Change from stage3a to stage3c low grade

I was told last week after having a full hysterectomy and sample taken out I had stage 3a low grade serous adenocarcinoma...but the other day they told me I had stage 3c low grade..they found cancer in my ovaries liver surface capsule appendix pelvic and para-aortic nodes I start chemo on Tuesday..I just a bit worried that they found in my nodes

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  • I am 3C, presently NED. This was on my ovaries, peritoneum, bowel, omentum, cervix. I fist sized tumour, then 'speckled' everywhere. I did not know there is a low grade & high grade! My nodes not mentioned, but what constitutes high grade is something only your surgeon can answer I suspect.

  • Don't worry about spread to lymph nodes as that is very common and one reason for having chemo to mop up all remaining cancer cells. I had cancer in 2 lymph nodes, but by the end of chemo was pronounced NED and have now been free of disease for over a year.

    Hope your chemo will go as well as possible for you. Do remember to drink lots of water , take anti sickness medication and tell your team immediately if you are experiencing any side effects. These can be treated and managed to make you as comfortable as possible while you are having chemo. Listen to your body and allow other people to help when possible.

    All the best for your continuing treatment,

    Barbara x

  • Hi sap29,

    I am low grade 3b. serous adenocarcinoma. There are a small number of us on this site with low grade. High grade is much much more common. Please keep us updated on your chemo.


  • Hi I'm low grade as well . I was stage 3c it's been 2 years sense I was diagnosed and I'm free of disease . Just think positive and do what doctor tells you . Wish you the best out come .

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