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Post debulking surgery

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Hi All,

My mum had her meeting with her surgeon today and they have said they will go ahead with full debulking surgery next thursday. Has anyone else been through this? Im really keen to read so many positive stories to her. She is thinking so negatively at the moment and is terrified about the operation....


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My mum had a full hysterectomy and debulking on 13th Feb, she was in hospital for 3 days and then recovering at home. The first week was tough for her (especially not being able to do much) but seems stronger and stronger. She had already had 6 chemos prior to operation and had had 1 out of 2 post op.

The surgery it's self was as smooth as could be and room under 2 hours, she she was done just before 11am. What I will say is we went to see her at 6pm and she was very tired so we only stayed 10 minutes.

Hope that helps a bit, please feel free to message me if you have any questions


Hi All. Tell your mum I had full debulking surgery I was 69 I now 2 1/2 year on I was in hospital 3 day I had never been in a hospital all my life only to have my daughters and here I was about to go in for major surgery but once I was there , It was ok lets get rid of this beast so I can go on living.

She will be home before she knows it just be kind to herself and rest try to get up and take small walks around the house and in no time she will be out dancing. I know how she feels and most of the ladies on this site have been through this also. Maybe when she feels better you can get her to log in to the site and she will get a lots of encouragement, I have found it a of great comfort many time in the last 2/12years.,Give your Mum my best wishes ..Lorraine xx

I think most of us have had the Op! I hate the phrase 'debulking' though and wish they would just call it something else!

I joined so online group HysterSisters before my op, it's for women who are having hysterectomies, (including some for cancer etc). They group women into groups who are having the Op in the same 2 week period so you can all recover around the same time and you are all going through the same things etc. It was very very useful. There are women who have gone through the same op who act as helpers who confirm that yes you will feel sore and pain for X days/weeks but that is normal or advise you when to call the doctor or nurse just to double check etc.

It's a 6 week recovery , no lifting anything heavier than a tea cup for a few weeks, and put a cushion over your tummy for the first few weeks when you move or sneeze or cough. Prop yourself around with pillows for at least the first week while the sleep as you need to let the stitches heal.

There is a lot of good advice on the Internet and despite the fact that most of us had the op due to cance - it is basically a hysterectomy (plus maybe removal of Omentum and extras such as appendix etc.

It's doable but rest is essential

Thinking of your mum, she can do this

Clare xx

Yes I had it 6 years ago and it wasn't nearly as bad as I had anticipated. I had plenty of painkillers in the early days. The most painful thing was wind and I found the most useful strategy for that was getting out of bed (not so easy at first) and walking about, as soon as they said I was ok to do that, just round the room at first. I hope it goes well for her x

I was very unsure about having surgery (well, terrified) as I'd never had any illness before. But I woke up from surgery and immediately knew I felt better. That's despite the obvious aspects of feeling rough post surgery (pain, stiffness and having to rest for a few weeks). A few days post surgery and I had a better appetite than I'd ever had before, I felt tired but not permanently fatigued. I could go on.

It's no fun in the run up to surgery, but for me, it was definitely worth it.

I was 65 when I had debulking surgery. It was just one month after a hernia operation so there were some concerns.. But I sailed thru it. Due to some complications due to clotting, I was hospitalized for 10 days. They needed to stabilize my meds for that. I had my 2nd chemo in the hospital the day before I went home. I think because I was in the hospital for so long, coming home and moving around and dealing with recovery went well.

I had a full hysterectomy, omentum removal, visible tumor removal and a port put in for upcoming IP chemo.

I wish your Mom the best of luck and she is very lucky to have you there for her.

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