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Advice please on ovarian cancer symptoms

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Hi all, I have had the following symptoms:-

Pink discharge, tiny bit of blood spotting, lower back pain, abdominal pain and feeling bloated and yellow, foul smelling discharge and I have lost weight unintentionally over the last few months. I rang 111 today and it was suggested I go to a walk in centre but unable to get there without driving myself, which I was advised against. Will speak to my GP tomorrow and hope I don't get fobbed off as has been happening this year due to covid. I also have a history of genital warts and herpes. Any advice,support or help would be greatly appreciated.

20 Replies
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It’s good that you are taking these symptoms seriously. Impossible to say that they are or are not OC but you should ask your GP for a ca125 blood test. A raised marker is an indicator for OC and should be investigated. Try not to worry... the things you describe could be due to any number of conditions but you are wise to want to rule out cancer first xx

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sobs1962 in reply to Lyndy

Thanks for the reply,I am trying not to worry but have had a lot of problems in my genital area over the last couple of years. Query on possible diagnosis of lichen planus but no definitive diagnosis due to constantly cancelled appointments with dermatologist because of Covid and I know some of the symptoms are similar to those of LP. I do also have serious mental health problems which make me more anxious and worry more. Thanks for your support.

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Hi, agree with Lyndy about the CA125 request to your GP.

This link may also be helpful

Take care; be kind to yourself. L x

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sobs1962 in reply to lesleysage

Thanks for reply, it's possible it's nothing to do with OC but better safe than sorry especially as smear tests do not detect it. I'm trying not to worry but as you can imagine that's nearly impossible.

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I know just how you feel, its all about covid at the moment nhs is wonderful but the systems put in place to prevent us seeing Doctors , dentists and hospitals consultations . Can you speak to your family doctor. Even my own GP said its disgraceful whats going on at the moment. Keep trying to see someone & good luck stay positive xxxSheilaF

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sobs1962 in reply to Realistic

Thanks for replies,have had a telephone consultation with GP this morning and she has put in an urgent referral to gynaecologist and should be seen within 2 weeks regardless of covid. Asked about CA 125 blood test but she said that considering my symptoms best way was to be seen at hospital where they can carry out tests quickly and efficiently. So hopefully I will know what is going on within a few weeks,trying not to worry but I have this thing in my head which is C=D (cancer=death) and I can't shake it even though I may not have cancer,I'm just about losing the will to live and don't know if I could face a long horrific battle with cancer if it turns out to be that. Would be grateful if anyone who has fought this type of cancer and won could message me just so that I can see that it's possible.

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Realistic in reply to sobs1962

You poor girl dont think for a minute that cancer is always death it isnt. Its not nice and its a battle but were all trying to fight it and get on with our normal lives. I have terminal OC but by no means giving up and feel absolutely fine, in fact you wouldn't know l was ill. I will have & try anything that keeps me going just try and be positive about things, you don't actually know at the moment whats wrong with you. But you must always be positive there some incredible people on this site.Who have defied everything. My own husband recovered from pancreatic cancer

Which is amazing. But you have to keep your

Spirits up and keep fighting to be as healthy as you can, you can do it . Keep well & try not to worry to much. Love & hugs SheilaF xxx

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sobs1962 in reply to Realistic

Oh I'm so sorry to hear that,but it's awesome that you have such a positive attitude. When you have had depression for over 30 years a positive attitude is extremely hard to come by. You are an inspiration to all those with cancer of any kind. Hope you stay as well as possible for as long as possible. Big hugs,Rona xx

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Sorry l also agree if you can get a C.a 125 blood test that would give some answers xx

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Hi. Cancer does not equal death. There are many kinds of gynae cancer and all have different outlooks. There are many women on this site who’ve had OC for 8 or more years. Try to breathe deeply and take one day at a time. Xx

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sobs1962 in reply to delia2

Thanks for that but my ability to deal with these things is extremely impaired by my serious mental health problems and I literally worry about anything and everything. My husband keeps telling me to take it one day at a time but I find that almost impossible as my brain is constantly racing at a million miles an hour and I over think absolutely everything. I'm trying to think positively but I've had so much bad luck over the last 15 years or so it's extremely hard to believe anything good is ever going to happen to me again.

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I can only agree with what the other ladies have already said.I know the waiting is agonising but you have already taken the important steps of speaking with a dr and getting referred to a specialist . Good luck and hope your appointment comes through very quickly.


Hi, I feel for you with your problems. Try not to look into the big picture of this disease. I just try and take one day at a time. I know it doesn’t sound easy, but with counseling, medicine and keeping my faith in the Lord; anything is possible. Take care and a big hug, Donna

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sobs1962 in reply to Pianoplayer731021

I agree with you and I would like to find my way back to God as I lost my faith after my daughter was born brain damaged and died age 14 in 2007. I need to have faith in something if only to stop me going insane.

Hi, so sorry about your daughter. My heart goes out to you. The Lord works in mysterious ways. There is a reason for everything and we should not question His ways. I know that can be so difficult, but I will pray for you and there are comforting passages in the Bible. Just pray and take deep breaths. You might be able to get some relaxing medicine from the palliative care clinic. They have nurses there to help you with anything while you are dealing with cancer. Again, I’m sorry for your daughter. Take care, Donna I live in the U.S. 🙏🥰

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sobs1962 in reply to Pianoplayer731021

Thanks for your reply, I haven't actually had a diagnosis of cancer and hopefully it won't be that, but I know I'm going to need the power of prayer to help me if it is, so everything crossed for a semi miracle. Thanks for caring and I'm in the UK by the way.

Hi, I guess I should have read your letter better. That’s true, you might not have cancer. Something else might be the problem. I hope your visit with the Dr. goes well and you get to the bottom of your problem. Wishing you well, my dear. Donna

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sobs1962 in reply to Pianoplayer731021

Thanks, like I say everything crossed.

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Hello sobs1962

I'm very sorry for your loss and to hear that you're having such a worrying time at the moment. We're here to support you, so please get in touch with our Support Service if it would help to talk anything through or if you would like information about specialist bereavement support. You can call us on 0800 008 7054 or email (Monday-Friday, 10am-5pm). You can also speak to your GP about your thoughts and feelings and explore any further psychological support that might be available for you during this difficult time.

I hope your appointment with the gynaecologist is helpful and that you find out soon what is causing your symptoms and how it can be managed.

Best wishes


Ovacome Support

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sobs1962 in reply to OvacomeSupport

Thanks for reply, I am waiting on an urgent referral to come through,hopefully by the end of this week but these are taking longer than usual due to covid, so let's hope it's fairly quick as I am constantly worried about everything at the moment.

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