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Finally my GP listened!


After weeks of trying to get my GP practice to listen my GP rang this morning and apologised for not recognising I am a cancer patient on a PARP inhibitor. She accepted they should have had me on their shielded list from the start and will now amend their records accordingly. So that I can get the vaccine when im due. Stick to yr guns ladies if you dont get the care you deserve and are entitled to.

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Well done! Tenacity paid off. Ridiculous that you were not listed initially, parp inhibitors are on the first named shielders. I could make a case for people with a brca mutation to be added as well. Inflammation and RNA viruses can cause double chain breaks in dna. Which can be a precursor for cell mutation. I know it is a long shot but I am convinced all my cancers (3) appeared after severe viral illnesses. However, I am able to work from home and shield so can wait for my vaccine. And I think they should consider that teachers and other essential workers should be ahead of some lucky healthy people. We will all get there in the end. Good luck with your vaccine x

Great news Kathy. However, it is worrying that you had to push so hard to get this sorted when it was clear from the outset that you should have been included on the practice 'shield' list. You have again highlighted the need for all of us to be advocates for ourselves and those we care about.

Katmal-UK in reply to Jomar96

Its worrying because there will be others who will be out there not being protected and not knowing how to get the recognition. Makes you think tbh

Great news Kathy, I heard from my GP yesterday who said that they are not going to be giving patients the vaccine, and that I will have to go to a locally set up hub 12 miles away, ridiculous when I am supposed to be shielding. I don't know if my GP surgery has opted not to give vaccines or it is a gov directive, either way it could really be organised much better, also why is the government not allowing chemists to administer the vaccine, surely the more people seen the better, my local chemist gives me my flu jab every year without incident ...............oh well rant over! hope we all get our jabs sooner rather than later.

You’re such an inspiration Kathy with your perseverance & knowledge. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving so many of us on here hope xxx

That’s good news Kathy ⭐️ but quite wrong that you had to go through all that aggravation to get recognition that you are a cancer patient! Hope you don’t have to wait to long for your vaccination. Wishing you a good 2021. Jenny x

Katmal-UK in reply to Puddle

I dont mind waiting just need to know I can get it when im supposed to. Tbh I believe there are ithers such as key workers and all blue light staff who shud get it first x

Well done Kathy, I am pleased that your GP has at last taken on board the situation regarding the parp inhibitor. Well done you. x

At last Kathy. But you should not have been made to go through the ordeal in the first place.Another hard fought victory. Well done.

Nicola Xx

Blimey! Well done for being persistent...!!!! Great that you will now get the vaccine but you should have benefited from all the previous advice and offers of help.. not to mention the supermarket delivery slots! So your GP should be grovelling...XX

Great news Katmal

Well done Kathy. It's just a shame you had to fight for it.Take care


Yay - happy to hear this! But sorry you had to go through all that though. Soooo frustrating. Hope you're keeping well xx

Very encouraging! i agree that you shouldn't have to persevere, but your perseverance will pay off - and continues to inspire others.

Fabulous news! I did have to get my MP involved right at the beginning of March lockdown, but she did a great job (although I don’t like her 🤣) and have been on the list since xx

Strap on your .45's as Sheryl Crow sings. It seems to be a modern 21 st Century thing not to listen and often not to read either. The guns may work! lol.

Well done, Kath, on getting this sorted out 💕. Love from Mel xx

Excellent news.It is difficult to believe that your GP had not read the advice that people in group 4 include anyone taking PARP inhibitors are considered to be extremely clinically vulnerable. I had my shielding letter ages ago as soon as I started on Olaparib. Good luck for the vaccine. xx

Yippee ,so pleased .xxCheryl

Really pleased for you Kathy well done for persevering. I cannot believe your GPS’ attitude or what you’ve had to go through just to get justifiably registered. Hoping you get the vaccine sooner rather than later. The NHS shielding letter says we should be vaccinated by mid February but who knows?!!Take care

Love and hugs

Claire xx

Well, we really ought to acknowledge that your GP actually had the grace to contact you and apologise, its not often a GP does that, so she's redeemed herself to some extent. Glad your fight to be recognised as vulnerable has at last been successful - I do wonder whether its because she simply did not know what a PARP inhibitor is. My surgery had never heard of them, much less my designated pharmacy,it seems they have no information on these drugs and GP's cannot prescribe them, nor a pharmacy supply them.I have no idea whether my GP knows I am listed as clinically vulnerable - I've had 'shielding' letters on at least 3 occasions throughout this pandemic direct from the government, but I don't think they are necessarily always triggered by a GP surgery.

Anyway, it must be a relief to finally be 'seen', well done for being persistent.


Katmal-UK in reply to jwilliamsb

Hi Miriam id like to acknowledge my GP calling me to apologise but she only called because I insisted that she call me to explain her decision for not recognising I am a cancer patient on a Parp and one who should be shielding. Basically its taken me since March.

jwilliamsb in reply to Katmal-UK

Ah,well if she did not call of her own volition, I retract my comments in respect of her behaviour. Well past time for a change of GP, though I'm guessing that might be very difficult or impossible right now.


Excellent news. It can be very frustrating getting through the bureaucracy and paperwork. Sweet victory when it does!

Well done Kathy. I think GP’s are having complex issues in managing their daily practice and Covid. Asking them to give vaccines is not necessarily an option for them due to storage, space issues and staffing. My GP practice does not take bloods for example in ‘normal’ times. When the hubs are set up for vaccination and testing it alleviates the added pressure from GP’s receptionists and clogged phone lines. Let’s hope it’s not too long before adequate vaccine supply. Good luck to everyone. Cheryl.

Katmal-UK in reply to Cheryl4677

Hi Cheryl. The issue wasnt about getting the vaccine from the GP but getting my GP to recognise I am a cancer patient on a Parp. It took me since March unfortunately. X

Fantastic news!

Must be a relief for you. I don’t suppose your GP told you why she’d previously resisted? Never mind, you got there in the end.

No, when I asked her there was a sort of mumbled response.....

I've finally had the shielding/vulnerable letter - what's 6 months here or there? Interestingly, my twin sister, who does not have cancer, has been sent something (from NHS) to say she qualifies for the flu jab. Not me though. x

Beggars belief! You have to wonder how many other people are without support they need whilst others get offered all sorts whether they need it or not!

Well done Kathy. It is yet another example that shows that you have to be your own advocate. You are well capable 😁 but as you say others not so much and should not have to be like this ideally. As some said “don’t let the buggers bring you down”



Good for you Kathy! Such a shame you have to be so persistent. I’m on a shielding list but don’t really think I should be now I’m only on letrozole and finished chemo nearly 2 years ago. I wonder if they look at BMI and Metformin prescription as part of the criteria. Glad I’m on it though as I do want the vaccine! Congratulations again!

Alex x

Hopefully Alex you will get the vaccine sooner rather than later. Hope you are doing ok x Kathy x

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