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Ovarian cyst

For the last 2 1/2 years I’ve beem having intense, labor pain intense, lower abdominal pain. I’ve had multiple tests resulting in a lot of nothing. Recently I had a CA125 Blood tests which came back WNL 14.6 and a transvaginal ultrasound showing an ovarian cyst.

My dr just emailed me to say it’s benign. I don’t understand how this determination is made without a biopsy. The pain comes and go but I have other symptoms like a feeling of fullness and bloating in my lower abdomen, nausea, exhaustion, abnormal periods, irritable bow symptoms.

I’d like a resolution outside of it’s a cyst, call if you’re doubled over in pain.

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Hi lovely

I would ask for a second opinion. Explain to your doctor you don’t feel comfortable with the assumption it’s benign without any further tests other than the transvaginal scan you’ve already had. CA125 isn’t correct for everyone there are people on this site have been diagnosed and not had a very high CA125 so I’d definitely ask for a second opinion xxx


I had a ca125 of 15 that before surgery my Dr was pretty sure my football size cyst was benign. Ended up 2c endometrial ovarian cancer. Go to an oncology gynecologist for a second opinion. Better safe than sorry. 💕Good luck !


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