Pain in diaphragm under left rib

Hi ladies , i have been experiencing pain on the left side under ribs and upper abdomen for many weeks now. I have explained to my surgeon and he did not say much about it.

I am really beginning to wonder whether the cancer has spread to my diaphragm. However it does not show up on scans, i can feel something is not right and the sensation is sharp and unusual. I have read a few articles which say that ovca can spread to the diaphragm usually on the same side as the affected ovary.

I am very worried. Is there any type of test which can be done to test the diaphragm for cells?

Have any ladies here, experienced this pain and/ or had the cancer spread to diaphragm?

What symptoms did you experience?

Thanks v much


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  • Sorry, no I've not had that. Is there anyone else in the team you can talk to? Or maybe phone the ovacome nurses.

  • Hi Lollie

    Sorry that you are still experiencing this pain after everything you have been through. Try and be reassured that your scan is clear. I know this is easier said than done . Best advice I can give is to go back to your team / CNS and ask them to investigate further and also give you something for the pain .

    I had disease found under my diaphragm but no symptoms and no pain related to diaphragm before surgery . Obviously lots of discomfort after but am now 4 months post op and have recovered well . Just getting ready for a windy dog walk on the beach !

    Stay strong and positive and hope you get some answers and relief soon . Kim x

  • Hi Lollie,

    I have had discomfort in my ribs especially when breathing deeply, yawning or sneezing, since my operation in October 2016. My initial fear was that the cancer had spread to my lungs or diaphragm, but my team have reassured me that the discomfort is simply due to the extent of the exploratory part of the surgery. My most recent scans show no evidence of disease. It's always best to get it checked as we are all different, but personally I feel reassured by the professionals and the evidence.

    Good luck and keep asking questions!

    Ali x

  • I would not worry about it. I had this sensation for months and eventually it went away. I am sure yours will do the same.

  • Hi Lollie,

    I'm off to see my Oncologist today for exactly same thing also pain radiating all down left side x iv also had chest xray and bloods all clear but I'm not happy with this pain x I will let you know how I get on later xx

  • Thanks so much... lupilindz, i would really appreciate it. I can't seem to focus on anything else and its driving me mad ...

  • Hiya, well my Oncologist couldn't feel anything and my C125 had gone from 17 up to 20 but it was in the 200 so she's not too worried but as the pain is worrying me and as she put it I wasn't my normal bubbly self she's sending me for a CT and Bone scan x will keep you posted xx 💝 Linds

  • Hi, mine has spread to the diaphragm but I have not had much of a conversation about it...probably will when I finish treatment...have a similar pain but it is not at all bad and comes and goes a not sure how this affects any prognosis but am of the opinion that treatment 'tries' to deal with everything and few people seem to be totally clear about outcomes once there has been any recurrence.

    Suggest you really quiz your team and find out what you want to pain hasn't deteriorated over the months and nobody seems to make a big deal over it. I think, thinking about the diaphragm involvement can be a bit scary so am sympathetic and hope you find it is not true for you...I'd be inclined to talk to my nurse at first I think or ask someone to do so on your behalf. Also, maybe the ovacome nurse as someone else said. Best of luck, Chris xxx

  • I have had shooting and pinch-like pains under the ribs since my op but they are not persistant. The nurse told me that it was caused bt internal wounds/stitching which would take a long time to heal. As your pain is persistant I think you should insist on some answers.

  • I had a tumour in my diaphragm with no symptoms at all.It only got discovered when I had surgery to remove a liver tumour which did show up on CT scan.I had half my diaphragm removed but within three months was fine.Pain under left ribs can sometimes be stomach related.Hope you get it sorted soon.

    Viv x .

  • Rib and under rib pain. Sometimes feels like charlie horse. After radial hysterectomy think it's pretty normal. Feel different since the cancer became part of my life!

    Feel better


  • Hi Lollie. I was diagnosed in Nov. 2011. 3C. The OC had travelled to my diaphragm (among other places). The only symptoms I had that took me to a GP were bloating and a pain in a lymph node in my groin. Surgery & chemo. I never had any pain in the diaphragm area. Best wishes. Pauline.

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