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Need answers


Hey ladies.. I need your answers as I'm freakin out..

So I had a uti back a few months ago. I was out on antibiotics..Felt better..but always felt pressure. My symptom is pressure . I had an ultrasound but looked cleared. I don't have any other symptoms but urge to pee. My culture comes back low grade infection which they normally don't treat. I had an internal sonogram back in December. I feel lost and misunderstood and scared.

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Ask to be referred to a Urologist - what you describe sounds more like Interstitial Cystitis than OC, I have a young friend with similar symptoms who was finally referred to Urology, and that's what it turned out to be. It's not a great diagnosis, because its next to impossible to treat, but at least its not cancer.

If you're worried it might be OC, have you asked for a CA125 test? If not, do so, and if you're still anxious, an internal ultrasound will reveal more, if there's anything to reveal.

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Thank you for your reply. I have gone that route. Theu tell me I have a low grade infection which they don't usually treat bit being that I'm symptomatic to stay on an antibiotic. It didn't help as I still have pressure. I also went even further to a uro gynecologist and she gave mean ultrasound of kidney and bladder and it was fine. So I feel where is the problem coming from? Is it related to my overies? Are they missing something? It's just really scary when they make you think your nuts. I always had stomach issues. I take antacid for my gut. I went to a holistic doctor. Pit me on supplement..His stuff didn't help the pressure either. Just wish I knew what I was dealing with.

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Have you had the ca 125 blood test?? I was like this getting all clear scans, mri's ultrasounds then by the time they did the bloods it was advanced cancer don't feel like you are bothering your doctor its their job they should know this stuff it makes me so mad that they are unaware of ovarian cancer symptoms. Hopefully your bloods will be fine maybe try bio energy healing if they are or diet therapy cut out certain foods that may trigger your symptoms and reducess stress.

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