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Post Op recovery


10 days post op and I have to say Im amazed. I was dreading coming home and having to cope alone. Been offered no assistance, no contact with GP since discharge, BUT I feel nearly normal! Only on paracetamol and being very careful about lifting etc, but Im not wiped out walking across the room, in fact I may even go out for a plod round the block.

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Well I'm sorry to hear you have been offered no assistance (is the district nurse not coming in to see to your dressing)but soooo pleased you are doing well. Please be careful though so as not to suffer a set back. Take care. Kathy xx

RainbowC in reply to Katmal-UK

I don’t know about rosebine but my dressing was removed the day after my op, and I was told they wanted to keep it uncovered to help it heal! (The doctor removing it clearly didn’t have any understanding of how much it hurt as he peeled it off - I wanted to offer that he should have 46 staples in a tender place then I could rip the dressing off him, but hurt too much to express it!)

Katmal-UK in reply to RainbowC

I had my dressing replaced daily for about 2 weeks. Obv different thoughts on how its treated after op.

Yorkiepudd in reply to Katmal-UK

I’ll just add my four penneth for a different view again-I didn’t have any dressing even in hospital. I do remember looking down my gown the morning after the op as well to see what it looked like 😀

Katmal-UK in reply to Yorkiepudd

Just goes to show how our experiences differ....

Yorkiepudd in reply to Katmal-UK

It does indeed. Also depended which surgeon you got whether you got stitched where your cervix was.

Well done you... Everything nice and easy. Xxxxxx

That is wonderful to hear! The unknown is so frightening but when faced with it out comes our inner strength 🤗well done you!! Just a shame that no help is offered..disappointing 🙁Take care, big hugs ! Dee X

Pleased you are coping like everyone says no lifting and take it carefully.

Great stuff! I am so pleased but horrified they let you go with no support. Good that you are made of tough stuff xx

I'm not surprised that you have not been offered any help, as I was left to myself too. Having said that, I was ok and managed on my own. I am so pleased that you are feeling well, but don't push yourself just because you can. Your body had been through a lot, and needs time to recover.


So glad you feeling better - onwards and upwards. Cannot believe you are managing so well on your own. It's just as well you got a few things sorted before you had the OP!!You take care not to over do it now! xxx

Fantastic - so good that you are coping (we all knew you could do it!) Isn't it great to know that the operation is over with and you are recovering well. I had no help but made it clear that my sisters and niece and others were on call. My GP was amazing - rang just after I got home and then got another doctor to ring me when she was on holiday. Just don't overdo it - keep us updated.

Have a great Easter and be proud of yourself!


Hiya, so glad you are feeling ok and long it may continue. Like other ladies have said it is disappointing to hear that you have not been offered no help at home. Do enjoy a little fresh air but please don’t go ‘tramping up the field’ like I did on day 10 when a friend called with her grandson who wanted to see our digger!! I paid for it later. If you do find you need some help maybe a call to McMillan could possibly be useful.

You take good care.

Jan. 😘

Pleased to hear you are doing so well. Don’t overdo it though. You are doing really well.


Sounds as though you’re doing brilliantly - keep being careful, keep taking it gently.

Delighted to hear you are doing well you are obviously a very strong, positive woman X

That's great news! When I had my 5 hour debulking surgery, I thought the recovery was worse than chemo! It took a few months. However, there were no sutures to be removed - magical work! Keep going well!

KH59 in reply to Jenjill47

Yes, it took me a little while too. So tired after the op which involved tumour removal and resection of my small intestine and a blood transfusion. Goes to show our experiences are all so different. So pleased rosebine that you feel so good! HAPPY EASTER to everyone! ☺

Fantastic glad you've coped so well, and l hope it continues ,sounds like your doing amazing, stay positive and get well very soon. Sending love & big hugs and happy Easter. And remember were all in this fight together and we can do it.SheilaFxxx

Very good news. Very happy to hear that you are doing well. You did well. I spent 9 days in hospital and it was worse than chemo. All the best.

Hooray. Brilliant news. Such a positive post. I’m sure you’ll continue to do well.Best

So pleased your doing well, great news 👍🤗xxx

Great that you are doing so well. The thought can be worse than the reality! Gentle exercise is good- but unfortunately the Mark 1 human does not have 50% of capacity indicator. A gentle way of saying if you think you go another hundred yards it's 200 by the time you return. As I found to my cost during recovery.

