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Waiting for scan full report-what does that mean?


I have been chasing up my scan result from 10 days ago. I know the result is in. The consultant hasn’t replied to my calls. I have insisted that I’d prefer to know by phone. Her secretary called to say the Dr is waiting for the full report to discuss at multi-disciplinary meeting. I’m worried. That sounds like the cancer is back. I’ve never heard of a full report before.

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I can’t say for sure but I think someone has a cursory look at the scan to check there is nothing that needs urgently treating. Then it sits in a pile awaiting a radiographer to look in detail and do a full report, comparing if necessary, to previous scans. Sorry I can’t help more but I know at the Christie around 10 days is the standard waiting time.

dramaredgerbil in reply to meboo

Thank you. Can’t help but think I’m being fobbed off because my consultant wants to see me face to face.

I have experience of different interpretations between radiographers- they are very cautious about telling you it is clear if there’s any minuscule doubt. I know that waiting drives you mad but try to be patient because then you will get a definitive opinion rather than an approximate one xx

dramaredgerbil in reply to Lyndy

I know the result has been there for a few days so not sure what a full result would be. Though a ct report would be complete.

I know my clinical trial team have a quick look at the scan but then have to wait for the full report. There is always an MDT meeting so please don’t read too much into this. I have given upphoning for my results because only the doctor is allowed to tell me and he is always busy.

dramaredgerbil in reply to Neona

Thanks for this. I was convinced it was back. Given me some hope it may not be so will try to rest my mind for the next 9 days.

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