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Delighted to be still here after my sell buy date!!!!


Hi everyone. I haven't been on here for a while but I thought I'd just update you on my situation. In September my weekly Taxol chemo treatment was stopped as it was not working. I was told that I had about 6 months life expectancy. Despite an emergency hospital admission and subsequent palliative radiotherapy I am still here and enjoying life.

I just wanted to let you lovely ladies know that the specialists do not always get it right

My consultant says that I am far more resilient than she would have expected after going through so much treatment. I think my Mum was right when she said that I was bloody minded 🤣😂😂🤣

I hope you ladies are having the best day possible 💞😘😘

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So glad to hear from you, Sian! Those yellow lilies are beautiful. It’s good to hear that you are still with your loved ones and enjoying your life. Best wishes from Louisiana,


So they are yellow lilies are they? (I knew enough to realise they weren't daffodils!!) They look wonderfully Spring like.

So pleased you are doing well Sian and doubtless looking forward to Summer.

All the best!


Fabulous. Keep being bloody minded and enjoy all that you can. Xxx

Beautiful flowers ,beautiful lady ,keep being bloody minded , I've decided I'm going to be as well .xx

Good for you Sian, Sometimes we are tougher than we think. Keep on enjoying your life as much as you can. The lilies are lovely, & a sure sign that there will be better days ahead. It is a bit early to wish you a Happy Easter but I will do it anyway. So Happy Easter to you and your family.

Caleda x

So good to hear from you Siân. Think of you often.

Glad you’re managing to enjoy life & so hope that continues for you.

What a strong & inspiring lady you are.

Thank you with love xxx

Sian, you are amazing! Yes ~ continue to prove all the medics wrong 😂, as I also hope & intend to!!You are a great friend & an inspiration to me!

Keep going another 6 months, then another....

Much love xxx 🌻🌹🌼🌷🌻

Hello Sian, what wonderful news, and what beautiful Lilies. I am so happy you are enjoying your life, none of us knows how long we have on this planet, cancer diagnosis or not, I try really hard to take one day at a time and fully intend to also prove the specialists wrong. Have a lovely day Lyn x

Awww you are shining out just like those lovely flowers Sian! So pleased to hear that you are enjoying yourself! xx

That’s brilliant Sian, I’m so glad you’re being bloody minded. It’s like my having a goal to get my old age pension no matter what . I hope you have a lovely Easter and that you’ll be enjoying the summer and many more years to come.Much love


Such an absolute delight to hear from you, Sian. Superb news! Keep going strong and prove the medics wrong and it's true mums are always right. Have a great day, too xx

It’s so wonderful to hear from you and see your beautiful lilies! You’re an inspiration to us all. Continue enjoying every minute you can! 💐🌻

Hi Sian! So glad to hear from you! Keep being bloody minded and enjoy life! xx Big Hug, Kathy xx

Hi Sian lovely to hear from you ! Such a inspiration to all ! Keep being bloody minded ! Beautiful flowers Xx


That’s great news - and I bet your doctors are delighted to have been wrong in this instance 😀

Great news! No doctor can tell you how long you have left because nobody knows,stay positive,I think it’s so important to try to have a positive mind.wishing you all the very best xxx

Great news! Keep up with that fighting spirit. It must be because you're a strong Welshwoman! Take care x

So good to hear from you. I knew you could do it. Now look forward to the end of lockdown and beginning of summer. Neither are too far away. Glad to see you’re enjoying every moment. All the very best for a very long time.

Love from Angela xx

What a lovely message to have this morning, sending you best wishes and may your strength continue. I have had my first weekly taxol this week and hope I have some os your resilience Diane x

Hi Sian, You've been on my mind so lovely to hear from you. I'm glad your consultant got it wrong and it turns out bloody mindedness is the best treatment. Keep on trucking, all the best and take care. Lovely Flowers Sue xx

Fantastic news Sian. It’s a strange old disease. I’m still pottering on 15 months after stopping treatment and enjoying life with the support of the palliative care team from Severn Hospice, a wonderful group. I feel very lucky. Here’s to the end of lock down and to spring sunshine. Love Jo 🌺🌼🌸🌻🌹

Glad you are still enjoying life, well done. Enjoy the Rugby

Very best wishes to you Welsh and proud. Our journey is a treacherous, turny and twisty road but strong as we are... We will keep striding till the end.Well done you... And enjoy lots of lilies to come. XxxxPants22

Hi Sian,Thank you for your lovely cheery update, you are truly inspirational. So happy to hear you’re still here and enjoying every minute.