Great that you are out of hospital and doing well. You sound really positive. Just as well you did find the strength to do it by yourself - I would have thought that, living, on your own they would have sent DN to check on you for the first few days. DNs came in for ten days for me. I had my stitches out in hospital (I was in a long time) but I got an infection in the wound in hospital and nurses came in to do the dressings. I was told that if wound had been ok they would not have come in as I don't live alone and I was mobile. Still, it is really difficult with GP services at the moment. I have been trying for two weeks to get an appointment to just speak to my GP about my medication, without success. Anyway my problem. Well done you - I hope you continue to recover well and that any test results have a really positive outcome. 🤗 Jackie

So glad you’re feeling so well. I was amazed too at how ‘easy’ it was. Keep up the hoofing as it’s good for your bowels too! X

Fantastic, most people are petrified about having the op. but you do recover quickly. I'd test the water outside if I was you but don't go mad. Keep up the good work and no lifting. I didn't get any outside help either and I'm also on my own but found I was okay. All the very best and glad your okay. Sue xx

I didnt have a dressing at all, but havent looked at the wound, too wimpy! still no follow up from GP or anyone, I suppose they think if Im at deaths door Ill phone.I wonder if its because Ive spent nearly 35 years looking after my horses that Ive done well, even though had to give them up two years ago. All that pushing wheelbarrows of poo and weeding paddocks and hauling water carriers about !

RainbowC in reply to rosebine

It’s worth having a look at it when you can - keeping an eye out for redness can be an early warning for infection - but I can understand your reluctance. I was lucky to have my op just before Covid and all the restrictions hit, so had my husband and best friend visit me in hospital. Poor friend got used to seeing my wound when nurses came in to check! 😂

KH59 in reply to rosebine

You have done remarkably well, so pleased for you. Do keep an eye on the wound and keep it clean to make sure it's healing okay. I had a dressing intially but honestly cannot remember them taking it off in the hospital. They must have done it whilst I still had my epidural working. The nurses on the ward phoned me twice during the two days following my discharge from hospital. They even said I could phone them anytime day or night if I had a problem. I'm guessing you could/should call them also if you need to? You obviously have strength you never knew you had! 🌻🌼🌺🌹🌸🌷

I was the same - the one thing I couldn't do for the first week was reach below my knees, so couldn't dry my feet or calves after a shower, otherwise, fine, although I did nap whenever I felt a little weary, which was at least once daily. I recall stripping my bed off and replacing the linen the day I got home... carefully, yes, but I did it... Perhaps there is something in what you say about physical labour - I'd been a professional gardener for 30 years prior to surgery.

Well done


Glad that you are doing well. My op was almost 5 hours and i developed a bowel obstruction which kept me in the hospital for 11 days. Much diarrhea and worse than chemo. Take care and best wishes. Donna xx

Congratulations on doing so well--but do be careful about any lifting at all. Taking a bit of a walk is probably a good thing. Keep on as you are!

Thank you for sharing your positive experience. I’m going in for my op next Friday and I’m very anxious about the recovery. Your post has really helped. I haven’t posted on here before as I won’t know if the mass on my ovary is cancerous or not until after the surgery. All I know is that it is large (16cm x 13cm x 11cm) and becoming very uncomfortable! I hope your recovery continues well and look forward to hearing how you get on.

KH59 in reply to TeddyC

Wishing you all the best for your op on Friday. 🌷

I didn't have any dressings, wound was glued. Went to nurse at GP 10 days after getting home just to check on wound site. Was weird not have any dressings, xx

great news! what about walking the dog. so glad it went well. xx

Dog has come back to me today. I think she is a bit confused as to whats happening, shes been away for two weeks on a smallholding with loads of room to roam, now its back to a terraced house, small garden and daily walks! Its lovely to have her back, Ive got walkers arranged for next week at least then Ill see how I get on.

Those of you that have done post op recovery alone, exactly how much are you supposed to lift?Some info says not more than a teacup and not a hairdryer, another says not more than 5lb! There is a quite a difference. Even a bag of sugar or a tin of beans etc weighs more than a cup of tea ! When you live alone you would not be able to feed yourself if it was a cup of tea.

Hi there, the NHS leaflet "Abdominal Hysterectomy" I was given post op from my Hospital says: Housework: Weeks 1-2 We recommend that you do no housework, cooking or heavy lifting (not more than 1.5kgs in each hand.)

Weeks 3-4 We recommend that you gradually introduce lighter household chores such as dusting, washing up, making beds and ironing. You may begin to prepare food and cook remembering not to lift any heavy saucepans.

Weeks 4-6 Gradually increase lifting of weights over 3kgs. Do not vacuum or do any heavy lifting before 6 weeks of convalescence. By eight weeks you can carry a bag of shopping or lift a basket of washing.

Driving: It is usually safe to drive after 3-6 weeks but this will depend on your level of concentration and ability to perform an emergency stop. Each insurance company will have their own conditions for when you are insured to start.

Obviously these are quite cautious guidelines and being on my own I had to prepare my own food and wash up. When I went shopping I'd just carry very small amounts and the trips were walk able. You can physically feel if you are doing too much and you gradually increase and gain your strength naturally. The message is to be sensible and don't over do it before you have had a chance to heal.

So pleased you are doing okay and have your dear doggy back!

KH59, I have been doing weeks 3/4 in week 2! Had to no one else to do it!I did not get a leaflet so your info is very helpful

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