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Update on rising ca125.


Well I've just had the dreaded news , the fun times are over , the bugger's back , in my peritoneum and in the remains of my omementem , its been good not having treatment and managed to get my longed for three weeks on Dartmoor ,I feel great ,the holiday was wonderful. Good news is my treatment will be at a covid free hospital and no chemotherapy has been delayed or canceled here, so its pull up my big girl pants and get on with it .


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Awww sorry to hear that Cheryl. I hope the treatment goes well. Big hug. Kathy xx

fendweller in reply to Katmal-UK

Thanks Kathy ,you've always been very supportive , hope you're doing OK .xx


So sorry to hear this Cheryl, you can get through this. Strength, hope and faith...and we are all here for you. Love Jas x

fendweller in reply to Dubai18

Thank you Jas ,I'm sure I'll be on ranting when I start chemo again ,thank you for the encouragement .xx

Cheryl .

Hi Cheryl. I’m so sorry to hear this. Don’t know what chemo you’re having but I found carbo caelyx much easier than frontline. Hopefully your good memories of your holiday will keep your spirits up. Xx

fendweller in reply to delia2

Thank you ,not sure what I'm having yet, taxol was dreadful , excruciating leg pain ,hoping for something else but will do what I have to . Going to print out holiday photos and put them on the wall ,my inspiration to get it done and get ready for next holiday .

Xx Cheryl.

Sorry to hear this , did you manage to get another scan ? Good luck with your treatment. Big knicker time xx

I had a scan last Thursday , big knickers on and pulled up 😀😀 Just want to get started now .xx


Sorry to hear they but fingers crossed for an easy chemo ride for you x

fendweller in reply to Coldethyl

Thank you , I'm hoping it will be easier ,but whatever ,I'll just get on with it.xx


Sorry to hear you’ve got to get your big girl pants out again. Hopefully this next regime will be easier for you this time x

Big girl pants at the front of the drawer ,ready to go .xx


Oh Poo! Sorry to hear that Cheryl but with your big pants on I am sure you will be a match for the sneaky blighter! Your hospital sounds ideal. Good luck and let us know how you get on. xx

fendweller in reply to Lyndy

Want to get in with it now ,enough of this waiting ,big girl pants ready .xx


Hi Cheryl, I feel really gutted for you receiving this news, yet at the same time very inspired to read that you’re going to kick it’s arse by getting treatment quickly and then get back to living your life.

All the very best to you,

Love Denise xxxxx

Thank you Denise,trying to be positive but those 'what its' creep in , pushing them out and cleaning the house 😀😀

Cheryl xx

So sorry to read you have recurred Cheryl, especially at the moment things are difficult enough. You sound very strong and positive though which is good and I’m sure this will help spur you through your treatment. Hope it all goes well. Best wishes, Jo xx

fendweller in reply to Jo-Jo1-UK

Thank you Jo ,feel positive at the moment but will be on here ranting and crying before long I'm sure, for now I'm just going to keep busy.xx


Rant away Cheryl whenever you like , I think most of us have felt the same at some point. We all get through this together xx

Aw Cheryl, so sorry to hear the bugger is back, hopefully you will get through the treatment ok. I wish you all the best, stay strong & I will be thinking of you Xx

fendweller in reply to Tulips66

Thank you ,I'm keeping busy ,house has never been so clean 😀😀 just want to start treatment now .xx


Go girl. 👊🏻

fendweller in reply to JustKBO

I'm going 😀😀xx

Oh Cheryl that’s crap! I’m sorry to hear about your recurrence. On the flip side treatment is starting promptly.

I’m keeping everything crossed for you.

Wear those big girl knickers with pride and kick the ba#%€rd into touch.

Sending a big hug

Joy xx

fendweller in reply to JayGeeCee

Thank you Joy , thongs relegated to the back of the drawer ,big girl pants to the front. (I don't own a thong). 😀xx


Stay positive cheryl. I am always inspired by your positivity. My mother's RT PCR turned out positive (she's well so it was a shock for us). The onco said we will have to wait for the result to become negative before starting chemo. Struggle after srtuggle after struggle is killing me. But i i cant show it to my mother. I dont want her to feel down.

