pretty sure you may find you have battled a lot more and survived, I wish you well in whatever choice you make but find out what options you have.

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Oh goodness you've been through the mill as they say ,I do hope you're feeling better now and the carbo keeps the bugger in check.After all the kindness and support I've had I now know I will battle on , I am wondering if my bloods have crashed , don't think I should be so exhausted at the end of the third week ,but I'll know next week.

Thank you

Cheryl x

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Well my haemglobin, neutrophils, and magnesium all went into free fall, the exhaustion or total no energy is normally haemglobin related, I had two packs of blood, 3 neutrophils injection over 3 days and some magnesium infusion, once i had the haemglobin felt better, the ulcers have virtually gone and on my last trip to the onocology ward they gave me liquid magnesium and some meds for the stomach issue, feeling alot better, and yeah just don't give up, maybe give your CNS a call also if you have the chemo emergency 24hrs call number give them a ring, found them to be brilliant as they called me in for blood tests immediately and started the ball rolling on infusions etc albeit they do have to speak to the onocology Dr but once they see the blood stats they normally get you in asap, hope you get resolve sooner than next week.

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I've always had to have a magnesium supplement after chemo but as this is my first they won't know till my next blood test ,I'm reluctant to phone because since covid they now send you to A&E , won't let you in the chemo unit without a negative PCR test ,but I have my bloods done next week so I'll see how I go . Cheryl x

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MarleyZ in reply to fendweller

The magnesium tablets they gave me didn't help when I had nausea, also levels were so low it wouldn't have mattered either way if i took them, infusion was only way to correct it, I have contacted the 24hrs number, let you into a secret make that call if they send you to A&E then make a decision after that call, they may just call you in don't have to do stuff if you don't want to lol have had chats with them around why I shouldn't go to A&E and they never judge, we are in tune with ourselves you will know when the chips are down so to speak and if you really have to go to A&E.

You have a lot going for you. Don’t give up. Sounds like it’s working. My fears?Chemo doesn’t work on me. Was on several at least for you you have that option. Feel like I’m running out of options. Been on pill Rx last two years. It’s terrible but you can do it. Don’t disclose this a lot. I have absolutely no friends (outcast and as an adult gave up making friends. So long idc, don’t know to be a good friend) . I’m not married, not in a relationship. When I say no friends none. Not meant to downplay your pain but find comfort you have a lot to live for. You have someone. Don’t have much. Probably the reason it helped me accept I have cancer. You’re very lucky. Try to be strong. I’m lucky no bad side affects. But got colitis 2020 or 2019 already forgetting. Around this time of year. Was also dehydrated. Ended up 2-3 weeks in hospital. Was on meds not conscious most times. One young doctor even though was not going to make it. But I did. He was amazed. Was on a ventilator. He asked for hug when I woke up. Try to be strong. There’s time I want to give up. Why really don’t have much to live for. Nobody at my job even sent me get well cards. Yet I’ve seen others receive before I got sick. Nobody there cares. Point is be strong you can do it. You have so much more to live for. Should find comfort although you got cancer overall life was normal. Can tell other things about myself most people TBH would have committed suicide over but I’m still here. I did have suicidal thoughts as a kid and anger at people from bullying me. Be strong. You can do it. Your doctor thought it might work so try to stay strong. My future might go back on chemo simply because running out of options. Not really because got great chance. Find comfort you have that option.

You are a fighter/warrior in your battles which seem to be many, you don't need others because the battle is an individual one, yes it helps to have support of others but the resilience comes from within the individual, being alone does not mean needing to give up the fight or battle, it can be that some times people are happy to be alone for no other reason than because that is what they want, I wish you well.

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I will battle on ,or keep buggering on as my son says .x

What a terrible time you've had ,and still having , you're right in that I have a lot to live for a wonderful husband children and grandchildren .I wish I could do something to help you , you are clearly a nice person because you took the time to reply to my post.Please talk to someone ,a professional about how you feel ,sending love .Cheryl xx

Hi Cheryl, please be strong. Focus on nutrition and well being side. It may change focus and help you pass through this phase. My mom took six rounds of chemo. Few things helped her were wheat grass juice, Kefir, carrot juice. I heard Floradix Iron supplements are pretty good too..I wish you best please hang in there..Regards

I do eat a healthy diet and drink lots of water but I think the chemo is draining it ,so I will look into the things you have mentioned ,thank you .Cheryl x

This is where you get to vent don't worry. Try to find solutions you can impact I.e. gut issues are you taking top probiotic,? I do every day order it from is unfortunately harder to deal with first sleep and doze whenever you feel like it as this helps recovery. Make sure they stay on top of bloods so they can give you boosters for low white counts. Keep platelets up by whatever works for you. I drink papaya leaf tea and take capsules as well to keep them over 100,000. Read. Laugh. Cuddle w husband. Watch mindless drivel on telly. I read all of trollope and galsworthy and for light gentle humor E F Benson. Take care and love from paris

