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15 months after chemo

Not posted much recently as life has been normal & wonderful because of that!

Just had my 3 monthly appt & bloods at 10, CA125. Over the moon. Full blood profile normal too, liver, kidneys, cholesterol etc.

Carrying on with the metformin, statin, wormer combo from COC as it seems to agree with me-I don't put on weight & keep fit & I wonder if they help? Any thoughts ladies? Lowering glucose & cholesterol levels?

Though I am still haunted by bad dreams.

I now have been given FOUR months before next visit! Oh my, I never expected to have this extra time off.

Much love & good wishes to you all.

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Hi Sherry, I'm wondering if it's you that was in this months ovacome magazine ? If it is I would very much like to talk to you sometime ? I live in Jersey and was interested to read about the drugs you are on , I was stage 3c BRCA 2 diagnosed in 2012. I'm probably about to start another round of carboplatin but have very low white cell count making it difficult. Don't worry if you'd rather not talk , just a thought .....


Of course.

Google Care Oncology Clinic, articles are from the Telegraph & Mail mostly.

The combination of drugs have never had side effects for me, but it may be due to the fact that I started immediately post-op & alongside chemo. Any initial side effects wd I believe have gone unnoticed because of chemo side effects, if u see what I mean.

You really need to check with them, call & speak to them. I paid an initial fee of £400 I think For my first appointment & £200 thereafter. They will need med records.

I don't want to risk ill advising you or 'getting it wrong' but I do feel fab! Plus, I say chuck the effin lot at the B.....D!!!

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That made me laugh out loud ! I'll call you later ! Thanks


I come to Jersey occasionally. I cd meet up with u-cd bring a Doctor friend. We can think on it x


Sounds good plan...thnx


Just thinking of you. How are you? Not made it to Jersey yet.

So far, I am still 'dormant'



I had really awful bad dreams after my surgery. Also once before when I was on some medication.


Congratulations! I am at 13 months and I see my oncologist in the 6th of April. My Ca125 was also 10 at my last visit. Nothing better than a "everything looks great, see ya in 4 months"! Super news and you SHOULD be excited to live life normally. Hugs! Jill


Thank u & warmest wishes to u too x


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