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Stage 3 survivors?


Have any of you wonderful strong women beat ovca at stage 3? I’m asking for a friend. We are in a state of despair and we need some encouraging news. How long was chemo? Can 6 sessions be enough to beat this?

Thank you 🙏🏼 xx

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Hi Lollie. I had 5 good years after being diagnosed with stage 3c. It reoccurred recently but I had another op and more chemo...going for another good 5 years and more after that. Sending a hug 🤗

Thank you for your message. I’m sorry to hear about the reoccurrence, I hope after this treatment the tests will be all clear, for good . Xx

Hi Lollie, I was diagnosed Stage 3a in 2014 and have been (fingers crossed!) NED ever since. I didn’t even finished my course of chemo because of neuropathy and rubbish bloods. There are loads of people on here who I hope will also be able to encourage you and your friend. Stay well in these weird times! Deb x

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Deb, thanks for replying. I’m so happy to hear that you have been NED since then, what a blessing. Thanks for your encouraging words. This will definitely help us to stay positive too.

L xx

Hi,diagnosed stage 3 in Oct 2007, still here despite 2 recurrences, currently on third trial drug and NED since Aug 2013. I wouldnt say Ive beaten it but Ive continued to work full time and living life to the full. My mum had stage 3 and went about 14 years without a recurrence xx. Hugs to your friend xx

Hello, thank you so much for replying and giving us this hope. I’m so pleased to hear that you have been able to fight it all this time, NED is a blessing. Thank you for sharing. Hugs xx

Hi Lollie. I was diagnosed 3c in November 2011. BRCA neg. Had the usual ops & 6 months chemo. I asked my onc for a prognosis. He said "50% chance it'll be back in 2 years". The recurrence was 18 months later. Had carbo/caelyx next time, along with Avastin. Straight into remission again. The avastin trial I'd signed up for was indefinite (depending on all being well). I'm still on the avastin, 5.5 years later. So it's 8.5 years in total. I'm fit & well. Just need to go for my infusion every 3 weeks & scans every 6 months. I certainly haven't beaten the bugger but the avastin is just managing to keep the growths at bay. CA125 currently 40 - it seems to see-saw up & down.

I know someone who was given 6 months to live & she's still here 25 or so years later - it never returned. I also know someone who had both OC & breast cancer and has been cancer free, again around 25 years (she's BRCA pos - BRCA tends to have a better outcome).

Do not allow yourselves to be in a state of despair !! Train your minds to be strong. I know that's easier said than done but we are not all statistics. Best wishes. Pauline.

Pauline, thank you for taking the time to share all this. I’m relieved to hear that you are well , as well as the other ladies here. I’m so pleased to hear the chemo helped and Avastin has been working for you, 8.5 years is amazing. Its a blessing . Stay on the Avastin , your ca125 seems low, thats good. Thanks for sharing the stories of your friends. Your message is giving us immense hope . Trying to get over the shock and fear and now settle into mental strength.. thank you L xx

Hi Lolly! Stage 3b NED since September, 2015. I had 6 rounds of chemo, Carbo/Taxol. 4 of those were IP. No recurrences. BRCA negative. Wishing you and your friend the best!.

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Mommoo, thanks for sharing. Im so glad you’re ok now... This is amazing , such a blessing. You have given us motivation and hope.. L xx

Its so good to hear from all these positive ladies, I am only at the beginning of my journey (now completed 6 chemo's with hardly any side effects) and it really makes me feel good, and I hope you too, to hear these stories. x.

It really is good. Im glad they’ve brought positivity to you too. I hope you will be ok after these sessions. Best wishes xx

Hi Lollie,

Have just joined this forum & saw your question. I would probably have posted the same question.

Diagnosed 3C in August 2019, completed surgery & chemo x 6 and now having Olaparib, as BRCA2. It has been encouraging to hear these positive stories. Hope you & your friend have found same. Wishing you both all the best.

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Thank you so much for your message. I’m sorry you have had to go through this, like the other ladies have too. I hope the sessions and olaparib will continue to keep those little buggers at bay, stay strong and hang in there. These stories are helping. Wishing you all the best too... xx

Hi Lollie, I was diagnosed with stage 3c in September 2015 and have been NED (No Evidence of Disease) since finishing chemo in April 2016. I had 6 doses of chemo, of which one drug was at 75% dose and the other was only increased to 100% for the last 3 doses. I was told I was more than 80% likely to recur within 2 years, but it didn’t happen.

When I first met my oncologist, she told me that nowadays they treat Ovarian Cancer as a chronic disease with periods of remission and times of recurrence, but that nobody can predict what will happen to a particular person, because we are all unique individuals and everyone responds differently to treatment.

