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Elevated CA125 at 3 month check up but still under 35

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My mum went to her 3 month check up after being clear for 2 years and her CA125 level has gone up from 11-19. Should we be worried? She does go back in a few weeks for repeat test and a scan but it's a massive worry. Does anyone have any experience with their CA125 levels fluctuating.. the only reason for the worry is that in all of the 3 month check ups over the 2 years it's never been higher than 11. The cancer she had was stage 2a and had a full hysterectomy. Any advice, thanks.

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Mine went up from 12 to 29. It was retested 6 weeks later and had dropped back to 22 and 4 weeks after that back at 11. I had constipation and bowel issues. Inflammation can raise it too. My consultant says it’s the trend they watch.

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Thank you for getting back to me, that's reassuring to know that it can fluctuate. Gosh it's so stressful. Xx

As Eriksendi has already said, the CA125 reading can be affected by other issues like infections or endometriosis etc., your mums reading is still within the guidelines so not overly worrying. Obviously at the next check they will see where it is and if there’s another rise will possibly investigate further.

I so understand your worries, we put so much store in that little protein marker, our lives almost revolve around it.

I hope the next test shows a reduced reading. ❤️Xx Jane

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Thank you very much Jane, that's made me feel better. Xxx

Mine had dropped by 7 points to 15 last time - when I asked if that was significant, the oncologist said it wasn't, they consider that stable. What they look for is a doubling - if it rises, they usually check it again 6 weeks later to see the overall trend, to see if its doubling every time, and if it is, its scan time. A fluctuation of 7 or 8 points is neither here nor there in their books, though of course, we all want it to fall, not rise, even if its only by 2 points... so not time to worry yet, really.

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Thank you very much for your reply! This has reassured me and we will see where we are after the next blood test! Xx

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