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Hope and Encouragement

Hi everyone,

Last March I posted my questions and you were all so very kind with your responses. Although I am in the States and I assume most of you are in the UK, the treatments are pretty similar.

April 4th I had an Exploratory Laparotomy with debulking. Dx of PPC. Here is the head scratcher.. I had a Total Hysterectomy in '09 with no pathology of Cancer. But with this in mind it was still path'd out to be ovarian of nature.Surgeon said that she was able to remove everything she could find that looked like a "Freckle" and my omentum. No metastases found anywhere.

My doctors have really never given me any clear understanding of a prognosis.

Today my CA125 is at 23 from 514. I will receive my last round of chemo next week. I have great and have been back to work full time for 2 months.

My attitude is positive that my outcome will be my desired effect...NED and NOT return. I feel great and look forward to getting my hair back.

My post is 2 fold...Words of encouragement for those of you out there to stay on the course...Be positive!

I would love to hear how long you out there have been NED.

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Hi, keep up the good work, your CA125 has come down really well and you're now within the 'normal' range and well done on nearly completing your chemo.

I was diagnosed in May 2014, surgery 3rd July 2014 confirmed me as stage 1c3 clear cell carcinoma of the left ovary and a 30cm cancerous cyst was removed, this was followed by weekly paclitaxol and 3 weekly carboplatin. I finished my chemo 18th December that year and have been NED since.

Positivity has been my mantra throughout the whole experience.

It's exciting when the hair comes back as you have no idea how it will be but it's a big part of the getting back to being you albeit a new and different you. I was most pleased to get my eyelashes back 😊.

Keep as well as you possibly can and try to keep your positivity going it's such a bonus. Big hugs from across the pond (I was in New York 2 weeks ago 🗽 and I just love your country) ❤️Xx Jane

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Thanks Jane. I am in Oregon having some hot weather right now.

I think when i was diagnosed it was early and I also believe not having ovaries may have increased my chances of my positive outcome as well. I had no lesions greater than a cm.

Hugs Roxanne

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Great you are doing so well. It is good to hear good stories. You were indeed energetic in returning to work so soon. Wishing you well


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