Please assure your friend that there is no need to despair, though that is a natural initial response to the news. Once her team has a treatment plan in place, things will be easier, but the most useful advice I received, is to take one day at a time and to stay away from Google!

If you want more information, go to Ovacome website and/or ring their free helpline to chat through concerns with someone who has experience and who will be more than happy to listen. They have been very supportive to me over the past few years and I know that many on this forum would say the same.

Hope this has been helpful, but please feel free to Private Message me if I haven’t made myself clear!

All the best to you and your friend,

Barbara xx

Barbara, thank you so much for your helpful message. I am so glad to hear you are ok and the 6 sessions worked for you... its a blessing. This is what has been recommended for my friend too. I will be sharing all these stories and showing friend these messages.. thank you. We will look at ovacome and will do our best to keep strong . All the best . L xx

Hi Lillie

I was diagnosed Dec 2012, 3c, surgery Jan '13 followed by weekly carbo/taxol for 15 weeks. It should have been 18 weeks but I had (and still have) neuropathy in my feet. I have been in remission since July '13, last check up last month and still all clear. There is hope! I wish you and your friend the best of luck.

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Hi Entito, thank you for your message. This is so helpful to know. I’m really glad to hear you are ok now, this is a huge blessing. I’m so happy for you. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes, L x

Hi! I was diagnosed stage 3C in August 2016 - had 6 rounds of dense dosage carbo/taxol - finished chemo a little over 3 years ago and so far no recurrence - while nothing is ever guaranteed with this beast of a disease there are new advances happening all of the time so keep your spirits up!

Thank you so much for your message , I’m so glad you are ok now. Its a true blessing. This has brought much hope and positivity and will be sharing with my friend who also has 6 sessions coming up. Thank you and best wishes x

Give her my best and tell her to stay positive, a positive attitude is very helpgul

I will do, thank you... we are now focusing on being positive xx

Hi again, Lollie - for what it’s worth, although my docs said there was no research that proved it, my nurses told me that using ice on my hands and feet during chemo might be helpful in mitigating neuropathy. I took their advice and bought gel ice packs with Velcro that I put on my feet and got a plastic lunch bag that I held on my lap during infusions with ice & water in it to submerge my hands; I have no neuropathy at all in my hands and just a little in my feet - while I can’t prove that icing worked, I do think it did - good luck to your friend!

Thank you again, this is a great tip. I will share this with my friend who starts chemo next week. I’m glad to hear it worked for you and you’ve hardly had any neuropathy issues, thats a blessing. Hope all continues to go well. Thanks & sending hugs x

Hi! I was diagnosed in October. 2013. Had two operations before arriving in the chemo suite! Only managed 5 of the 6 sessions as blood counts were always low, resulting in two blood transfusions and subsequent delays of chemo. Oncologist decided that having the 6th was greater than the risk from the cancer. A young registrar told me that in the first instance we are hoping for a cure but if it returns it is treatable. Been NED since 2014 but will never know if I am cured! I know it could always come back and when people ask me how I am, I always say fine, I think. I just wish that everyone on this site could be as lucky as I have been. Love to everyone on the Ovacome web site. Xx

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Hello ,thank you for taking the time to message. Really appreciated. I’m so glad to hear you are ok now. This is a true blessing. And this story has given so much hope and strength. Thank you.

Best wishes and love to everyone on this site x

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That’s how I answer that question too! It’s hard to have faith in your recovery but you have done brilliantly!

Hi Lollie,

I’m another one. 3c in 2016, told may be too extensive to operate. Had chemo and did have the op. Then more chemo and then I had Avastin and 2nd line chemo due to seeding along the small and large intestine in 2018.

I’m doing great! Ok so not as strong as before OC and I still have to take laxatives, but life is good. Last CA125 was 11 (March 2020) - I still have 3 monthly checks but so far all is well.

Yes, of course it’s worrying but take strength from the stories here. It is tough but there are so many here who have come out the other side and are still enjoying life.

Sending Luck and Hugs,

Iris xx

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Hi Iris,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write. I’m so glad to hear you are ok, and after 2nd line chemo too. It’s good you’re still getting regular checks done, and really good news about your low Ca125. Thanks again, i will pass on to my friend.. sending massive hugs x

Hello Lollie, I'm yet another one - stage 3c in May 2011 and recurrence Jan 2013. Operation and chemo and NED since.

My message is to tell your friend that the statistics which clinicians sometimes use in their converations and those on Dr Goggle are based on a compilation of what was happening 5 to 10 years ago, so are history.

We here today are making the stats which will be appearing later this decade; we are the stats of the future and they are reading better and better all the time.

