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Endoscopy and waiting for scan results.


Hi all.

Had my CT. scan yesterday. Waiting in dreaded anticipation for the results as my CA125 is 1,750.

Had my endoscopy today. Didn’t have sedation. Should have done. What a bloody horrible feeling it was. Very uncomfortable and quite painful. Results were ok. Hiatus hernia and inflammation on oesophagus so nothing bad. Got to take tablets called lanzoprazole. I’m ok with that.

Hoping all you lovely ladies are doing ok. Sending you all a big hug. 🤗🤗🤗xxxx

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Oh yes, I am so glad I chose a general for my last endoscopy. It is awful without.

You will be taking another version of Omeprozole, and it is very beneficial during Chemo. Just remember to take it! I found it helped keep the food I eat down.

Best wishes for the results of your scans.


Suzanne333 in reply to Lindaura

Thank you Laura. I wish I’d had the sedation too.

It’s handy to know the lanzoprazole will help with chemo too.

I hope you are doing ok. Hugs xxxx

Hi Suzanne

Oh! I wouldn't do an endoscopy without sedation - you were very brave. I'm glad there was nothing major of note from it. I had one a couple of years ago, and had a nice little nap after they sedated me.

I get my CT results tomorrow, so I totally feel your pain on waiting for them.

Thinking of you,

Vicki xx

Suzanne333 in reply to Yoshbosh

Hi Vicki.

It was horrible. If I have one again I’ll definately have the sedation.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you tomorrow. I’ll be thinking of you and hoping for good results. Big big hugs. Xxxx

Kryssy in reply to Suzanne333

Keeping everything crossed that you both have some good news tomorrow. Big love xxxx

Cropcrop in reply to Yoshbosh

Fingers crossed for both of you too ❤️Xx Jane

Well its done hope you are not too sore had sedation for both endcoscopies. First time tried to fight with the tube, second time was okay actually. Best of luck with ct scan results

Suzanne333 in reply to suzuki

Thank you.

I dread the scan results. I physically shake.

I hope you are doing ok xxxx

I had my endoscopy without sedation, but asked for them to go via my nose. I was ok with that, apart from when it went past my larynx when it was a bit uncomfortable.

I take Omeprazole daily - it does the same job as ranitidine which I had IV during chemo. It works for my acid reflux, although my persistent cough has been blamed on the reflux.

I’ve got to have a cortisone injection on Friday for my tennis elbow which is quite painful, bu also makes my arm hurt when I am driving. Not really looking forward to that!!

My CA 125 is going up - over 400 at the last count, but still nothing on the scan. My consultant says she has treated someone whose went up to 5000 before the scan indicate disease progression.

Hope all goes well with you results.

Love to you and all, Ali x

Suzanne333 in reply to Alifit

Hi Ali.

I’ve got omaprazole. I’ve bern taking that till I can get to the doctor and get the lanzoprazole.

I’m sorry you have tennis elbow. That’s not nice especially as it’s causing you discomfort when you drive. I hope the injection makes it better for you.

That’s interesting about the scan. My CT scans have never shown anything. Only a PET scan identified something. Maybe my cancer has always been small but a lot of tumours . I don’t know really. My tummy doesn’t seem to have got any bigger.

Hopefully I’ll get my results this week. Dreading it though.

Wishing you well. Keep positive. Xxxx hugs xxx

So sorry your needing to go through this again and waiting for results is the most awful part, just been through it again myself and back on chemo too!

At least once you have the facts and a plan you can just get on with getting through treatment and kicking OC’s ass again!

Thinking of you and sending hugs



Suzanne333 in reply to BeeWild

Hi Bev.

Thank you and I’m so sorry you are going through it again too. Bloody disease. Just have to kick it into touch again. Always scared consultant will say nothing can be done.

I hope you’re doing ok in your chemo.

Keep strong. Big hugs xxxx

BeeWild in reply to Suzanne333

Thanks Suzanne just got home from chemo no2! Knackered now been at Christie since 07.30am honestly it’s a longer day than being at work!

And like you say bloody disease!

Have you had your scan results yet? Got everything crossed for you xx


Suzanne333 in reply to BeeWild

Hi Bev.

I hope the chemo went well. Yes it’s a long old day. Can get boring. I tend to eat and play scrabble on my phone.

