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Breast pain on Carbo/Caelyx

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Hi all, I hope you’ve all stayed dry today. I’m hoping someone can give me some advice about my new(ish) problem!

I’ve had sore breasts since I started Carbo/Caelyx in July. I’ve had a mammogram which was clear and have been seen by my local Breast Unit, who could only suggest that it was because I’ve lost a bit of weight on chemo (only about 3kg)! I’m really uncomfortable - it’s like being 9 months pregnant, so I just wonder if anyone else has had anything like this - my consultant can’t link it to chemo, but I think it’s a bit too much of a coincidence. I would be pleased to hear if anyone can shine a light on this new and not altogether welcome problem!

Thanks all, Ali x

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Hi Ali. I'm just turning in but had to reply to you my lovely. As you know my caelyx stopped so I didn't get very far but when I read your post I thought, hormones (?). Did you ever get sore boobs just before your period? I did. It was all down to hormones. I can't come up with anything else, I'm afraid, but on the other hand I'm so pleased that no-one has found anything sinister. I used to take Evening Primrose Oil in the end and it really helped. It's just my humble opinion but it may help. Night night sweet. I hope you get some relief soon. xxxxxxxx

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I put that to my lovely oncologist who effectively said that if there were any hormones left in my body, she’d be a Dutchman’s uncle! But yes I did get sore boobs just before my periods. If they didn’t hurt, I’d be quite pleased, they’ve not been this perky for years!!

Sleep well, best love, Ali x

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Hi Ali, oestrogen is produced by other organs in the body, although only in small amounts (see we know more than your Cons!). I think it is produced by the adrenals & pituitary gland...Lxx

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Alifit in reply to Seasun36-uk

Research to be done - I did think she was a bit dismissive, she also told me (when I was on it) that Avastin doesn’t give you a sore nose.

Thanks - I hope you are doing ok xx

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Seasun36-uk in reply to Alifit

Hmm...yes, I think some of the docs need to research like we do! 😂

Hope you are doing ok Ali.

I have scan anxiety (CT yday)! Otherwise ok! Lxx

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Alifit in reply to Seasun36-uk

I’m seeing the consultant on Friday for the results of my bloods and scan - I’m aware that it might turn on it’s head, but I’m feeling better than I did so am trying to be positive. I had enough energy to drive 40 miles to a distillery, watch my friend tasting gin then driving home again.

When do you get your results?

Ali x

Watch your friend tasting gin? Or is because you’re a whisky women? I remember your malt party 🥃

I bought us a distillery tour and tasting experience from Groupon for her birthday. When I bought it I think I had high hopes of public transport to get us there, but then realised that one of us would have to drive! As it was her birthday, obviously I got the chauffeur’s job which I really enjoyed, and she bought me lunch in a pub too. A good time was had by one and all, and, of course, I parted company with a considerable amount of my pension on a couple of bottles of gin and whisky! (I drink most things when not on chemo)!

Take care xx

Hi Ali. I've had Carbo/ Caelyx twice in the last few years and yes both times had sore breast, I just put it down to one more side effects from the chemo, I've been off chemo for a couple months and my breast are not sore now.

It's good you had it checked and I would make sure if you feel it's getting worse that your team knows.

This is the thing with chemo we all react differently with some side effects.

I hope it settles once you finished and that your treatment gives you good results.

Take care Lorraine xx

Thank you Lorraine, it is strange how hearing that just one other person experience it makes it much less of a worry. I get the results of my scan on Friday to see if Carbo/Caelyx is doing the job - if not a major rethink is on the cards.

I was so sorry to hear your news - you are such a supportive member of this forum and a fantastic friend - the responses you had underline this. You know that we are all thinking of you and wishing for you to have continued great care.

With love and best wishes, Ali x

Hi Ali ,Thank you for your kind words this site has been so supportive to me for the last few years, as you said it does help to correspond with someone else who has experienced the same thing .

With Caelyx it can be a slow at showing result with some ladies it has gone up before coming down.

I hope your scan gives a positive result lets us know ,,Take care my friend lots of best wishes love Lorraine xx💙💙

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