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Hi ladies

Interesting article. Has anyone else been aware of this and had an opportunity to speak with an OVCA oncologist about whether these blood tests can be done for us? Not sure if it can also be tested for OVCA as its only being researched at the moment for lung cancer ... they have had very promising results

Many thanks

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  • Hi Lollie, I did see this on the news yesterday & even looked it up to see if anything might be in the pipe line for oc suffers but couldn't find anytime. It's amazing there are so many new cancer drugs out there & new ways to detect it. Thanks for posting it take care Cindyxx

  • It's a breakthrough with hope for some cancers and I really hope the research is continued.

    Nothing there yet linking it to OC. and it wouldn't have helped in my case as I recurred in less than 6 months. So I really hope that for OC that more research is done on the different types of OC and the treatments that best suit each type.

    Still too much hit and miss with ovarian cancer.

    Just my opinion


  • Thanks for highlighting such a positive step forward for Cancer diagnosis and fingers crossed it leads to further developments for OC treatment.

    Love and best wishes to all Kim X

  • I read this too. It seems to be a test specifically to determine if the cancer has come back so not sure how this will help OC sufferers as I understand that even when CA-125 is raised, if treatment starts before symptoms appear, quality of life is affected without any overall survival benefit. Must admit I don't quite get this as it seems counterintuitive as zapping the things when there's fewer of them seems to make more sense. Might be different for other cancers.

    Thanks for highlighting, there seem to be many advances in the pipeline. If only even a small percentage of the world's defence budgets were to be diverted to cancer research we'd soon see a difference.

  • I had masses of symptoms and the delay in my treatment has been blamed in part for my strokes happening. So definitely start treatment as soon as your Symptoms appear.

    Clare xx

  • Has your treatment restarted now or do you still have to wait until the stroke issue is resolved?

  • The strokes were caused by the ovarian cancer (sticky blood) so although treatment was stopped and I haven't had chemo since 31st April I'm going to have bloods taken on Tuesday and if I'm ok then I'll be given chemo afterwards.

    So fingers crossed on all fronts!

    Clare x

  • Definitely fingers crossed.

  • Hope your recovery from the strokes continues well and you continue to build strength for the next phase of your treatment. X

  • Thank you. I dream of the day when a simple blood test can be used accurately to detect any reoccurrence. It looks like its heading that way.

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