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Hi new here. Little bit about me, diagnosed sept 2018 3c, had the normal rounds of chemo before complete hysterectomy, I consider myself lucky with the surgery coped really well and recovery was good, I can honestly say I have been very lucky to have had no horrible side affects with the chemo and surgery. I am platinum resistant and now have recurrence which again had chemo followed by Maintenance drug zejula, again coped really well but had to drop dose to 200mg daily as a silly ( got to call it that) side affect of skin now sensitive to sun, after all we go through nature got me on that one, I have over the past couple of years 2 stomach drains and a lung drain, my ca125 has now gone back up to 197 and there was fluid around my liver which is apparently in a pocket they cannot get too, last scan showed bit more fluid around liver than last time. Speak with doctor next Wednesday, I have remained positive throughout this journey and will remain to do so. Live love laugh,be happy and most of all stay POSITIVE my fellow fighters❤️X

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Welcome Mubblins! Great to hear about your positive attitude, I am sure it helps. xx

Welcome and what a lovely post. Love your positive attitude and long may it continue with good health xxx

Good for you Mubblins, long may your good health continue. Sue xx

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Mubblins in reply to SUE7777

Thank you sue💪🙏 to all who have this disease xx

Hiya Mubblins, welcome, I’ve found these lovely ladies very supportive and informative here. I was diagnosed with 3c hgoc early this year and they have helped me through. Wishing you well with appointment on Wednesday let us know how it goes, Mish 🤗xx

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Mubblins in reply to Heart12345

Thank you mish, worrying times but strength and positivity and the excellent care we are given WE CAN DO THIS xx💪🙏xxx

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Heart12345 in reply to Mubblins

Absolutely! Xxx

Welcome Mubblins, absolutely the right attitude it definitely helps. The teale sisters on here are fantastic give you hope & support your beautiful stay well & optimistic. Love & hugs SheilaFxxx

Thank you Sheila “, one for all and all for one” together we stand ☺️💪🙏❤️

Hi there, love your spirit, keep it going. Your story mirrors mine, in some ways however I’m now Platinum sensitive but Hormone Positive in spite of my grand age!!! Now on Letrozole after finishing 18weekly sessions of Paclitaxel. Awaiting analysis of CT scan to see where we go from here? Am also, have been for 18months, taking Protocol from COC which consists of Metabolic drugs, which after some hiccups, I tolerate ok. Keep us posted, Cheers Iside x

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Mubblins in reply to Iside

Thank you inside, glad to hear you are tolerating the drug, every part of this nightmare of a journey is a fight, a fight we can all battle together we must stay positive, along with the support from all the warriors and the knowledge and treatment we receive , our mind is our weapon, stay positive and tell this beast to do one, we got this 💪🙏💕x

Love that positive attitude, wish you well for your appointment.

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Mubblins in reply to MarleyZ

Thank you and all the best to you 💪🙏♥️

You are a beautiful lady, you have the best attitude and you will beat this. Stay strong God Bless

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Mubblins in reply to Tabor

Thank you and sending best wishes to you 💪🙏❤️

You sound like a wonderful, strong lady. Sending love, Sara xxx

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Mubblins in reply to SASSY196

Thanks you Sara, love and best wishes to you💪🙏❤️

Hi MubbinsLoved your post and your journey is similar to mine. I haven’t had too hard a time with chemo either, and I have tried most of them. Carboplatin, Taxol, Gem, Caelyx, Olaparib (I’m BRCA2 positive) unfortunately the Parp Olaparib lowered by blood count so can’t take it. I’ve just started on Topitecan and Avastin every three weeks. CA 125 is at 250. But waiting to see if this chemo helps.

I’ve been on Taxol a couple of times now and it usually knocks the Beast down though I have never been NED. At least it works and my Oncologist gives me a break from it so the Beast doesn’t get used to it.

Always hopeful of some magic new treatment to keep us going. A positive attitude is everything!

Anyway, I had fluid around my lung 18 months ago and had it drained a couple of times then I had a Pleurodesis. It’s a procedure where they pump medical grade talc in to the area around your lung which makes the lung stick to the chest wall. I have had no fluid around my lung since this procedure. Only side affect is a bit of reduced capacity with my breathing when I climb stairs or walk up big hills. I was happy with this outcome.

I’m in Australia and COVID is hitting us big time with the Delta strain at this time. Previously we were pretty lucky .

This has reduced the ability to go out, socialise, travel, see family etc so I’m looking forward to better days ahead to get out and enjoy my life as much as I possibly can.

All the best very to you 💜🦋.

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Mubblins in reply to Bluebaby1

Thank you blue baby, that’s exactly the procedure I had done with my lung that was a year ago and had no trouble since, like you I have reduced capacity with anything energetic but nothing I can’t handle, my ca125 has risen and scan shows more fluid around my liver so guessing zejula not working, will find out next Wednesday, I am in uk, I’m pretty sure (not totally) that we do not have the avastin regime so guessing more chemo, BRING IT ON🤨🤨 💪. Sorry you can’t get out and about fingers x it won’t be long before you can do so, it so helps us to have that side of quality of life, making plans for the future, outings, friends, meals, holidays, all the things we took for granted, this beast of a diesease limited our outlook on life but we could still live our life to the fullest , then along comes COVID, 😡 ,wishing you all the best blue baby 🙏💕xxjackie

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Bluebaby1 in reply to Mubblins

Thank you for your reply Jackie. All the best and I hope some treatment will bring you reprieve. ❤️🦋

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Mubblins in reply to Bluebaby1

For you also, x🙏❤️X

Welcome …… You Go Girl !! Lovely positive post. 🤞for you consultation x c

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Mubblins in reply to Broader

Thank you broader, sending love and best wishes to you 🙏💪💕

Love your positivity 💪🏼😊 best way forward I find. We have a similar time frame, I had surgery on a recurrence in my lung (LGSOC) in 2018 followed by chemo & avastin and I’ve just started Trametinib for this latest recurrence. Got to keep smiling 😊 and living life (if only covid would stop getting in the way😠) Wish you all the best for Wednesday 🤞🏻🤞🏻💪🏼 Anne xx

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Mubblins in reply to Mum2G

Thank you Anne, yes smiling and planning future adventures keeps me going, this dam Covid getting in our way, wishing you well for the future Anne 🙏💪❤️

Hi Mubblins ,Just wondering how you are doing ? I just got back from my Oncologist's and she said that I am stable and my CA count is going steady down .

Also , that the surgery sort of messes your insides around which makes for some discomfort. I think all in all a good check up

I hope that they can figure out how to drain the fluid from around your liver.

Sometimes , positivity is hard when your appetite is off , and energy level is lower .

I think your posts are so upbeat and good to read .Will keep you and all our ladies in my thoughts .Thank you being so upbeat . A Cheer leader.

Have to go get Mookie Fox,who is patiently, a snack .

Gill. Mookie Fox 1 234

Sorry if this is post is repetitive , waiting for the benadryl to wear off .

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