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CA 125 normal, but I'm being sent for a scan

The good news is that on my blood test she said Im low on vitamin D. She want me to do a blood test for my cholesterol.

My CA 125, she said it was low/clear which I am so relieved about. However she has felt my stomach and she said I need to go for a scan in a few weeks, I'm not sure which scan I'll be having, I presume an ultra sound? My Dr was really nice =)

Quick Question, If i continue getting symptoms should i go back to the dr or wait until Ive had my scan?

I'll keep you posted xx

2 Replies

Hi Becccc

I think it's best that if you keep getting symptoms go straight back to the doctor.

Nicky xxx


Hi Bec, definitely go back if you continue getting symptoms, they might bring the scan forward xx Kathy xx


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