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Going on holiday…during chemo

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Was wondering if anyone went on holiday during a course of chemo?

I have holiday with my immediate family booked and don’t know wether to cancel.

It’s a big birthday for me and we have tree house accommodation booked . I have always wanted to stay in a tree house! It will be the four of us in a rural location. 20 minutes from the nearest hospital; in the U.K.

I have just had a reoccurrence and have had my first treatment of 6. The second treatment will be before we go so I will be on day 12 of that cycle when we go. Just for 3 nights.

I have asked my treatment team and the reply was if you go take your treatment information. ( I assume name of Hospital, Dr, drugs)

Interested to know wether anyone else has been away for a few days during chemo? I live in England but would be in Wales on the break.

Thank you

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I went on a short break in Norfolk during chemo…Normal rules apply ie. if you get a temp ring in but if you are within 20 minutes of a UK hospital I would go and enjoy!

Thank you Lyndy. Just realised it’s 20 miles not minutes; so about 40 minute drive to nearest hospital! You have still however given me some clarity….feel much more optimistic that it can be done….xx

Definitely go and enjoy yourself,you deserve it xx

Thank you Lovedogs, your “ you deserve it” comment made me really pause and think…. Appreciate the support so much xx

Hiya, pre Covid my oncologist advised me I could go on holiday but only within an hour travelling time to my hospital(I asked was that by car or helicopter??). Seriously we have been away a few times in our motorhome - Covid rules permitting, whilst I’ve been on chemo and found it a great tonic. Your holiday sounds just perfect for giving you a little boost especially as it’s your birthday.Go for it and enjoy.


Thank you Jan. Did you stick to the within an hour from your hospital rule? I will be considerably more than that. A UK hospital should be ok though I would of thought? Your motor home sounds the perfect solution!Felling much more optimistic with the replies from people….xxx

To be honest no I didn’t as there have been other hospitals nearer. If you take your info with you that would help a doc know your history etc. To me the benefits far outweigh the manageable risks for you. A glass of wine( cup of tea for me) watching a sunset/ sunrise from high In the treetops sounds just perfick!

Go for it! xx

Hi, I went away during my chemo and welcomed the change of scenery! I had all my gubbins with me and took my temp etc as usual and made sure who I was away with knew where to find my treatment info and hospital card should I have needed a Dr (I didn’t thankfully). Go and enjoy it and tick something off the life list 😊

Thank you Yorkiepudd…I really do want to sleep in a treehouse! Will certainly think carefully re what medical stuff to pack….feeling inspired by all the practical and sensible replies xxx

Go and enjoy. But do be careful to avoid any minor scratches or cuts (much higher risk of them becoming infected when you're on chemo) and remember that your insurance may not cover you.

Thank you SopSinger….useful to remember about a little first aid kit..,,xx

Hey, you should definitely go!! I am planning the same with my family. It sounds like you will have enough time to recover from the worst symptoms and fun, laughter and happiness are also great medicine. xxx

A treehouse too Riverflo? Enjoy yours too! Xx

Haha, I wish!! My grandkids would go crazy for that! Well, a week in Cadiz is pretty awesome too. Enjoy your treehouse. I hope it has a sturdy ladder ;) xx

Enjoy Cadiz! I think I watched too much Tarzan as a child! Xx

Me too!! I'm jealous! :)

I went away after my first chemo took everything necessary with me and was absolutely fine. It did me good to be honestSo becareful go and enjoy yourself. Sounds

Brilliant. Love & hugs Sheila xx

Hi Sheila,I can feel my mood lifting with something to look forwards to…so pleased lots of other people have gone on holiday too

Hello. Just pack, go and enjoy your tree house. This flippin cancer bosses us all around too much. Go and have fun...forget about it for a while.

Pants22…it does boss us around…very true…the risks for what we are planning aren’t really different to being at home..just walks and countryside..,not tourist busy areas etc…I do need to forget it for a few days and do something “normal” xx

Enjoy your holiday have a good one, would definitely go for it, just take info with you.

Thank you! Xx

Definitely go and have fun with your family but take your hospital priority admission card and latest notes with you plus a thermometer and any meds you take. I never go anywhere without my Ulcer treatment because the little devils pop up at odd times and make life a misery. X

Thank you JustKBO, interesting how different areas of the country have different systems. I don’t have any notes or priority admission card etc. However I can type up a list of name, phone numbers, drugs etc…all the basics so will plan on doing that…xxx

Go. I went to New York city for 10 days between chemos (every 3 weeks) and felt rejuvenated. Treat yourself whenever and however you can. Hugs from paris

Thank you Ruebacelle! Xx

I have taken short breaks in UK during chemo and they have done me so much good. A massive refresh and recharge. The best possible therapy. I would definitely go, you are in UK. First indication of any problems you could always hit the road and head home and in an emergency you are close enough to a hospital. I hope you have a wonderful time. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you SASSY196….feeeling more confident and excited all the time

Hi. I haven't been on holiday during chemo but my brother in law went with my sister to his house in France for a month this year (I know, very nice!). He actually interrupted his chemo to do this and his oncologist was supportive. It did him the world of good mentally and there seem to have been no repercussions. I would take your team's advice and go prepared - 20 miles is not very far. Just go and enjoy!

Thank you Saffrry1 xx

I just carried on my life as much as possible taking many short trips. I live in the uS and took only one trip out of the country, to Aruba. As long as your blood counts aren’t super low I would think you’d be fine.

Thank you Delia! Xx

Go for it - you DO deserve it! I believe this kind of break has it's own healing abilities for our minds and spirit!

I have traveled regularly during my various lines of treatment. I live in Atlanta, GA and have traveled from the GA coast, to the Midwest, to Maui and Italy while in active treatment!

Travel was curtailed last year during the surge of Covid, but last month I was fortunate enough to travel to Italy for two weeks as I started my fourth line of treatment - weekly Taxol and Avastin every other week.

My doctor allowed me to do two weeks of treatment and then take a "chemo break" before really getting into the weekly protocol. My CA125 was at 71.9 when I started this new protocol, after one week it was down to 42.5 and by the time I returned from Italy with NO chemo for three weeks I was back in normal range at 20!!

GO and ENJOY!!!!

I've been on loads of breaks. The furthest I have been is Jersey. Basically anywhere with hospital within an hour and that it isn't difficult to get home from (we figured I could get a ferry from Jersey if I couldn't fly).

Thank you, feeling brave now! Xx

Thank you! Feeling brave now! Xx

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