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looking for support group

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I am a ovarian cancer survivor and need a support group. There are none available in the city where I live. I am 2 years out and 3 more to go.

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Hi, If you are looking for a support group you could not have found a better group then the ladies on here, I've been here now for over 3 years and found the advice and encouragement have helped me through the good and hard times so welcome.

Can I ask what you mean by 2 years out and 3 to go.

Do keep in touch take care Lorraine xx

Hi, are you in the UK? If so, keep an eye on Target Ovarian Cancer's website as they have regional 'Being Together' days- there is one coming up this Spring in Manchester for example. Ovacome have also had the first of an event recently outside London (Bath I think) and I understand more to follow.... THere is also a big annual Members' Day run by Ovacome in London and a lot of people will travel to it.

If you feel comfortable sharing the area where you are on here, there have been a lot of small informal gettogethers (in some cases these have blossomed to become regular meet-ups.

It may also be worth seeing if the Macmillan service in the hospital / local hospice where you were treated has any living well type groups etc..... they wont be specifically OvCa but might still be worth exploring.

It can be so isolating and whilst its not the same as meeting up, youll find a lot of virtual (but very real) support on forums such as this.

Best wishes, Sx

Hi, I live in the north of England and would love a get together in this half of the country if others were interested? Tricky travelling mid chemo to London etc, but once I’m finished in late spring I would be happy to do that also.

It’s just very reassuring to speak with people who have shared experiences in whatever context.


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Joanie12 in reply to Ruthie62

Hi Ruthie, I'm in north of england and yes it is a very isolating illness, are you anywhere near Leeds?? This site will offer friendship and support, good luck, Joanie leeds

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Ruthie62 in reply to Joanie12

Yes I am near Leeds, I love just north of york. About 30 mins to Leeds I think from here. I just looked at the site with the Manchester meeting but unfortunately it’s on a day when I have my day8 treatment this time. I’m usually reasonably well from day 10-21 so perhaps that would give us chance to meet? Xxx

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Ruthie62 in reply to Ruthie62

Live (!)

TOC has list of groups too... some might be near enough to try! targetovariancancer.org.uk/...

That’s really helpful thanks. I’ve found a group in york which I probably was told about then forgot! Xx

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Joanie12 in reply to Ruthie62

OK Ruthie, let me know when you are up for it and perhaps we could arrange a meet x good luck with your treatment xx

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Ruthie62 in reply to Joanie12

Perfect. I’m in for my day 8 treatment next Tuesday so as soon as I’m over that would be really lovely. Take care xxx

You can still join us, we have people all over the world well Australia, France, UK and other places. You never know, you might find something to like.

Best wishes whatever you decide. Zena x

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