Keep on updating us. Sending you big and tight hugs.

fendweller in reply to Kwiskwos

Thank you for your kind words ,sorry to hear about your mum, just go one day at a time and push those bad thoughts out of your head ,not easy ,but easier with practice xx


Hi Cheryl,

Really sorry to hear your news, it's such a pain. I'm still on first line finished chemo in May and am on Avastin maintenance my CA125 is climbing and CT Scan says miniscule disease on the bowel so they are keeping a close eye, It's a bit too soon for more chemo I think so they'll have to put there thinking caps on. All the best and take care. Sue xx

fendweller in reply to SUE7777

Oh Sue I'm so sorry to hear you're having trouble too , we're a right pair , hope they get a plan in place for you soon , try to enjoy your chemo free time .xx


SUE7777 in reply to fendweller

Thanks Cheryl we are a right pair, lets hope we soon become a pair of NED's. All the best Sue xx

fendweller in reply to SUE7777

Best of luck Sue .xx

You go girl 👊🏼💪🏼💪🏼

fendweller in reply to W6W3

I sure will 😀😀 xx

Really sorry to hear that Cheryl....but so glad you're able to go straight into treatment. Hope everything goes smoothly for you and those pants go straight back in the drawer!


Thinking of you Cheryl, I think we all have a pair of those big girl pants, nobody wants to have to wear them though, wishing you good luck with your new line of treatment.

Christine x

fendweller in reply to Broader

Thank you Christine , pants at the ready.xx


Sorry you’ve been given this news but your fabulous attitude will certainly help you through the process. I hope your treatment does the job for you so you can have lots more weeks on Dartmoor. Stay safe lovely, big hugs ❤️Xx Jane

fendweller in reply to Cropcrop

Thank you Jane ,Dartmoor will be my aim ,so I want to get rid again xx


Thats the spirit. Its a game a challenge and you are up for it

Thank you ,I'm ready for the fight .xx


Sending you lots of love. Xxx

fendweller in reply to SASSY196

Thank you so much.xx

Hi Cheryl ,

So sorry to hear your news.

Glad you are going straight back into treatment.

I am wearing my "big girl pants" too, just started 3 weeks on 1 week off Taxol.

Thinking of you., good luck.


fendweller in reply to janwen52

Thank you Janet, we'll just keep pulling out pants up ,good luck with your treatment .xx


Wishing you Good Luck and best wishes for an "easier" chemo. You can do it!! Gwen x

fendweller in reply to thomas62

Thank you Gwen for your good wishes. Xx


Hi Cheryl, so sorry to see that your cancer has returned. I am on Zejula, but my hemoglobin dropped so I had a blood transfusion. Now, I am having blood work done weekly again to monitor this drug . Don’t like some of the side effects that come with it. I hope that you feel ok with your treatment. I live in the U.S. and I believe that I have a good doctor. It’s always try, wait and see what is next. It’s not an easy journey, that’s for sure. Take care.

I haven't heard of Zejula ,will bear it in mind when I see my oncologist , sorry you're having a bad time with it ,hope things improve for you .

Cheryl x

Thankyou Cheryl. Best wishes to you too, Donna

Thinking of you ❤️

fendweller in reply to Lind58

Thank you so much ,each reply gives me strength. Xx

Hello Cheryl, I always watch this blog but don't often comment. I have just restarted chemotherapy for the third time as my CA125 has been rising, sadly due to my CT referral being "lost" I am probably 4 weeks late restarting treatment and my confidence has taken a real knock. That said my resolve is as always strong and I will plough on through the next 5 treatments. I have already had carboplatin/paclataxol and carboplatin/caelyx and now on carboplatin on its own and coping ok. Isn't it the case that all we can do is be kind to ourselves, listen to our bodies but above all else NEVER EVER GIVE UP, I wish you well Cheryl, onward and upward. Xxx

Thank you for your kind and inspirational words , so sorry that you're going through it for a third time. Be kind to yourself is so true ,I'll plod own whatever it takes .Wishing you well with your treatment. Xx


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