So, I join everyone else who has shared their story and tell her not to give up hope.

Warm wishes, Lesley

Hi Lesley, thank you so much for replying and your very important message. It’s easy to become terrified when looking at stats but you are right; these are based on world data, jumbled up factors and from a decade ago. It was good to be reminded of this, thank you. We will not give up hope, thanks for the encouragement. Best wishes. L x

Hi I am glad you asked this question as it is something that has crossed my mind many times but have been too scared to know the answer. Thanks to all you lovely ladies who have put my mind at ease. I was diagnosed in May 2018. Had surgery then chemo and everything was great and life returned to normal. Back on second lot of chemo but am confident I will get back to a good place again. I wish your friend well x

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Well done on your great attitude. You will get back to a good place again.

Look after yourself.


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Hi Karen, I’m glad the post has helped you too. I understand the fears, I had a low stage ovca myself 3 years ago which is how I knew to come to this site for my friend... I hope all continues well with the chemo and I believe that like the other ladies here, you’ll beat it. Hang in there, I’m glad you also have this forum for support. The ladies in here are all so inspiring and have given me strength and optimism too. Best wishes, L x

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Thank you for your kind words. Just have to get on with it I suppose and see where we end up. I hope you are keeping well. X

Hi Lollie

Another one; I was diagnosed 3b serous ovarian cancer in 1999 and have had surgery x3, chemo x 3 , tried a parp inhibitor and now am on a hormone blocker.

I have not been cured, but I am still here and still have options open to me in the future. And in the meantime I live a full life, I work, I go camping, 8 mile country walks. Most friends/colleagues do not even know I have cancer.

It is so devastating for your friend to be diagnosed with cancer. When I was diagnosed, I was planning my funeral thinking I wouldn't reach my 30th Birthday, but I am 50 this year so that will be something celebrate.

As Barbara said, its a condition that hopefully can be cured, but if not it can be maintained xxxx

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Hi Vicky, thank you so much for taking the time to reply. You are an amazing woman, after 3x surgery and 3x chemo and the drugs, i can imagine how difficult that must have been, and 20 years later you are still beating it. It is such a blessing and I will share your story with my friend. Happy 50th for this year. Wishing you many more decades of strength , happiness and good health. L x

Hi Lollie. My mum was diagnosed with 3C High Grade Serous OC in Dec 2013 - Christmas Eve - nice Christmas present!! Strange Christmas that was. She had the usual 6xCarbo/Taxol with debulking surgery in the middle - in April 2014. First three month check in July - everything great. Yay! Next three month check in Oct 2014 - fab. "Think we got it all out". But, 6 Jan 2015 - recurrence :-( (My twin brother and I were 50 on 8 Jan 2015 - extremely odd birthday!). So, onwards and upwards mum opted for more chemo - Caelyx this time. She was steady for around 18 months then the beast woke up. Carbo/Taxol again for her third line chemo. She had the sixth of six on 9 June 2017 and has been in remission ever since. As Barbara said, everyone responds differently to treatment. Mum's quality of life is great. She's still driving at almost 84!! So, just wanted to send huge positive hugs to you and your friend. It's a roller coaster ride but you kind of get used to it! Jane XXX

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What a wonderful story. Well done your mum x

Jane thank you so much for sharing this, what an amazing woman your mum is. I’m so happy for her, Its a blessing. At aged 84 she sounds like a trooper. Thanks for sharing all the details, as I am now getting a view that a few women have had reoccurrences but are beating the little beast. Your mums story has given me a lot of hope and will show this to my friend. Thank you. Best wishes to you and your mum. L x

Well done, Vicky. You are an inspiration to us all. 🤗

I’ve just had a scan and bloods and all great. 4 years since operation and chemo for stage 3b. Please stay positive. There are lots of ladies beating this disease. Take each day at a time. Xx

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Laurel, thanks for sharing. We are staying positive now thanks to all the amazing women on here. I’m so glad to hear you’re ok now and beating it. It is a blessing.

Will take each day at a time, you’re right thats all we can do. Best wishes to you. L x

Hello Lollie,

It's kind of you to look for good news stories for your friend.

I was diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian cancer in August 2018 (BRCA and Lynch negative), debulking surgery Sept, chemo x 6 between Oct- Jan, so far so clear. I'm happy and healthy, went back to work quite quickly and have no ongoing medication.

It's still relatively early days for me, only 16 months with NED, but it's still amazing to me that I've come through relatively unscathed and feel so well!

Good luck to you and your friend. x

Hi there...I was also diagnosed 3c 4 years ago and thankfully haven’t had a recurrence. Wishing your friend all the very best with her treatment. Jo xx

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