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Trix - Thank you

I have been overwhelmed by all your messages of support and have been trying to reply to you all individually.

Unfortunately there is an automatic 'stop' set in the system to protect from 'spammers/trolls' which keeps stopping me from any action. Therefore I have to contact the helpline, get them to remove it and then do a few more and repeat the process, this is taking a while!

Hopefully I won't miss anyone but I just wanted to thank each and every one of you warriors. Best wishes from Trixie's family 🌟

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Many thanks for taking the time to explain. It's very thoughtful of you, especially as you doubtless have a lot on your mind at present. Our thoughts are with you and all of Trix's family.


Dont be worrying about individual replies, it is probably impossible a general reply is sufficient. You have quite enough to worry you all at the moment and rest assured we are all thinking of you and your family


No need for replies but thank you for replying to me.

Take lots of care xxx

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I suspect all the ladies on this ovacome site have thought about trix. All the best.


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