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Confused by Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

Confused by Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

Today the 16th April 2018 and I have just got home from my Flexible Sigmoidoscopy. I was put on gas and air and there were moments where it was excruciatingly painful. The staff were excellent and I got to see my insides which was interesting

Now the good news is that nothing serious has been detected and no specimens were taken but I am still left slightly confused and I am not sure what to do next.

They could not find the cause for my rectal bleeding and there was no sign of haemorrhoids, I am glad that there wasn’t any but why am I bleeding? They couldn’t explain why I was really sore and why I have been having the symptoms etc

Also they found a 1mm sessile Polyps in the sigmoid colon which they didn’t remove . They called it a “Mataplastic” polyps and the reason they didn’t move it: hyperplastic polyp. To be honest I am not 100% sure what they mean but should I not worry too much about it now or should I still keep an eye on it.

The GP should apparently contact me in 2 weeks or something like that

So what’s the next step? Should I still keep an eye on my symptoms and polyps or should I just forget about my symptons now?

Thank you =)

p.s. apologies for the awful picture quality but this one of the pictures taken

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