My father was Welsh and against all the odds, lived till almost 92!

Must be those strong Welsh genes!

Have a lovely day,

Love Denise xxxxx

So lovely to hear from you. It's great that you are determined to enjoy every minute of your time and that you are still here to do it. There are times when I have been told (embarrassingly) that I am very brave and I always say not really I am just very stubborn - I suppose you could also say bloody minded. Carry on being bloody minded you seem to be doing very well on it. Chi bob hwyl. Jackie🤗.

Fantastic, its such wonderful news your a fighter and that what you need to be its the only way to fight cancer. Its so great that you didnt just give up, they dont always get it right. My husband had pancreatic cancer nearly 30 years ago and after losing 5 and a half stone . My darling boy is as fit as a fiddle and looking after me in my fight with ovarion cancer so l always believe there's light at the tunnel its just difficult seeing it. But lm sure your good news will make us all a lot more positive. Keep well sending love & hugs SheilaFxxx

What a lovely message to wake up to! Great news, inspiring words and beautiful flowers ....I've a big smile on my face 😊.

I'm delighted for you, thanks very much.

Great news- now keep on going....and on.....Spring is here!

Wonderful news Sian. So pleased things are going well for you. Love the lilies. Ann xx

I don't know you but I've joined the club that nobody wants to join. Stay bloody minded. You've given me hope that it's possible to get through it all this. Happy Easter stay focused. Blessings love and light 💐

Sian am byth! Great post. Well done you. X

ah what great news, that gives me hope too, thank you for sharing :) I have been told I am stubborn too and hope to prove everyone wrong, I did meet in chemo room wednesday there was a lady with ovarian cancer had chemo 8 times! gosh!

Hi SianLovely to hear from you. Taxol stopped working for me but consultant put me on Letrozole, truly a last ditch attempt at holding it back I think.

Hope you continue to feel well, guess cancer makes us all bloody minded!

Take care



Keep on doing what you’re doing and most importantly, keep enjoying life. Thanks so much for sharing your story. You are an inspiration. Best, Nadie

Nice to hear from you. Keep that resiliance going. Love the flowers. Gwen x

Hi, Sian, thanks for sharing your exciting news with us and for continuing to defy doctors expectations. You are a great source of inspiration to many of us on here, so just keep on being bloody minded, as it clearly works for you!Love Barbara

What an uplifting post, thank you x

Hi Sian, what wonderful news. Those yellow flowers are so pretty and surely makes us think of spring. Have a nice Easter, blessings. Donna U.S. A. 🌸

Lovely to see you are doing well. You give those of us in a similar situation hope and inspiration. Long may it continue.

Amazing!! Keep proving them wrong lovely.

Marian xx

Good for you. God bless

Keep on enjoying it - lovely to hear from you x

Fantastic keep on doing what your doing and long may it lastMuch love



You are an absolute inspiration. Sharing your experience is a kind and generous thing to do and it will help others when they’re faced with the same situation. I hope I can learn to accept similar news with your fortitude and grace when it’s my turn. 🌻🌻🌻

Bloody mindedness (or singularly focussed) can get you through a lot! X

Docs haven't yet learned what one can do when one is challenged. This is wonderful Sunday morning news! Keep posting and keeping us in the loop. We've missed you!

I'm so glad to hear that you are enjoying another spring. Since I started this journey and checking this site two years ago, I have really enjoyed your posts. They always gave me a feeling of hope. I am an American but have relatives from Wales and was able to visit there once. Keep on enjoying yourself and fighting for every good day. Your life is unique and doctors can only make an educated guess.

Sian. So lovely to hear from you. I’ve been wondering how you are doing. Great news that things seem to be going well. Sending virtual hugs. 🤗. Jane xxxx

So good to hear you are enjoying life. It’s been a particularly difficult time and it just goes to show how resilient we are. Congratulations Sian. Keep posting your inspiring and hopeful posts. Long may you continue to fight the fight. Summer’s on it’s way! X Cheryl

Oh my gosh that is so awesome! That’s what my squad said when the Chief of police told them I had ovarian cancer.......first they cried and were in disbelief then they said they felt sorry for the cancer cause it didn’t know who it was messing with! I am in the US Welshproud love to send you a card I had designed if you want to private message me it says over the 🦋 Teal Ladies Stay Strong!

Great news keep fighting and enjoying life. Defy them medics

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