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What is a Provisional Blood Test?

Hello everyone

So I had my blood tests done on friday and was meant to get my results on Monday. I rang 3 times to see what was happening. When I rang at 5pm they said that the CA 125 is still a provisional test . Does that mean that they have to get different GPs to look at my results or something. They want me to go in and discuss with Doctors on Thursday.

Thank you :)

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I think they mean that it is not diagnostic on its own....a high ca 125 doesn't mean you definitively have OC ...it is an indicator that something is going on and that something could be OC or a range of other things...does that make sense? xx

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so it could mean that they've had results but need to make sure by having other dr's look at it? xx

They sent me a letter saying i need to go but its "not urgent", i rang yesterday and they said they had sent me a letter (ive received that now )t but they sent it whilst my CA 125 is still classed as provisional and they have not got results yet... I'm so confused xx


What a very odd thing to say to you and cause you a lot of stress. I'm afraid you are going to have to wait until Thursday


It is really strange isn't it, I don't understand what they mean but you're right. Do you know what it means by any chance?

Thank you xx


No because I have never heard a blood test referred to as provisional it almost suggests they may want to repeat it


Yeah it could be, thank you for your help though and I will deffinately keep you updated xx


When I had my very first CA125 they got the results back the same day and called me in later that day. I was shocked as I was told it would be a couple of days


thats so good that you got your blood result back so quickly

Right so I rang MacMillian and they said it possible could be that they're looking over the test and trying to decide whether i need further tests such as scan or more blood tests

Well all i can do is wait until Thursday morning


The news was not so good. It might be your test is borderline


I'm so sorry to hear :( i hope you're alright <3

Its possible, i am being tested for other things but it strange how they have got the results for the rest of my blood tests apart from that one


I think what they mean is its only a first test along a diagnostic route if that makes sense to you.

A CA125 can be raised due to fibroids or inflammation as well as ovarian cancer that's why it should not be used as a single tool for diagnosis. You should get a transvaginal ultrasound scan too according to NICE guidelines. Personally, I was then referred for an MRI scan and only told I had Ovarian Cancer the day after my surgery.

When you are face to face with your Dr, you will be able to ask questions. Write down your questions so you don't forget what you wanted to ask.

Good luck. Ann xx


Thank you so much! Honestly I been so off it for weeks now I'm having to take

40ml lactulose everday for just over 2 weeks

2 paracetamol

An anti spasmodic

a peppermint capsule

Just stopped taking alker saltzer

an having to take gavison for random spouts of acid

and my mum just keeps saying oh it's just this or it's just that but taking this amount of stuff nearly everyday for weeks isn't normal =(

They said i don't need to be unduly concerned in the dr letter. Where can i read nice guidelines xx


If you put in Nice guidelines on ovarian cancer into google, you should get them. Ann


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