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just scared

hi I'm new here - i visited my doctor regarding a swelling in my abdomen/vagina two weeks ago and have have just had blood tests results today which indicate CA125 level of exactly 35 -- i am awaiting my scan in 10 days time but i have just got the biggest scare as i realise what the scan is looking for and i do have bloating ! - can anyone comment -best regards kathy

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Hi, Kathy.

Waiting is just the hardest thing to do, isn't it! Just breathe slowly and tell yourself that CA125 may be raised for lots of reasons, including fibroids, which are dead common and not cancer. Your CA125 is not very high, it's just teetering on the borderline of normal. Once you've acknowledged your fears to yourself, tell yourself that there is nothing that you can do to change things, then find yourself something you really want to do and try to put all thoughts of CA125 and scans to one side until it's time for the scan. You can't change things, but you can choose to live your life while you are waiting. Hugs, though - we all know how hard that is to do!

Best wishes for a nice clear scan,



I totally agree with Barbara, we cant change the bloods and yours is still normal, But ct scan will give your onc a clearer picture of what is there if anything at all, so chin up, you cant change the results but you can focus on more pleasant stuff for the next few weeks,

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Hi Kathy,

As usual you will always get encouragement and advice from the ladies on this site,we have all been there, your marker is in the normal range and as and swelling can be coursed for different reasons. Your Dr is on top of this by having the scan which is a good thing

Try not to worry I know it's easy said then done, I hope you have someone you can confined in keep in touch.

Sending all my best wishes that the scan come back clear.

Lorraine xx

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You'll probably be ok. My ca125 was 9000 when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 6 + years ago. There are lots of other reasons for it to go up. Good luck.


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