After wondering what is causing the intense pain in my upper abdomen, under left ribcage and in the area where i had the ovary removed, i have booked an appointment for a endoscopy, i am hoping they will be able to explain. The gastroenterologist is not a cancer doctor, so he told me. Would he be able to identify any growths through an endoscopy if he is not a cancer specialist?

Meanwhile, i am getting anxiety attacks.. in a relationship with a man that is demanding and extremely challenging. I know it doesn't feel right for me , but am so worried about ending it now and dealing with a break up and starting again all over at this stage of my life , on top of everything else ive been dealing with

The things we deal with huh.....


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  • Hi there, although the gastroenterologist is not an oncologist he should be able to see if there is any nasties. He may also do a biopsy at the same time.I hope this is of help

    Good luck xxx

  • I hasten to add that it isn't painful they give you a sedative x

  • I suffer from anxiety attacks they aren't pleasant but I do tend to berate myself over them as I really have no reason to have them... if you know your relationship is not right it will cause you extra stress... take the bull by horns and so what you need to do it will be better for you to get things sorted 🤗🤗

  • Lollie2016, first off, if your current partner is wrong for you and you know it that could be making you anxious or ill. Investing more time in a shoe that doesn't fit will only cause more pain. Second, the gastroenterologist I went to for both colonoscopy and endoscopy only looked at the inside of those organs which did not reveal that the outsides were covered in epithelial ovarian cancer. He didn't bother to order any scans even though I returned repeatedly with symptoms similar to yours. He told me that I had IBS. I recommend you also visit a gynecological oncologist to sort this. Third, will your partner help you and give you emotional support if you need it? Sometimes difficult, demanding people do not make loving, supportive mates. Let us know how you're doing. We'll be here. Tesla

  • Hi Lollie I think you have enough to deal with (healthwise) without dealing with a 'challenging' partner who is demanding and likely doesn't support you. I think you need to do what's best for you. A year prior to diagnosis I walked away from a 27 year marriage that, although I wasn't unhappy with, didn't feel right for me. Best thing I ever did. Life isn't a rehearsal, it's what you make it now. I do hope you get the support you need and make the decision that's right for you. Kathy xxx

  • Hi there, Just to say that my husband had an endoscopy about 4 years ago now & with a gastro. specialist,as his GP thought it could be cancer,but fortunately it was oesophagus problem caused by a hiatus hernia,so I think maybe they would be able to see if they thought it was cancer.

    Relationship problems,can really stress you out, take things steady,& try to relax a bit more. I hope that your app. goes well for you.

    Love Caleda.xxx

  • Life is too short to be with someone or people that make you unhappy. You will be happier on your own or finding a man that supports and loves you. I appreciate every day with the man I am with and please find strength to follow your intuition. It seems very strong to me and your heart seems to be telling you what to do. Make the decision. You won't look back I promise. I did it before, you will move forward and new people will emerge in your life. Much love xx

  • Lollie2016, Hello you got some good advice from these beautiful ladies. I hope you take the advice and try to just make yourself happy at this time. Sending prayers and love your way🙏🏻💕

  • Hi - I imagine if the gastroenterologist is unsure they will get the results reviewed by an oncologist.

    Panic attacks are horrible but it sounds like you know what it's all about. Maybe there is a level of support in the relationship that feels important at the moment? Perhaps the question to ask is "is this better that nothing?" I have ended two relationships in the past in response to that question!

    With love


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