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Waiting game

Afternoon all, I’m waiting to see my oncologist routine check on Monday. He’d requested MRI after CA125 went from 17-35-41. That was 4 weeks ago. Just wondering would they ring me before if there was anything bad that needed treatment or needed sorting ASAP? Hate the waiting game feel so anxious!! 3 years since last MRI after last chemo.

Thank you

Sam x

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Hi Sam,

My experience is that bad news, they rung me to get me in, but, I was private. Having said that my nhs doctor rung me the day after bloods to get me in.

I always think no news is good news and worrying over the weekend won’t make or alter the results.

If I were you I would do some nice things with the family, or yourself, over the weekend, keep yourself occupied, they have threatened some nice weather, so go for a long walk, get some sun on your back, anything.

Wish you all the best and let us know how you get on,


Carole xx


Thank you for replying Carole, think it’s cause I’ve nearly done 3 years NED and apart from niggles here and there I’ve been fine. Gyne doc wasn’t going to bother with MRI as he said 41 was. I thing to worry about seen as I was above 1,000 diagnosis. Then Onc said he wanted one as hadn’t had one for 3 years.

I will do something nice over weekend, your right worrying won’t change anything.

Just wondered if was major they would ring me

Thanks again

Sam xx

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Hi Sam,

I have just got to 3 years too, with the odd niggle too, it would be disappointing for both of us if we had a re occurance, but we’ve done it once, we can do it again. I think with every niggle we have a tendency to think it’s back again and that isn’t always the case.

We are strong if anything happens and it is good they are on your case,

Take care,

Carole xxx

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Wow 3 years too, good stuff. Yes your right, done it once hopefully nothing too major, will wait and see Monday.

Thank you again

Sam xx

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