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Ovarian cancer

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Hi all would anyone know how my mum can put on weight without feeding the cancer we are juicing and smoothies but apparently carbs and sweet foods protein feed the cancer, She is needing more chemo as it’s spreading and we need to build her up. Any help would really be appreciated warm regards Ali xxx

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Please don’t starve her of carbs and the food she needs to keep her strength up. There’s no proof that eating carbs feeds cancer. Cancer is a fault in the cell copying process. Every oncologist worth their name will tell patients to eat a healthy balanced diet. xx

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Aliollie in reply to Lyndy

Thanks for your reply, probably best to go back to usual food and still have the juicing and smoothies It’s difficult I know how to help we have been reading books how to starve cancer but all but confusing. How are you getting on? X

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SEckett in reply to Aliollie

Hi Aliollie

When I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer they gave me some sheets with information on what to eat and not eat. The information said to eat things like white bread, potatoes, chicken, fish and meat along with some vegetables . It said to eat things like rice puddings, ice cream and jelly’s along with other stuff. It also told what to stay away from. I am sure your specialist nurse can give you the same sheets. Sending you both lots of love Sheenagh

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Ettenomis in reply to Aliollie

I think that's a great idea, my oncologist said exactly that. How lovely to have a daughter making her smoothies and juices, well done! 🥰

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Ettenomis in reply to Lyndy

Hi lyndy, yes I asked my oncologist about the sugar thing and they said there is absolutely no proof that any foods feed cancer, including sugar. You're right to say just have a healthy normal diet, and enjoy the things you like, in moderation obviously!

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BellmoreBelle in reply to Lyndy

Absolutely correct, Lyndy. I get really concerned when I read about people stopping consuming "sugar", and it seems they only see white table sugar (sucrose) as sugar. ALL carbohydrates are "sugar". Complex carbohydrates (polysaccharides) like starch (potatoes, rice, grains etc) are broken down into simple sugar molecules/monosaccharides. i.e. glucose, . Table sugar is a disaccharide consisting of TWO monosaccharide molecules - one glucose and one fructose molecule. Yes, that's the same fructose that's in your smoothies. I sincerely think it would be very dangerous to cut all carbohydrates out of the diet, all that would be left would be fat and protein. Not healthy!

Hi there

I wouldn’t give your Mum any sugar,keep going with the juicing and smoothies.

Could your Mum have cachexia? Does she have an appetite? xx

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Aliollie in reply to Lovedogs41

Hi there thanks for you reply no she doesn’t have cachexia, she does have an appetite but we have been trying different foods ie healing soups, foods completely different from her previous diet, cut out cakes Chocolate been doing some from deliciously ella Woodward healing foods, so the weight mum has lost is the change in diet, but she doesn’t have much energy and don’t want to do more harm than good x

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Lovedogs41 in reply to Aliollie

Finding the right diet is tricky,I changed my diet to mainly veggie,no dairy or sugar,no alcohol,whole grain carbs.I have lost about 1.5 stone since diagnosis in Feb 2020 but am maintaining my weight.I find the Deliciously Ella app really good.I am following a Jane mcelland protocol with diet and supplements,people may say it won’t help but in my opinion if there’s only a small chance of it helping I am going to try!

I really think it will help, I have an auto immune illness and I became a vegan and started the ella Woodward cooking five years ago I feel so much better, so I do believe you can heal the body. I also brought the book Jane mcelland but as mums on a blood thinner she cant have a lot of things. Can I ask what supplements you are taking? I managed to find a book on ovarian cancer juicing specifically for this cancer, I can give you the name if your interested? Xx

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Comedy123 in reply to Aliollie

Hi Ali, Jane mclelland wrote few books about cancer. Which one is the best one? What is the name of the other book about ovarian cancer? Could you plz let me know. Thanks

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Lizzieanne in reply to Aliollie

I would be interested to have the name ofthe book please

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Lovedogs41 in reply to Aliollie

Hi I would be interested in reading that book thanks.I can message you what supplements I take as there are several!

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Aliollie in reply to Lovedogs41

Yes please that would be great I put the names of the books on here did you see them ? x

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Lovedogs41 in reply to Aliollie

Yes I saw them after I had posted reply! Thanks x

Hi Aliollie, on reading the other replies, I do agree that following some food plans suit some people, and they benefit from them. However the old saying 'a little of what you fancy does you good' is also very true. It's worrying enough having Ovarian cancer, so enjoying food is also a major priority! I wish your mum all the very best and what a smashing daughter you are ❤️

My doctors told me to eat fruit and vegetables and a good balanced diet to keep my strength up.

It seems like you are starving your mum and reducing not just her weight but her chances of standing up well to chemo. I know we get desperate when we are diagnosed with cancer and grasp at anything we think might help. But your have been half-starving her and yet her cancer has still spread. It might be the time to follow a healthy diet of plenty protein and vegetables and some carbs, as advised by oncologists and dieticians. A healthy diet does not include sugar, chocolate, alcohol or highly processed foods but it does include enough nutrients to keep her strength up x

The "sugar feeds cancer" thing is a myth. Please allow her to eat what she wants and what she enjoys. Obviously make sure she has a good intake of fresh fruit and veg and sufficient protein, but if she needs to gain weight, let her do so. Juicing removes much of the goodness from fruit and veg and is a weight loss strategy, not a healthy eating strategy. Let her have her favourites. Calories are more important than nutrients if she needs to gain weight.

