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A poem for us all x

Written by a very thoughtful and talented friend. Sent to me as I'm lying in my hospital bed recovering from my op to remove ovaries and womb ... and annoying cancer!

She sits across the table from me

Chatting, smiling, drinking tea

She has no hair under the hat

The chemo took good care of that

Did I say she’s strong, I can’t remember

But you can tell she won’t surrender

She started something for Macmillan

I’m sure she could get half a million

Brave the shave she did start

For that cause close to her heart

Get her friends to shave their heads

Laughing and smiling, while she takes her meds

It didn’t matter that some amounts were modest

It all counted when paid as promised

And bit by bit that total grew

To what number no one knew

It didn’t matter just how much

Because many lives those donations will touch

She doesn’t complain and keeps going

Doing her thing keeping it growing

She sends me messages when I’m at the gym

But I’m forgetting it’s a hospital she’s in.

I help where I can as she has my admiration

For not complaining of a difficult situation

The disease she has is a tough one to beat

but does it know what it will meet.

We wish her well in every way

hoping She makes that disease pay

Well she’s strong and that’s a fact

And maybe sometimes it’s an act

But there she is across the table from me

Laughing joking and drinking tea


Stay positive beautiful people ❤ xx

3 Replies

❤️❤️ Lovely Poem❤️❤️


Great poem, fantastic friend to compose it. Must have taken a good while to do it. Hope all goes well for you. Love, Solange x😊X


Lovely words. Hope you’re recovering gently ❤️Xx Jane