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Nervous about results

First time posting on this forum, i'm after a little reassurance i guess.

I was recently diagnosedd with a relatively small complex cyst which had a septation and 2 solid papillary projections within it. My ca125 was also raised not hugely, it was 49. My consultant did a laparoscopy relatively quickly as he was concerned. He removed cyst, biopsied my omentum and did a peritoneal wash. Although my consultant has mentioned the c word several times, im convinced this is not and it will just be s benign cyst. After surgery the consultant felt it wasnt sinister and but its been sent off to confirm.

So up until now ive been convinced this his just another cyst as i feel im to young for anything serious as im in my thirites but doubt is now starting to creep in and ive not prepared myself for anything other than a benign casue.

It would be really helpful to hear from others who have been a similar situation.

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Hi Nina - good to hear from you and you've done the best thing by sharing your fears here. There will be others who have had a similar experience to you (my history is unfortunately now more serious) however I just wanted to say that you must not jump to conclusions. To date, everything you've been told has been positive and this doubt which is "starting to creep in" is understandable. You've already been through an op and have had the shock of discovering the cyst in the first place. Give yourself time to get over this - and indeed for the results to come back. You have no real reason to fear at the moment. If there's anything I've learnt through this whole thing, is that worrying doesn't change anything. Hope you get some good news soon so that you can get on with your life x


Hi Nina, Minard has totally got this covered for you. You've taken a big step in sharing your fears and somebody here will have had a very similar experience to yours and will be able to advise you much better than I can but I just wanted to say that we are all here for you. Sending big hugs ❤️Xx Jane


Hi and welcome, in reality you know you won't find out for certain ( and neither will your consultant!)! until after your Pathology report is back.

There's nothing wrong with being positive, I was like you too. cancer was mentioned a few times before surgery, then nothing suspect was found except my tumour had ruptured previously and ruptured again during surgery. My path report showed cancer cells in my abdominal fluid and in the ovary. Everyone's journey is different and there's nothing to say that yours won't continue to be positive.

So,yes is ot ok to be positive just take a huge notepad with you for celebration or questions.

Hope you hear soon

Clare xx

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Hi Nina and welcome. You've already been given some sage advice, but I thought i'd throw my own experience into the mix for what it's worth. Like you, i'm in my early 30's. Last year, I went to my GP after experiencing a few symptoms (abdominal pain, bloating etc etc) and VERY long story short, I ended up having two operations - one in June and another in August. The first was to remove a rather large (what they thought to be) cyst from my right ovary. Beforehand, my CA125 was normal (7) and the ultrasound scan of the monster lurking inside didn't show anything to be concerned about. So much so, that had I not have gone private, I'd have had to wait 6 months to have the op on the NHS (so thank goodness I went private!) The Pathology results came back that it was, in fact, a mucinous tumour (otherwise known as a borderline or low malignant ovarian tumour). I was referred to an Oncologist and had my second op 6 weeks later to remove the offending ovary (which my first surgeon had miraculously/sort of managed to save), along with the fallopian tube, my appendix, omentum biopsies and abdominal washings. I am now all clear and having regular check ups (every 3 months). I won't was a very frightening time and something I had not expected at such a young age. But as others have said (which i strongly concur with) please try not to panic yourself until you have your pathology results back. Because 9 times out of 10, they are just normal, benign cysts and that's the end of it. And even if there is 'something''s highly likely to be 'manageable'. So try to leave Dr. Google be for now...wait for your results...and of course, if you need us, know that we are all here for you. Best wishes for your results hun. Jemima xx

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Thank you all for your prompt responses.. even when the consultant was telling me this could be cancer of the fallopian tube, my gut instinct was telling me that this is not cancer and I still belive it's not but somewhere inside me is that creepy voice thats saying what if.

I will update you on results.

I have read some of the posts from other ladies on this forum, all i can say is you're an amazing bunch of ladies that are incredibly supportive of each other despite personal struggles so thank you for your repsonses to my anxiety.


Hi Nina. I read your post and thought how similar our journeys have been

I'm 49 and was referred to a gynaeoncologist due to abdominal pain, long and and very heavy periods and a raised ca-125 (63).

Ultrasound and CT scan diagnosed septated cyst wrapped around one tube with bowel attached - fast forward and I'm now 4 weeks post op from having both tubes, ovaries and cysts removed. Also diagnosed with endometriosis whilst 'in there'.

I'm still waiting for my results from the surgery, where my consultant also did a omentum biopsy and peritoneal wash at the same time.

I'm constantly thinking about receiving my results and wish they would hurry up!

I hope you get your results soon and that all is well. 😊



Hi all,

Just to let you know i got my results and ìts all clear. I had a benign cystadenofibroma. I feel so relieved. Thank you for your kind support and good luck to everyone fighting this sinister beast!

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