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Good news stories

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That is great news everyone wants to hear positive outcomes.When I was first diagnosed I just wanted to hear positive stories. I really depended on information from Ovacome and hearing about other peoples experiences and advice. I was diagnosed in 2014 with grade 3c bowel cancer. After partial bowel removal and chemo it appeared because of increased CEA levels maybe the bowel cancer had spread to peritoneum. A major op at Christies, cytoreductive surgery, hysterectomy, omentum removal and heated chemo washed through it was found I had ovarian cancer, grade 3c , this was after the histology following the operation. Further chemo for ovarian cancer followed and no further operation as the one I had at Christies was, fortunately a brilliant one for ovarian cancer. I consider myself so lucky every day and am checked every 6 months for my CEA (bowel) and CA125 (ovarian) levels which have stayed in normal levels. I am now 76 and walk and play golf. 6 years ago I thought I had very little time left but I was fortunately wrong. Without my bowel cancer and the operation I would not have realised I had ovarian cancer! No Symptoms, no wonder it is called the silent killer. Every day is a bonus and treatment is getting better all the time.

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Wow! That’s quite a story! I am so pleased that you are getting out there and enjoying yourself xx

Bless you, Heather, and thank you for taking the time to share this very good news. As you say every day is a bonus. I am most happy for you and I very much hope that you'll always have this peace of mind and you'll continue to enjoy your walks and playing golf for many more years. Can I ask, did you have any more treatments after surgery and chemo?

No I have had no further treatment after chemo as CEA and CA125 have remained within normal range. I am sure there are lots of people who have had cancer ops and chemo who get long term good results especially as treatments are improving. Keep positive everyone, although it is a shock at first diagnosis but so many people now live with cancer successfully even if diagnosed at a late stage.

Excellent news .So pleased for you xx

Great news ....and what a tonic! Thanks for posting.Liz

Great to hear such a positive story, keep walking x

Oh well done. So pleased to hear of your progress. So wonderful to hear positive news x

I’m so happy for and thank you for spreading such good news. When I read I felt like crying with happiness..xx

Thank you Heather for sharing your incredible journey. As you know you were one of the first warriors I reached out to and followed, you gave me hope and strength at the beginning of my cancer journey, which is such a scary and vulnerable time for most of us.I wish you continued success Heather 😊

Jackie 🦋🌈

Good to hear you still doing well and yes I remember you were treated at Nottingham city hospital where I had my chemo. I forget about my past cancers till I get my 6 monthly blood checks and when I cross fingers yet again for low CEA and CA125 levels. These I know are only indicators but in my case have been reliable. x

Thank you for sharing such good news. Blessings, Lani

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