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Good Morning Friends,

I am 8 months after my last chemotherapy. I have been doing well but the last couple of week I have been having pelvic cramps, much like menstrual cramps but I am well past menopause. I had TAH April '16, with omentum and appendix removed, optimal debulking. I had 6 cycles of the standard carboplatin/taxol. My CA125 has hovered around 7.6 since my first chemo May '16. My CT scan was clear back in October.

Have any of you experienced this? It really has been bothering me that it may be coming back. I do a fair amount of heavy lifting but this just started. I don't want to talk it over with my family as i don't want to stress them out. Any advice or comments would help me a lot.

Wishing you all a great weekend!

Xx Carol

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Hi Carol Can't say I have experienced cramping from a recurrence, might be worth giving your CNS a call to set your mind at ease? Hopefully it will turn out to be linked to the heavy lifting. Do let us know how you get on. Kathy xx

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Carol, I did have cramping after lifting or pulling and my fear too was that it had returned, turns out the lifting etc caused several hernias and once they finished forming the pain subsided a little. I am told when they start hurting bad enough I will be willing to have more surgery. Time will tell. Also our bodies tend to require more water intake than before chemo so we need to stay hydrated as best we can. Good Luck.


Sorry but you need to give your CNS a call. I get cramping which is caused by my bowel movements working along my intestines but it could be anything especially if you have also been doing heavy lifting. Hernia is a possibility and one you also don't want.

Let us know what it turns out to be as we will.be thinking of you



Thank you all friends. My ca125 has now dropped to 6.5 which is the lowest it's been. I see my Onc later this month.i have always done heavy lifting with no cramps as I do landscape work. Am working six days a week so I guess I will wait until end of month.

I am grateful for all of you taking time to respond to me. Love to all, Carol


I hope the cramping is nothing to worry about but it seems it may be worrying you so maybe a quick phone call couldn't hurt? Peace of mind is so important. Do let us know how you get on, ❤️Xx Jane


Hi, my advice would be to contact your clinical nurse specialist and talk it over south her. I do hope you will be OK. Ann xx


Thank you Anne. I see my ONC in ten days. You gals are all great. Thanks for the support

Xx Carol


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