Thanks for all your valued replies the books I have got are the ovarian cancer miracle it has an avocado on the front other is 47 home remedy juices for ovarian cancer by joe Correa csn I got them both from Amazon. Xx

I followed the hospital nutritionist advice, as I lost a lot of weight quickly I was given fortisips and advised to eat whatever I wanted, full fat foods and drinks to build up my weight and strength in preparation for treatments as they go by your weight when working out your chemo meds. If you are too low you can't have chemo. I also had an op and more chemo. My husband and sons gave me have lots of different foods at regular intervals even when I didnt feel like it! By the way dark chocolate is said to be good for your magnesium levels as that can be affected by chemo treatment. Hope that helps., dont believe all the hype some books churn out. Normal good foods regularly worked for me so far. Good luck

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Hi there AliOllie

I can see you’ve had lots of responses to your query from the forum community, so just wanted to share some Ovacome resources on diet and cancer which I hope will be helpful for you and your mum:

- ovacome.org.uk/blog/diet-ca...

- ovacome.org.uk/diet-and-nut...

- ovacome.org.uk/blog/diet-su...

These explain that there is no conclusive evidence that any dietary regime helps to shrink or stabilise cancer. Our information on carbohydrates references NHS recommendations that a third of our diets should consist of starchy foods such as potatoes and grains, and another third of fruit and vegetables, which all contain carbohydrates. As well as carbohydrates, which are our bodies’ main source of energy, these foods contain additional nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fibre and amino acids (which are the building blocks of proteins). Therefore, eliminating carbohydrates altogether will have significant effects on the rest of your diet and nutrition.

If your mum is feeling concerned about her nutritional intake or maintaining a healthy weight, please encourage her to seek a referral from her oncologist to a dietitian specialising in supporting people with cancer.

Penny Brohn UK run weekly online sessions titled ‘Cancer Nutrition Know How’ which I hope may be of interest to you and your Mum. For more information about their sessions, please visit this page on their website: pennybrohn.org.uk/find-help...

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to talk through anything. We’re here on 0800 008 7054, Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm.

Best wishes


Ovacome support

This is a contentious subject about which people may have very strong feelings. I understand the difficulty, I went vegan for 6 months, which I found difficult because I simply knew next to nothing about what vegans ate, and whilst my cholesterol levels were the lowest they'd been ever, I got so thin I looked like a skeleton, so I had to make changes, otherwise I was in danger of starving😳 I concluded life is too short to stick to some rigid cancer diet or other, but its way too long to put in an answer here, so I've sent you a private message separately on the changes I made ...


I reckon if I’ve got a life limiting illness I’m not giving up cake !Just my opinion though , I wish absolute best for your mum

Hi Aliollie, I totally agree with Rankij11 OC is hard enough to cope with, without depriving ourselves of little pleasures like chocolate & cake. I know you are trying to help your mam in every way possible but she deserves some treats as this is tough. I have an ostomy bag since my first operation which stops me from eating alot of food which I ate before getting OC so when my heartburn/indigestion (which I get after the chemo) eases I eat plenty of carbs & sweet stuff so if your mam feels like eating some treats let her enjoy them. Xx

I can really feel your desperation to do the right things through your post. There is so much contradictory advice out there and some of it is so different to the advice we may have taken to fend off serious disease prior to a cancer diagnosis. High fibre etc. For myself as my bowel is affected I am following a low residual diet which is very much low lowfibre or no fibre. Complete opposite to my pre cancer diet. I am now on 2nd line chemo and I have found that I get the most energy from grazing constantly. Smooth peanut butter , plain crackers, banana. Custard. It does sound like you need a consultation with a dietician connected to your mum's team. She may need a build up drink on a regular basis. It is a personal choice regarding the 'sugar starving diet' I'd be weighing up which is causing the most stress. Following it, or worrying that not following it is having a negative affect on recovery. For me, I believe stress is more damaging to my cancer cells than the sugar so I put my efforts into trying to keep my stress levels as low as possible.

Sending you both love and positivity.xx

Thanks for your message sorry your going through this also, yes it’s very hard to know the best things to do xx

When first diagnosed and after the draining of the stomach fluid , i found out i had lost a considerable amount of weight . I was a former dietician, but my Dr said I should talk to the dietician and I did as things change over the years . After a long chat , she said I knew what to do and I did eat to gain weightas I was afraid of looking gaunt . I ate whole grain bread , high protein , oatmeal , soups etc . I do make a proteinshake at lunchtime since I have never been a lunch eater and a balanced dinner .

I have a lot more energy . Hope this is helpful and very best wishes to your Mum.

Gill ,Mookie Fox

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