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Milestone reached!!!

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I went for bloodwork yesterday…and guess what??? I have officially met the “normal” range on my CA125!! It is now down to 32! YAY ME!!

Honestly, I AM ANYTHING BUT NORMA!! 😂 …. But I will take this result!

I don’t mean to be selfish and brag about this…but I will as I started out on Jan 6/21 with a CA125 of 13,061😳. I have only found a handful of fellow Teal sisters that had crazy levels like this, and my oncologist has advised levels like this are rare in itself.

I have committed to being a super positive and energetic person throughout this journey, as I feel that positivity and a good attitude will get me a whole lot farther than being depressed and lonely. Believe me, I had some of those days early on, and occasionally still have a dark day or two even now, as I’m sure we all go through this.

I commit to self gratitude, calmness, meditation and various other activities I enjoy to keep me from my dark side for any length of time. I am blessed with this result, I have felt like I have just been running on a schedule of scans, treatments, surgery, and appointments for the past 7 months, and missed out on family gatherings, holidays, and most social events (that were wanted desperately after Covid has made life so distant and lonely).

It was worth it…. My goal was to have my CA125 to within “normal” range at the end of all this…and I’m there now.

Now to set yet another goal….🤔


AKA: ZENA - Warrior Princess

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Just punched the air in celebration of this news. That is amazing. Love this positive story. YOU GO GIRL!! Xxx

This is fabulous news Trish. Great photo too. You go girl! Xxx

Hi Tigger,

Brilliant news makes me so happy. Love the photo. Such a beautiful lady. Your are amazing. Sending you lots of hugs and love.

Sheenagh. Xx

That’s brilliant news Trish! Long may it continue 👏🎉

Brilliant! Congrats!

Absolutely brilliant!

Fantastic news for you,you must be chuffed.My ca 125 at diagnosis was 17,000 and got down to 6 it is now 8 at last check.Wishing you continued healing xx

Fantastic news. You look really well, considering you op was only in July. Keep up your positivity. Jas x👍

Great news , you look fantastic.

That's great news. Good luck for the future.

You’re a rockstar!!!!! Great news !!! 💛💛

Brilliant news you are doing amazing and looking good. I hope your recovery goes well and normal CA125 from now on x

Hi Trish, You look fabulous, fantastic news , amazing results. Right attitude long may it continue yes your right we all have dark days. But keeping positive and as well as you can all helps .

Wonderful to hear your fantastic news, keep it up love & hugs SheilaFxxx

That's fantastic! Love the positivity 👍😘 You look gorgeous by the way! Go girlfriend 😃😍

Fantastic news. I love your outlook on this and I for one will try to adopt some of your positive steps and thoughts x

Wow you’re doing brilliantly, fantastic news 🎉🤗

Fantastic Trish, your CA125 is particular to you and so only compare your own numbers don’t worry about others. Really happy for you and sounds like your doing all the right things. Sue xx

Brilliant ! Well done you. I’m 2 months behind you. My CA125 was 1500 at one point and really hope I can get it back to normal. It’s a sodding hard journey but posts like yours brighten the day!

Amazing results 💪💖 Make sure you treat yourself 💖

Fabulous, very pleased for you. Long may it continue xxx

So thrilled by your news. Long may it continue. Love your positive news and your wonderfully positive attitude. All very best wishes x

Well done 💕 and what a journey you have been on. Remain strong and positive! Here’s to great times and new memories to be made. Love the nails by the way xxx

That is fantastic! Feel good and stay present... positive attitude is the secret to a happy life regardless of ones situation. You look amazing... big

Amazing news.Looking good!

Fabulous news! Big virtual hugs from your Teal Sister Downunder! By the way - you look so cute in that photo! 🦋🐨🦋 Jill xx

So delighted to read your post and to see that you are in such a great place. Keep up the good work - gratitude, self-belief and a positive attitude are definitely the way forward.

Fantastic news great to hear about it.

You look amazing. Brilliant news!!

Wow! Well done you! What an excellent photo you look amazing! Brag away lovely you’ve done amazingly well and long may this continue for you. The whole chemo, surgery, scans anxiety and generally feeling poorly package is no barrel of laughs but so many of us have been on the same pathway so we totally get and understand your euphoria. Enjoy this time and run with it Trish. Take care and stay as well as you possibly can be ❤️Xx Jane

YAY Trish, go you! Fantastic. xx

Wow, fab news. I love your attitude and your photo, you are an inspiration and I hope to be following in your footsteps on a similar journey. Enjoy your next goal xx


Congratulations Trish! I’m just lazing in bed checking news/mail on my phone. What a great way for me to start the day. Such wonderful news is always welcome!Best wishes from Louisiana,


Congratulations. That is fantastic. You have the right mindset. I wish I could. You are doing great. Time to celebrate!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful news! Congratulations!

Such an amazing milestone for you ! Such a daunting number to be given, both your stage and your CA125. I so admire your spirit and attitude. You go girl ! And as my sister always says to me “ well done and keep up the good work” I always feel like a schoolgirl when she says it but I love it. It’s usually because my numbers are good. So well done again.

Well done you ! Encouraging for us all ! Hope you manage to celebrate well. Xxx

Excellent news! You are an inspiration!💪

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