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Recurrence ?

I am worrying there is something really wrong. I had debaulking surgery in Oct 2015 and 6 rounds of chemo which finished end of March 2016. Grade 1c. I have found check ups at hospital not very helpful as they only seem to check CA125 level - mine is currently 12 but I have period like pains just above my pubic bone and continually feel very flushed although I don't actually have a temperature. I have never been offered a CT scan to check for any recurrence which I feel would be more reassuring and I could then put up with the discomfort. Do period like pains indicate recurrence ?

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I think your best bet would be to consult your doctor and ask more forcefully for answers.


FYI, I had the same "period" like pain after TAH and it frightened me terribly. However, it went away after about 4 months. I am very platinum sensitive and my CA125 is an excellent indicator of what's happening for me. However, that is not the case for many women. Press your doctor for answers and do not give up until you are satisfied.


Thanks for your reply. It is some comfort to know you experienced similar pains which eventually went away. I am going to pursue the line of getting some kind of scan carried out

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I too have expetienced period like pains in that area but a friend who did not have any form of cancer said she had the same kind of pain, had had scans and investigations and was diagnosed as being diverticulitis. So it could be nothing to worry about


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