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Not enough data ?!

Hi ladies

I have now been to several appointments with a couple of oncologists and different type of doctors ...

When i ask questions about the chances of something happening or not happening.. the answer is always the same "sorry, we don't have enough data to give you an answer "

This morning i was told the hospital only have 5 years of data and this would not be enough to inform me if the estrogen injections they are giving me can be harmful or not.

Have any other ladies been experiencing this issue? Im surprised that data has not been collected that well , if this is genuinely the case


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I have found that sometimes asking a tricky question (when data and individual variables don't allow for a definitive answer) formulating it "would you be surprised if.....?" can be helpful. It encourages the Dr to use all of their experience, expertise and knowledge whilst also signalling to them that you appreciate the limits of this. I know it sounds a bit woolly...!!! So perhaps, "would you be surprised if five years time it was shown that these oestrogen injections had caused me significant harm?" might get a more nuanced answer from them?? It won't be definitive though, which is of course frustrating xxx

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Thanks Sunfleury. Its a good tip xx


hi lollie ,, the above message confused me, which data do you mean? what is it you are talking about , sorry I'm new to this sight and was wondering if I'm using it wrongly xx


Hi Linda, welcome...

hospital data .... so when asking how women in same age bracket and cancer type have responded to similar treatments, the response is that they don't have that data in their systems


thank you lollie for your quick reply,, I understand xx


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