Lots of good advice there ,the probiotics sounds like a good plan.thank you Cheryl x

Hello dear. Just to mention that you were saying about yr GP , that its not possible to see the same doctor twice? )) For me on the other hand is different - I can see same doctor in my GP but never in 6 month saw the same oncologist twice at RM London )) Some of them were nice and warm, some cold and indifferent, some serious and superior... And also I envy you are 68 years old. Been diagnose 10 month ago with 4C. Had debulking op, chemo 6 rounds, braca negative, clear now at the moment and started Niraparib. I wish wish wish i be celebrated my 68birthday one day.... ))) Wish you well and more xxx

I sincerely hope you celebrate your 68th birthday and more. Good news that you are clear and the Niraparib is working for you .Cheryl x

thank you am smiling )) xx


No wonder you feel like this with exhaustion and diarrhea. My heart goes out to you. You must have been battling this hellish beast for a long time if you are on fourth line chemo. I hope I get to fourth line. You have done it before, so keep going love. I know what it is like to feel responsible for the happiness of your loved ones in keeping going for them. It is so hard. Just want to send my love and prayers for you to find strength to keep going x

Thank you for your kind words ,means a lot. Cheryl x

Cheryl, keep up with treatments as long as you can! I too am going thru it for the 4th time, this time platinum sensitive so on Doxcil and Avastin. Complete second cycle next Thurs and hoping my numbers will go down and not up. It is 456 the highest it has been since getting this disease 4.5 years ago. I was holding steady at 5-11, highest during a recurrence 97 but quickly came down. Hoping in 2 weeks the numbers are better.I know exactly how you feel, it is depressing but I always tell myself there are some folks who have it much worse than me and that I am grateful for what I can still do. Stay a warrior, keep fighting til you know you have no more fight in you! Sending prayers and positive thoughts from the East Coast of the US

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fendweller in reply to Lolotango

Thank you , I'll keep fighting for my family ,I hope you have good news in two weeks .Cheryl x

My dearest Cheryl, I am so very sorry to hear you are having such an emotional and physical go of this disease. I am hoping they are checking your blood counts and neutrophils when you get your chemo sessions as that can contribute much to your exhaustion and physical issues. I will be on my last session of second reoccurrence in less than a year of Doxil/ Carbo. Certainly this disease wreaks havoc on our emotions and family. Try doing one thing for yourself that makes you happy or gives you a smile. I have a friend who sends me a joke or funny every day!!!! She has been doing this every day since Dec 2019! Spray your favorite smells, curl up with a warm comforter, hot chocolate, think of all the love and strength the Teal ladies are sending you from around the world! Find a regime that works for you.......and always always reach out to are not alone. Many Hugs from San Diego Debbie

"Not everything faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced"

Fight hard lovely Lady, fight hard.

Thank you for your kind words , I hope youhave good news after your last session ,I will fight on ,I have neglected myself a bit lately so will take your advice .Cheryl x

Yes have had good news CA 125 is down to 8 after my last carbo/doxil Nov 15 and Oliparib next up! Going to try everything and anything

I am sooooo pleased to hear that , fantastic news ,given me a boost and hope for the future .Cheryl xx😄😄

Hi Cheryl , So sorry to hear that you are going through such a tough time.

Please know that there are a lot of people pulling for you 🙏, don't give in to it , I'm sure there is someone who can be of assistance to you at this awful period . Everyday, I sit in the car staring into the trees and playing some soothing music , it definitely uplifts me , but everyone is different .

Sending you 💓 hugs across the pond .


Trees and music sound wonderful , thank you for your kindness and understanding .Cheryl x

You are welcome , this isn't a boat we choose to be in . I bought myself a little book by Charles Mackesy, called "the boy , the mole ,the fox and the horse . I read it every day. I find it very uplifting and love his simple sketches. Hugs to you Cheryl.


Keep at it we have all been there the future will become brighter good luck.

Hi Cheryl so sorry to hear you are going through a tough time . Some great advice on here . I do hope you can get to see your GP /cns nurse to discuss how you are feeling

Sending you a virtual hug 🤗

Love Lesley

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fendweller in reply to Spirit22

Thank you Leslie , I'm planning on phoning later. Cheryl x

Hope things are improving for you Cheryl? Thinking of you & sending love xx

Thank you , I do feel a bit better today ,bit more energy , which in turn has improved my mood , hoping I will get out tomorrow .Cheryl xx

Fingers crossed you feel up to it lovely xx

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