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NIraparib licensed in UK - but what else is available?

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It is great to see that another PARP inhibitor has been licensed for use in the UK but it is only effective for people with the BRCA mutation or for those without that mutation, if their cancer is responding to platinum based chemotherapy.

Does anyone know what is available to those of us without the BRCA mutation and whose cancer is not currently responding to platinum based drugs? My oncologist has told me it will be weekly paclitaxol, but not for how long , nor what else may be available.

Sometimes I feel like a child who has been told she has to leave the party before all the games have been played, and with no-one to appeal to.


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Hi Diane,

Although it's licenced, it's still not freely available on the NHS yet as it hasn't been reviewed by NICE. It is effective for those who are non-BRCA just not as effective as for those with the mutation. Let's hope that NICE approve it for both groups.

Sandra x

Hi Diane,

I understand that it is frustrating for you not to be able to possibly access this drug right now.

There is only one question really to your question: do you still have residual disease? Or are you NED?

Parp inhibitors are not chemotherapy. They perform a very different role. So traditionally in patients where a chemo is not working, you would not be able to use a Parp inhibitor, as it would not actually do anything!

If you are NED, then the Parp might be used, otherwise if you have residual or remaining disease, chemo would be used ( in the UK). There are certainly other treatments abroad but you would have to pay for these.

I suggest you buy or read Patricia Peat’s latest book. It might help your questions. It’s called The Cancer Revolution.

I hope that helps and keep searching for things. We are all different. A friend of mine in London has found a type of immunotherapy, which would not work for me but works for her type of OC. We are all different,


Sharing your thoughts, this is my situation too.

However it's very positive news for many woman xxx

I am BRCA negative and platinum resistant and have started a phase one clinical trial at UCLH today. There is a lecture on phase one trials at the Ovacome day in March.

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coalole in reply to Neona57

Do you mean a trial with niraparib?

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Neona57 in reply to coalole

No - it is an ATR inhibitor.

I know how you feel and what you mean, Diane!! 😏

Happy Christmas, 🎄🎁🍱love from Solange 😊

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