I’ve not heard about results yet. Maybe I’ll hear tomorrow.

Hugs xxxxx

BeeWild in reply to Suzanne333

Oh no, the waiting is the worst bit I really hope you get the results soon! It’s Hobson’s choice really as I know you don’t want them but know you have to have them and then if needed deal with the plan xx Sending you a huge hug xx

You are on brave lady Suzanne. I ask for sedation no matter what the procedure--such a scaredy cat about everything. But sounds like you will next time if there is a next time for such a test. Ugh on the ca125. The waiting is the hardest. When will you get the results? Do you know what the plan is--or they can't discuss that till they see what the scan shows? Wishing a PARP would be possible as you could use a break from chemo. I am thinking about you Suzanne and hope upon hope the results are in "manageable" places. I also take a form of the medication you got for your Hiatus hernia. Works well for that, and for stomach issues in general (also happens to many on PARPs.)

I know you will keep us posted and we're here for you.


Suzanne333 in reply to Maxjor


I will definately ask for sedation next time. If they don’t give it, I’ll sedate myself. Lol.

I should get my results this week. Maybe today. The CNS did say I’ll probably be on taxol again (bye bye little bit of hair) then can hopefully have niraparib. She said though it depends really on where the cancer is.

I’ll have to wait and see.

I hope you are doing ok. Big hugs to you. Xxx

Maxjor in reply to Suzanne333

Waiting to hear Suzanne. Sorry about the hair. You handle it well (at least here!) Fingers crossed for best possible results. I am doing my "good luck" dance for you.

I am doing well. I am hoping for a PARP in your future too so you have a chance at a longer remission (or NED forever!) oxoxox

Suzanne333 in reply to Maxjor

I’m getting used to being bald. I miss my eyelashes more than my hair. Lol.

Let’s hope we both get a PARP and have a very long remission. I’m thinking of you. Let me know how you get on.

Big hugs xxxxx

Heartfelt sympathies Suzanne. I had an endoscopy without sedation (I will be fine with my yogic breathing, I thought to myself. HAH. Not!) was absolutely horrible and vile procedure. Would never say no to sedation again ......

Glad they found nothing sinister and hope the lanzaprazole helps you feel more comfortable. Wishing you very well for your scan results

Elizabethe x

Hi Elizabethe

It was horrid. I kept swallowing as it felt like I’d swallowed a pencil. Really uncomfortable. Definately will opt for sedation next time.

I hope you are doing ok. Big hugs xxxx

You’re one brave lady, I’ve not had one but need sedation just thinking about it, but you've done it now so that’s the upside.

I hope your CT results are like the ones from your endoscopy and clear, are your CA125 scores indicative? Mine weren’t probably because I was clear cell and never got above 69, hopefully it’s just an infection or similar causing the raised figure. I hope the lanzaprazole eases your discomfort.

Let us know how you get on lovely, I’ve got everything crossed for you, love and hugs ❤️Xx Jane

Suzanne333 in reply to Cropcrop

Hi Jane.

The endoscopy was horrid. Left me with a stinging throat after. Felt like some sort of torture. Lol.

I’m hoping to get my CT results this week. Dreading them.

I hope you are doing ok. Sending you big hugs xxxx

Thinking of you Suzanne and hope your scan results are ok. Love Sophia xx

Suzanne333 in reply to SCWI

Hi Sophia.

Thank you. I should get them this week.

I hope you are doing ok. Hugs xxxx

Good luck with the scan results, Suzanne.

I always ask for sedation, ever since I had 2 urethral stents put in without it. Never again, ouch.

Xx. Maus

Suzanne333 in reply to Maus123

Hi Maus.

I will in future opt for sedation for any procedure. Thought I’d be ok but it was awful.

I hope you are doing ok. Hugs xxxx

Maus123 in reply to Suzanne333

Cheers Suzanne. That's a lesson we both learned, then. Hope it was the last experience of that kind for you, and you get some respite now.

Yah I'm trending upwards again, I think (only very slight nauseous now, and bowels are behaving again). If there is a way to make the 4 kg weight loss over the past week stick, while still eating candy and bacon, I would be very interested in it indeed. The powers above know I could lose at least 30 more without darbing :) .

Xx. Maus

Well done. The worst is o we now, do test and enjoy the sun XX


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