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Hello ladies,

I hope that you are all as well as possible and that you have enjoyed the recent sunshine.

I had my usual monthly blood test last Friday and received the result today that the CA125 had risen just 3 points to 117. I was expecting it to have gone up by more as I had my covid booster on 21 September. So this was a surprise because after the previous two jabs my numbers continued to rise with every blood test.

I decided to stop taking the general vitamin,and also the fresh lemon and grated ginger that I have normally every morning in hot water So I have no idea really if either of these things could have pushed my CA125 up. My Oncologist agreed that I could take these things prior to starting the parp rucaparib

I will see what happens next month if I continue to abstain

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Glad you've managed to get your booster and that it didnt effect your Ca 125 reading too much. Have to say the fresh lemon and grated ginger sounds delicious might just try that.I try to take Turmeric each day either as a supplement or in soup . Certainly the covid injections put my reading up each time although it was only temporary. My ca125 reading had gone up 6 points this time but lve decided not to worry this time and have gone on holiday. Didn't manage to get our boosters before we left we were 5 days too soon. Never mind you really cant worry about everything in life. Im currently doing the 100 mile walk for breast cancer research our daugther in law got diagnosed with it a couple of months ago. Good luck with your parp stay positive sending love & hugs SheilaFxxx

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Caleda4 in reply to Realistic

Good to hear that you are doing ok and well done for doing a 100 mile walk and good luck. So sorry to hear that your daughter-in-law has breast cancer and sincerely hope that things go well for her. Enjoy your holiday, it is good to have a break after all this covid business. Stay safe. xx

Hi Caleda lovely to hear from you. My CA125 has always been low and for nearly 18 years at 7. After my recurrence it rose but settled back down to 7 after chemo. Rucarapib didnt work for me but I am still uncertain about this because of the Covid vaccination. My lymph nodes show low activity. Had three months free from treatment but back on with carbo only now.. My CA125 has gone up to 9. Oncologists know I have very low count but I am not happy that its risen even by two because of my past counts. I am to have PET scan in November so I have decided to delay my Covid booster and flu vac as I want to know what is seen on the PET scan is not influenced by the vaccinations. I am very careful to try and keep safe and will continue to do so. What a difficult time for us all with our illness compounded by Covid. Do you feel well Caleda? What made you decide to forego the lemon and ginger. Something I enjoy. You sound very good in your post which is lovely.

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Caleda4 in reply to Lizzieanne

Hi Lizzieanne,Good to see you on here to. How are you finding the carbo on it's own? I so hope that this works for you and that your pet scan result is good. I am sorry that rucaparib did not work for you. All these treatments are a mine field aren't they.

I am the opposite to you because when I finished my original chemo carbo /taxol in 2016 my CA125 stood at 400. It never moved until early 2020 when it rose to 532. Fortunately I do feel very well at present which is definitely an advantage.

The reason I stopped the lemon and ginger was,because I thought just maybe it was the ginger having an affect on my CA125. I do love this drink first thing and it is good for you. I will wait and see when I get next months blood results, if they are ok I will definitely start taking that again.

Take care of yourself.x

HI, just read your post about the lemon jce and ginger . My CA 125 , is 95 and I was surprised its not lower . When I saw my Dr yesterday, I asked her about it and she said everything combined is stable and stable is good .I had my 3rd Covid shot 3 weeks ago and take I take the whole lemon and pulverize it add water and freeze it . I breal a chunk off and drink it in hot water every a.m , it helps to keep me regular . During the day I was eating a couple of pieces of crystallized ginger .

Now wondering, if it affecting my count too . I've run out of ginger , but may not, restock .

If you have any further information would be happy to hear it .

Thanks , keep strong , you sound amazing !!

Gill, Mookie Fox

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OvacomeSupportAdministrator in reply to MOOKIE-FOX1234

Hi Caleda4 and Gill MOOKIE-FOX1234

Just popping by to share this resource on CA125 with you, which I hope may be of interest: foundationforwomenscancer.o...

It was published in 2017 by The Foundation for Women’s Cancer, who are a non-for-profit organisation based in the U.S; they support research, education, and public awareness of gynaecological cancers. This booklet explains that many different things can cause CA125 to increase or fluctuate and that these are not always cause for concern. There is currently no evidence that what you eat or drink can influence this reading.

Best wishes


Ovacome support

Thank you for sending the information,it is appreciated.

Thank you Anne , really appreciate the input , the chemo makes me constipated for a couple of days and the lemon jce really helps . I guess the booster shot could have influenced the ca125 since I did get a mild reaction to it . Sincerely.

Gill ,Mookie Fox 1234

Well done Gill, Cheers to you being your results being stable and long may it continue. x

Thanks Caleda4 I have been working out with some light weights and some leg exercises which I found in the Health and Science section of our paper . I can now get up off the floor without having to hang to something . Makes me feel stronger if nothing else . This journey is a real battle . The taxol didn't suit me , I broke out in a weird body rash and lesions on my legs . The dermatologist biopsies two of the lesions which showed nothing and gave me a steroid cream .

My oncologist took me off taxol and back on carbo plus Avastin. I won't get rid of this monster but hope to control it with good medicine and positive thoughts .

Sending my best wishes to you ❤

Thanks .

Gill , Mookie Fox 1234

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Lizzieanne in reply to Caleda4

Tolerating carbo as easier without taxol. When had first lot of chemo with my first recurrence I could actually feel it 'attacking' the cancer cells from lymph node under my arm all across my chest to sternum. Laying in bed with hubby down his back he could also could feel it. Told oncologist and she said she had other patients say this. This time Im worried stupidly maybe because don't feel so ill but cant feel my body responding as before. Think Taxol was out because of neuropathy. Oncologist says its just icing on the cake, best bit in my opinion. Anyway onwards and upwards as she says to me and I say to you. So great to hear how well you feel. We all enjoy one another's small successes. Keep us up to date. X

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Caleda4 in reply to Lizzieanne

Like you Lizzieanne, my Oncologist went away from taxol because of the neuropathy i already have, & that is why last year i was suggested that I have carbo/ gemsar. I must say though that there seems to be quite a few people that have had sucess with just carbo, so i sincerely hope it works for you. How strange though that you felt the the carbo /taxol actually working. Well I never experienced that, but they had to lower the taxol as my legs from thigh to ankle felt like i was being stabbed which was awful.What you have to go through to come out the other end,but then I suppose we will try anything if we think it will work.

I realise of course that my cancer will return at some stage,but until then I am just trying to get on with life as much as I can.

We moved three months ago to Worcestershire and we are both loving where we are,as we can walk to the small town, where you can get most things. Also we are closer to our daughters,which is just great. In fact since being here we have had quite a few visitors.

Like most people we have not had a break away yet, but I have booked to go to Borrowdale next May/June so it is something to look forward to,however it can always be cancelled if necessary.

Take care, I am pleased that you don't feel to bad. x

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Lizzieanne in reply to Caleda4

I am in Warwickshire and know Worcestershire. Glad you are loving it. Keep well

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