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So much pain & not any reall answers


I've just been told by doctor i have a fibroid on the lining of my womb and a cyst in my right ovary (after an ultrasound last week) but that's not what is causing all this pain in lower back,under left rib cage & right side,so he is doing a quick referral to hospital to see a gynaecologist and a neurologist,he says there is blood through my urine and I've gained alot of weight,im in so much pain I don't know what to do, I can't go on like this

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Hello... I am sorry to hear that you are still suffering. It sounds like they are planning further investigation for that’s good. Meanwhile you need some proper pain control- I suggest seeing GP again to ask for this or if not GP then you can go to A and E.

Hope it is sorted out v soon xx

A & E may well be called for if the pain is really bad, but otherwise, you say you have pain under the left rib and 'the right side' - if that means under your right ribs, in other words, above and/or at the waistline both sides, presumably your GP has done kidney as well as liver function tests? If he has, and those were normal, then okay, but, as I say, if the pain gets really bad, A & E, ghastly though the thought is, will be necessary.

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