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CA125 reading false low?

hi ladies. Views and advice please.

I had the usual pre chemo ca125 test and was then delayed treatment by a week due to low white cell count. When I went for the pre chemo tests again the following week I asked what the ca125 had been the week before. The nurse said it was at 1! I had been 14, 12 then 11. I was euphoric ! Unfortunately when I went in for my chemo two days later I asked about that week's ca125 and it was 10. I was utterly gutted. The nurse said that as it had gone 14, 12, 11, 1 then 10 she was of the view the 1 was a false reading as it didn't fit with the pattern eg if you plot it on a graph.

Has this ever happened to anyone else ie getting a low misreading?



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I haven't had the same experience as you, but my lowest reading was 4 and at the next reading it was 7...still lovely and low, but I was marginally concerned as it had effectively doubled. My gynaecologist explained that when the level is so low, it can be hard for the count to be accurate, and it depends both on the technician and the machine used. I found that reassuring.


Thanks. I wondered about if it depends who tests it but then the other side is it shows we shouldn't be so fixed on it going up or down by a few points. Very difficult not to get fixed on though!

I've decided I'm going to ignore the 1 was ever mentioned and view it as a complete anomaly.


Your readings are all in the normal reference level so I'm a bit confused why you're worrying. May I've missed something, The 1 seems odd but I'd probably think it was an error in recording and not a x10 rise! Still normal/reference reading.

Just monitor going forward and try not to fret as they are good readings .

Thinking of you

Clare xx


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