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At hospital post operation

Its been a roug couple of days. Still recovering after surgery. So anxious now anout the results. The labs will now test everything that was taken out and let me know after two weeks where the cancer may have spread.

Im very nervous and don't know how to prepare for that meeting in two weeks.

Is it better to prepare for the worst news or think positively... I don't know.

I feel low, very low after having my ovary taken out. The other ovary has been left in there - but will need to be removed after i have had a baby. Can anyone tell me if having one ovary leads to early menopause ? How much earlier does it come on? This is one of those questions that my oncologist cant answer.

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Hello Lollie,

No wonder you feel very nervous. My thought is that ringing Anna, the Ovacome Helpline nurse could help quieten your nerves and nourish some useful thoughts? Her number is 0800 008 7054.

Take care and I hope today has some good moments in it.



Sending hugs to you Lollie! I know the waiting to find out is really really hard but please don't google or start to second guess the result until you actually know.

You can ring the Ovacome helpline (on their website) and talk to a nurse specialist about your single ovary..they are very reassuring.

Take good care of yourself and your recovery and try to enjoy or at least distract yourself.

Xxx Lyndall


Hi Lollie I'm not sure there is a way to prepare for results. I'm a sort of prepare for the worst and if it's not as bad as I was expecting then that's good (hope that makes sense). Doesn't mean I don't try to be positive just 'realistic'. With regard to your query about menopause and the removal of an ovary perhaps give Ovacome a call and hopefully it's something they can answer. I know you are feeling low but you have had surgery and you are waiting for results which I hope are good so this is a tough time for you remember to be kind to yourself xx Sending you a big hug. Kathy xxx


I think the way to look at it is what is gone is gone. The histology report will show if there is any thing to worry about. Mind yourself for now and be careful, dont over do it. Your gp should be able to answer your queries if not ask for a referral to a gynae who deals with fertility issues, he could be the best with information as to what you should expect. Its all a bit worrying now so take it a step at a time.


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