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Husband ct scan results


my husband attended the hospital respiratory clinic, had x rays and was sent for a CT scan and a wk later stress test again at the has been 3 weeks and still no call back app for results, we know he has lung damage due to smoking, has lost weight and problems breathing, surely if it was cancer he would have been called back by now?..i rang three times and could not get date for call back app

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Hi Hun,

You are on a site for Ovarian cancer, I think you need to look at the branch for lung cancer,

I wish you all the best,


Hi Dee1954,

I'm sorry your husband isn't getting the care you want. Unfortunately this particular forum is for ovarian cancer so we can't help you with your question. If you go to the healthunlocked page and search lung cancer you will find the forum specifically for lung cancer.

In the interim, I would suggest you contact your GP to see if any results are in, your GP is copied into results and correspondence regarding your husband. They could have some answers for you and if not may be able to chase this up on your behalf.

Hopefully it isn't cancer but if it is you need to know. Either way I hope you get some answers very soon. Take care ❤xx Jane

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