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Oncology appointment went well- decision will most likely be follow up with ultrasounds no ovaries will be removed for now.


I had my oncology appt this past wednesday. For background I had an ovarian wedge resection in July and the pathology showed serous borderline cells on my left ovary. I was referred to oncologist.

I had my oncologist app in Houston Tx on Wednesday and was highly recommended here. I met the Doc and we went over everything.

He will request the slides to be 100% of the diagnosis. He will also speak about my case at a conference they have to get more oncologist opinions.

At this point he doesnt think removing my ovary is necessary . He said most of the time they take care of borderline tumors with a cystectomy ,since my ovaries had a wedge resection it is likely the tumor was removed then, he said once he gets the slides he will give me a more definite plan of action but it seems like he thinks following up and ultrasounds screenings will be the plan for now.

I was a little surpised because I really thought he would recommend to remove my ovary right away . He said borderline tumors are not cancer but it still good to keep an eye on them.

I guess I wont know for sure until they reviews the slides, but I showed him some photos from my laparoscopy , He says he is not worried about this being something bad and says he has patients that he monitors continuously just to make sure the tumor doesn't suddenly start growing.

Once he reviews the reports , he says if he thinks further surgery is needed he will definitely let me know.

Has anyone had this type of diagnosis where they just keep monitoring you with out removing ovary ?

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Hi. Yes I was monitored for two years but sadly came back with borderline and cancerous cells. I was told that it probably won't come back but if it did then it will most likely keep coming back. It's a very personal decision but if your other ovary is healthy then it maybe worth considering removing one so that you significantly reduce your risk of this type of cancer. It's a pig, you don't want it! Your fertility shouldn't be compromised if your remaining ovary is healthy as it will pick up the slack and work twice as hard. X

Hi Magali.

Well I did go through debulking surgery (where ovaries and assorted other bits were removed), because my borderline tumours were spreading outside the ovaries and both ovaries had been affected on a large part of their surface. But afterwards, the specialists at the Royal Marsden in London also recommended watch & wait, despite my ca125 still being outside the norm and the German surgeon recommending chemo just in case. The London based consultant said borderline tumours are not like 'normal' ovarian cancer and they often don't require further treatment at all after the initial surgery (which I understand you had, even if the ovaries were not completely taken out; apologies if I read it wrong), just quarterly monitoring for the next 10 years.

If you are in Texas, you may already have access to one of the leading cancer centers for borderline and low grade serous OC (MD A.). If it was me, I'd trust their recommendations. Who knows, they might suggest surgery after all, after having reviewed the slides.

But I'd think you could also push for a removal of your ovaries if you feel safer with that option.

All the best. Maus

I just received a call today to confirm the results of the pathology reports after reviewing the slides . The diagnosis is the same low borderline serous tumor altough , I still dont know the Dr.s recommendations. His nurse told me he would give me a call next week after he speaks with the board of tumors to discuss their recommendations.

I have a strong feeling that my ovary will need to be removed, and I was told by a couple of friends that I was being pessimistic. I feel like I am being realistic based on the research I've done and reading these experiences. I cried again today - I know I will be ok but it has been too much in such a short time and at the same time- time doesn't go fast enough right now. I want to get my peace of mind back.

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