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Breast Cancer Help

Hi ladies I wonder if anyone can help please?

This group is so fantastic & has helped me with my OC diagnosis.

However I learnt yesterday that my work mates wife has just been diagnosed with breast cancer, he told me and obviously they are in that ‘shell shocked’ state I talked about my chemo although obviously a different regime to what she will have & I told him about this forum and I wondered does anyone know of a good breast cancer equivalent forum that may help her?



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Hi breast cancer uk are very good .just like this site plenty of support and advice if needed .i used it when I was diagnosed with breast cancer x

Hi, if you go onto the HealthUnlocked directory there is a forum called breast haven, I’ve had a quick look at it and it looks similar to ovacome. Hope this helps ❤️Xx Jane

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Thanks x

I am using

But it is a little complicated to understand how the groups work. Go to community and move on from there.

This Ovacome site is particularly easy to use and understand and the ladies and monitors are super.


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