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Good News


Good morning lovely ladies. I hope you are all enjoying this sunshine and keeping as well as possible.

Just wanted to let you know that my CA125 result is now in and it's still at 9. That's remained the same for over six years now. I was diagnosed just over 7 years ago so there is hope for all of us.

Keep well,


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Brilliant News Zena! Long may this continue! xx Kathy xx

ZenaJ in reply to Katmal-UK

Thanks Kathy. xx

Fantastic news Zena; so happy for you! Xxxxx

ZenaJ in reply to Frenchhouse3

Thank you xx

Just fantastic news Zena


ZenaJ in reply to Manchesterlady

Thank you, it certainly is. x

Superb news, indeed! Thanks for sharing and all prayers and wishes it will remain as such for a very very long time. Take care.

Can I please ask if you are you on any maintenance treatment?

ZenaJ in reply to Newbie_2020

Thanks you.

No, I'm not on any maintenance treatment. I was never offered anything. Maybe they didn't do that in 2014.

Hope you are well. Zena

Newbie_2020 in reply to ZenaJ

Thanks very much, Zena. You are doing great without any assistance. I hope you'll always enjoy this remission and the peace of mind that comes with it.

ZenaJ in reply to Newbie_2020

Thank you, it's appreciated. xx

The best news - congratulations Zena! :-)

ZenaJ in reply to Cnmart

Thank you. x

Wow!!!That is really great news, long may it continue down this route,x

ZenaJ in reply to Caleda4

Thank you. I hope so too. x

That’s fantastic news! I’m so glad x

ZenaJ in reply to Artgreen

Thank you. x

Brilliant Zena, I have just reached 6 years and I wasn’t offered any maintenance treatment either,

Hope this gives everyone hope

Carole xx

ZenaJ in reply to Caroles1

Thanks Carol, I hope it does as well. I'm pleased you're doing so well. xxx

Fantastic news, Zena! Long may it continue to be the case for you & thank you for sharing this good news.

Fi x

ZenaJ in reply to TealLady

Thanks Fi, I hope you are feeling well. xx

Well done marvellous result

ZenaJ in reply to Madmolly

Thank you. x

Wonderful news! Thank you for sharing! Continued blessings!

ZenaJ in reply to ElayneZ

Thanks Elayne x

Great news, I hope you are celebrating. 🥂

Thanks. I am in my own mind. I didn't tell the family I was having the test, they all get wrapped up in their own worlds. I know they're there for me if I need them. xx

Brilliant news! You give me hope I might follow that path. CA125 8 last week, PET scan next week...feeling positive 🤞🏻🤞🏻.

Long may your good health continue.

Sending hugs


ZenaJ in reply to JayGeeCee

Thanks Joy and fingers crossed and best wishes to you. xx

Wonderful news, I’m so pleased for you! You give us such hope, sending you a big congratulatory hug 🤗 xx

ZenaJ in reply to Tay100

Thank you. xx

Great news Zena. Are you taking Olaparib?

Ann x

ZenaJ in reply to mrstadpole

Thanks Ann, no I don't think they offered it at the time as I've only recently heard of it by being on this forum. x

So happy to hear your brilliant news - as you say it gives a lot of hope to others and definitely needs to be heard :) xx

ZenaJ in reply to ruthg55

Thank you Ruth. xx

Lovely to hear your positive news. All the very best. Jo 🌺🌼🌸🌻🌹

ZenaJ in reply to ShropshireJo

Thanks Jo, I hope you are well. xx

This is splendid. Do you still have pet scans every 3 months?

ZenaJ in reply to Ruebacelle

Thank you. No, I just have the CA125 every 6 months. It's just to give me peace of mind. x

Ruebacelle in reply to ZenaJ

What kind of OC do you have? I have stage 3c and we do cat and pet scans every 4 months. dont bother w CA125 cause it never budged from 8 altho i have had several cancers. My onc says sometimes the markers get "blocked." And dont indicate cancer anymore. So now just the scans.

Glad you are in remission

ZenaJ in reply to Ruebacelle

I was 3C as well. I had a scan a couple of years ago but not since. Let's hope my marker isn't blocked. It hasn't changed for ages.

Really great news! I know the tests can be stressful and much needed but it's still a nice feeling when our bodies behave.

ZenaJ in reply to Mommoo65

Thank you, you're not wrong.

Brilliant news, keep up the good work lovely ❤️ Xx Jane

ZenaJ in reply to Cropcrop

Thank you Jane, I hope you are keeping well. xx

Cropcrop in reply to ZenaJ

I’m good thanks, had my 6 monthly check up, which was bizarre due to Covid, bloods fine CA125 @ 6 again so onwards and upwards. Stay safe lovely ❤️Xx Jane

ZenaJ in reply to Cropcrop

Well done Jane, you're doing so well. Keep it going.

Best wishes, Zena xx

God bless you for giving us all hope in our battles with ovarian cancer,

Find what you’ve told us wonderful. I am new to this group actually

but find the help and advice and experiences invaluable.

And hopefully makes me even more positive for the future. Love

& Hugs from Sheila in Saddleworth lm a Christie’s patient in

Manchester by the way with a high grade carcinoma ovarian cancer

that as spread to my lymph nodes. Xx

ZenaJ in reply to Realistic

Thank you Sheila, There's always hope. I used to say, even if there's 100% death rate, I'm going to survive and make it 99.9%. There are new drugs on the market all the time and research so never give up.

I hope you are feeling well, you're at a good hospital so you'll get the best of treatment.

Love Zena x

Realistic in reply to ZenaJ

Me too Zena, what a lovely name, we will all keep battling on the doctors last year gave me 3/5 years 18 month

Later lm so much stronger helps to get my hair back although its different it's hair and like you lm determined to get through last, positive thoughts at all times . Sending my love & hugs to you all we can do it xxx

ZenaJ in reply to Realistic

Thanks Sheila, you'll get there. xx

March2017 in reply to Realistic

Hi, Just to let you know my cancer had spread to my lymph nodes too and I’m 3 years NED , keep well x

Realistic in reply to March2017

Thank you for that positive news, l need to hear. All keep strong and l value your help & advice. Love & Hugs to everyone.

Congratulations! I am impressed that you still engage with this site and offer your support when you could just put OC out of your mind after all these years.

ZenaJ in reply to delia2

Thank you Delia, That's why I'm here, not that I've been much help to anyone. There are occasions when I'm brought to tears and think I think I'll leave but I still stick with it because I've been so lucky and want others to be the same.

I hope you are well, Zena x

WoolyHat in reply to ZenaJ

I know exactly what you mean there. I can be very tough to be on here. Thank you for staying to share a positive story.

Anne 😘

Awesome news! You give the rest of us recently diagnosed ....HOPE!

Thank you

ZenaJ in reply to Summergold2

Thank you. xx

Hi ZenaJ

Wow such positive news - keep it up! I am low grade, 7 yrs. come the end of the year. Hope I can keep it up as well! Good Luck and Best Wishes. Gwen x

ZenaJ in reply to thomas62

You will Gwen. Just keep doing what you're doing. xx

Super! Excellent news! I’m delighted to hear it. We need that kind of news on a regular basis.

Anne 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

ZenaJ in reply to WoolyHat

Thanks Anne, xx

Belated congratulations on your fabulous news 🍾 . Long may this continue 💕. Take care, Mel xx

ZenaJ in reply to Melody6

Thanks Mel. I only wish it was the same for everyone. xx

Melody6 in reply to ZenaJ

Me too 💕 xx

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