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Still clear

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Hello ladies,

It’s been a while since I last posted and to be honest I have not been logging on too often.

My darling husband passed away last month, his cancer was too aggressive and treatment stopped last August. He deteriorated gradually but after Christmas the change was drastic. In the end his passing was a blessed release from the discomfort and degradation of losing absolutely any independence. It was devastating for him and for me watching my beautiful husband of 47 years fade away.

So one day at a time and one step at a time I carry on.

Last week I had my blood test results and my PET scan, and this morning I saw my lovely oncologist- whose husband treated mine.

Scan all clear, still in remission and CA125 is 9.

Next blood test in 3 months and see her again in October.

It’s three years tomorrow since my last chemo and 2 years 4 months since I finished Avastin. I know I am extremely lucky as the prognosis at diagnosis was not good. Stage 4, with cancer all over the place.

I hope that my situation gives some hope to those recently diagnosed.

The weather is warming up here in south west France and my little dog is enjoying her walks again, she hates he cold and wet.

Sending you all love and strength

Joy 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💗💗💗

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Hello Joy, First of all I’d like to offer my deepest condolences for the loss of your beloved husband. You were together so long, I can’t begin to imagine how tough this must’ve been for you and your family. I’m glad at least, he had a lovely wife to be beside him throughout.

I’m so thrilled that your results were clear after three years, that’s absolutely wonderful and will give us ladies on here such hope for the future.

Thank you for taking the time to share this.

Take good care of yourself

Love Denise xxxxx

Condolences on the death of your husband - a very difficult time for you especially with your own cancer diagnosis - glad to hear that things are currently looking good on that front fur you x





I am so sorry to read about the loss of your husband but am glad that your treatment has gone so well and that you have your dog to keep you strong. Sending love, Wendy

So sorry to hear about you husband Jay Gee.It must be so difficult for you with everything else going on. I was pleased to read that your own results are so encouraging. Take care xxx

Dear Joy, I'm so sorry to hear you lost your Husband, God Bless Him. Your news is very good, keep up the battle. Sue xx

So very sorry about your loss, but your story gives us all hope. Well done and best wishes x

Dear Joy, I'm so sorry to hear the sad news about your husband, but also glad to hear the good news about your health. Blessings, Lani

You are a god send to those of us who sit on pins and needles when our CA 125 creeps up. Keep up the good work it is always comforting and wonderful when some one is doing so well!

Wonderful news altho very sad about your husband. Hugs from paris

Hi Joy, sincere condolences on the passing of your darling husband. You are obviously a very strong woman having to cope with your own illness & also your husbands. Even when you are still grieving you are thinking of all the ladies in this community by letting us all know that there is always hope & you really deserve good news. I have just started back on chemo for a first recurrence but as my young adult daughter said to me "It's great that something can be done" so I am also lucky too. I wish you many more years in remission & all the best as you learn how to live without your husband by your side 💕

So strong💕

Please accept my condolences on the very sad loss of your beloved husband, such sad news. Congratulations on your latest results - that is really fantastic - such great news. Long may it continue - fingers crossed for cured 💖

How very very sad about your husband but so pleased to read you are doing so well. Can I ask what type oc you had, did you have surgery before chemo and were you NED after chemo ended? Thankyoux

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JayGeeCee in reply to Cobweb2

It was almost a given that I had colon cancer and surgery was the first thing that happened. It was then that oc was suspected. The results of the sample sent to the laboratory confirmed it. Probably started in Fallopian tube, which I gather is common. My tumour was BRCA positive but I don’t carry the gene.

Never got a label for what kind of cancer it was... to be honest I didn’t know there were different types.

I had carbo taxol followed by Avastin. My oncologist cannot believe how well I’ve responded.

I still have my port in my chest(common here in France ). She doesn’t want to remove it. She’s convinced I will have a recurrence 🙄

I’m just grateful for be here. I didn’t think that I had much more than a year!

NED before the end of Avastin.

Onwards and upwards x

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Cobweb2 in reply to JayGeeCee

Thankyou for your replyxx

Hell JoyWhat a double edged sword for you, so sorry to hear about your Husband xxx thank goodness for dogs they make us get up in the morning dont they. Thanks for sharing your positive news and sending lots of live



I am so sorry to hear of your husband’s suffering and that he has passed on. What a difficult and painful time for you. But I am glad that you are in remission. I hope it continues for years to come. Sashay

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